Science Today (Attitude of Universe explained by Science)

Science Today

I am amateur with little scientific background but graced by very wonderful mentors guiding me about Science. Please bear with me for my snobbish comments. “What the heck is going on in the Universe and how do we make sense?” Enjoy.

Phase Transitions in Nobel Prize today: (This is about the mini world, where scientist discovered we have more in life called as “Phase”, Scientist aim to solve different characters existing in a person, with the idea that the person is a single entity. For example, India has different cultures and they have many issues: Survival, Pride, Art. So how do we solve the problem of India, as a whole and as a part. Phase Transition can be applied to food, paintings, solving Nature problems like how a river pollution affects everyone irrespective of occupation, caste or religion in India and so on)

Stress Pathway Identified as Potential Therapeutic Target to Prevent Vision Loss: (This post is about how there is stress in you, and can result in vision loss. Perhaps one day, we could solve other people’s stress with our vision. Offcourse the easiest way perhaps is to donate your eyes after death. But there could be many other, giving privacy to others, giving attention to others when they speak to you. Offcourse we must guide against people who can misuse vision to cause social stress i.e Peeping Tom, Build dangerous things in the world like atomic bombs perhaps, sabotage like you appear you cant see and then kill someone and so on. Offcourse this is at very high level, but it is a ripe field where “Vision mixes with Stress and Ethics”. Scientist can play a role in refining their research, doctors can build better solutions to damaged vision, social activist and media can guide the way to a better colourful World and so on)

What Came Before The Big Bang? Interpreting Asymmetry In Early Universe (Everyone wants to know what came first, the chicken or egg? And so is it with the universe. What came first: You, me or something funny called as “Big Bang”. Scientist, sometimes in toilet and sometimes in lab, worry about all kinds of crazy things: Stars, UFO’s, Aliens, Sun, Earth and try to mesh up a theory on “What all is going on in the World? What is Life? And is there something like “God”. All these wonderful things can also perhaps answer questions to like: What if we do meet Aliens? How do we treat them?, Can we build our own Universe?, Can we create more exotic art by understanding our beginning and so on. However there are ethical questions also: “If someone gets control of the Universe, would they be fair?”, “If we find aliens, how do we participate to come to a common consensus about Nature” and so on.)
Original Nature Article

Classical Chaos Occurs In The Quantum World, Scientists Find (Scientist aim to link how the big affect the small with Scientific Theory. When your parents shout at you, can it result in your death. This theory probably can help Society to solve many of the problems we face in the Society like “people fighting over food, land, girls and perhaps many other things”. However it could be misused to incite fights into a particular part of Society, country, which could lead into ethics issues. @Home, you can come home from a good date and cook a particular recipe and check if it has come out good. And off course the reverse way. If you succeed, you can apply for a job with these folks 🙂 …or may be avoid cooking when you had a bad date)

Study Of Hypoxia And New Gene Reveals Early-Stage Action Of P53 Tumor Suppressor Gene (Scientist discovered a particular gene (It’s a mystery to me how this gene originated in the Universe?), but it seems that it does something fuzzy and becomes dangerous under stress, too much energy and probably chemicals in food products and so on)


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    Satellites reveal sudden Greenland ice melt


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