The Odds in the World

The Odds in the World

This blog is about all the odds existing in the World in 2012. It is mostly like being smart. Don’t mind it.

1. America and Africa, a tale of two nations, ruled by the black man, one with white people and the other with black.

2. America and Europe, a tale of two continents, both of white people, one ruled by black man and the other white.

3. Stark division in Nations due to poverty:
America (California and Rest of America)
China (Rich, 400 million and the Poor, 600 million)
India (License Raj, 200 Million and others, 800 Million)
Africa (Political Class and Rest).

4. India and Africa, both poor nations or continents with the same amount of population. The black man rules two nations (America and Africa), and the brown man one (India). Still the poverty in India and Africa, are the same.

5. India and Russia, two nations in Asia, one with abundant population and less land, and the other with land and less population.

Caution: This might be all theory

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