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Time Travel

February 17, 2012

Time Travel

What is Time Travel?

Time Travel involves going into the past or future with the help of ‘Time Machine‘. It can be used to fix your follies of the past, relive past moments with your loved ones, speak to influential leaders and thinkers of the past and future. Irrespective of its goodies and follies, it will be available in the nearest store in the coming years.


1. Erase the errors of past.
2. Peek into the future.
3. Build more comfort for the privileged few initially.


1. Exacerbates greed by borrowing into the future.
2. Can be misused to delete other people’s past.
3. Originality of current generation goes for a toss as we borrow from the past and future on an immediate basis.
4. Can open up possibilities of more multiple universe stretching out Nature.

Nature & Ethics

Time Travel can cause immense harm to the Nature as it uses up a lot of energy (Offcourse it can warn people of future disasters too, but they would be among the privileged few). It is also like any other technology innovation: telephone, internet, arms which if misused can be harmful to the common man and beneficial to the privileged few. Hence, it is not the technology which is bad, but its misuse by people.

Caution: This is all theory

The Wealth of World – IV (Quality & Quantity)

March 24, 2011

The Wealth of World – IV (Quality & Quantity)

I have been always intrigued in the life with the question “What is more important? Quality or Quantity?”. Following are my observations with respect to this question:

1. Quantity will eat up & consume the Nature or the Environment. Whereas Quality can save the Nature and the Environment.

2. Only Quality can innovate and produce goods of more quality & more quantity from little input

3. Without Quality, Quantity would lead up to extinction (Many species of birds, animals & perhaps the human kind in the future)

4. Quantity would never move to the next stage of life (Evolution) without Quality. Even small innovations (incremental innovations) would be not enough to do that. Only disruptive innovations can churn out evolution to the next stage (e.g. Steam Engine, Telephone, Cell, Internet). Incremental Innovation can only improve an existing marker i.e it can improve telephone features if you are in the telephone market or internet features if you are in the internet market. It can never create new markets

5. Quality can be constructive (Issac Newton, James Watt, Che Guevara, Gandhi, Ashoka) or destructive (Hitler). Destructive Quality could eat up the whole world and nature in a second too. As off now, destructive quality cannot be controlled, which is why the world is wary of Quality in general too.

6. Quantity will never be able to appreciate Quality and most of the time work in the opposite direction to Quality.

Overall, if you would like to say at “50” that “you have lived a life”, then you must pursue a life with “Quality” and not of “Quantity“. Otherwise you might have not lived a life at all, but only a life at a very primal stage. The choice is yours “Quality” or Quantity“.

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Caution: This might be all theory

Moshi Moshi

December 25, 2009

Moshi Moshi

Speaking to someone long distance has changed so much. Earlier it was the fixed landline telephone everywhere and it still continues to be the major instrument in developing countries. It was one of the greatest technological invention that gave people the capablity to talk to people all over the world without traveling to the receiver’s place. Then the cellphone came and got rid of most of the wires and gave the convenience of mobility & personalization to its customers.

The invention of the internet improvised many industries. All the communication in the telephonic industry is being digitized giving rise to many applications and at the same time it is bringing down the cost of communication. Gadgets which can hook up to the local WIFI or computers connected to the internet are increasingly becoming the new interface through which we communicate all over the world. It is also bringing a host of features with it like video capibility, low call rates, digital clarity, unlimited storage. (Check out Skype, it can also talk to landlines, cellphones and the other way round too over the internet infrastructure)

As in the case any technological innovation, the internet has had disruptive effects in the telephone industry (companies, regulating & other government bodies, customer), which ultimately however has given benefit to the customer. The West has been quick to adopt technology changes in the telephony industry and pass on the benefits to the masses. However the East has been slow to pick up on this. As communication being the most important ingredient in any of the social, economical or political dealings, it is imperative for us to open & dereugalarize this industry as far as possible giving a host of new possibilities to the masses.

Happy Moshi Moshi in the future!

Caution This might be all theory