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Russia – A Short Summary

April 27, 2011

Russia – A Short Summary

This blog is the second in series about Russia . The first one was an overview (Russia: Turmoil, Glory & The Journey Beyond). This blog looks more at the future of talent development in Russia . Here are some of the findings:

Russia has a Large Geographical Area, Large Natural Resources and Low Population (Less number of Poor People). It based their entire economy on Science in 19th Century. A Socialist Based Science Economy.

It participated in both the World Wars: World War I & II. Both times it emerged successful. Partly due to its science based economy and the harsh conditions prevalent in the country making it impossible for any aggressor to invade. Russian Revolution followed the World War I, where it led to the destruction of the Tsar Regime and led to the creation of Soviet Union.

It fought  a Cold War with America lasting more than 3 decades. A missile race, space competition and politic & military intervention in countries around the World eventually led to the defeat and disintegration of USSR.

The talent development in Russia  has been snubbed due to the socialist based economy where individual freedom is less as compared to America. Although there is some talent in government backed activities (Space, Sports, Arms), where the artist has a bit flexibility to exercise. The question then is, How can talent spruce in a socialist economy? In areas like Art, Science & Technology, Consumer Innovation, Financial and other industries.

Caution: This might be all theory

Capitalism & Socialism

April 25, 2011

Capitalism & Socialism

This blog is to understand Capitalism, Socialism and the myth surrounding it.


Socialism is for the good of everyone. The wealth is held by the State and wages distributed equally among the masses.

Capitalism is solely dependent on talent and expertise of an individual. The State has very little to play while the market (customers & suppliers) dictate how money is distributed among the people.


Here is why Capitalism is a form of Socialism (In fact it is more fair and rewarding) :

1. Instead of a few emperors or Tsars holding a lot of stake of the country, there are a whole lot of merchants, businessman, social activist holding a stake of the country.

2. In Capitalism, an individual has a chance to come out on the top depending on his talent. In Socialism everyone remains at the same level controlled by the people at the top (emperors) irrespective of their merits.

3. An individual at the lowest level in capitalism has same or more purchasing power than in Socialism. A relatively fair Capitalist country would easily put a Socialist country to shame in the areas of public infrastructure and fairness which the Socialist country would boast of.

4. Innovation is impossible in Socialism. Only Capitalism can bring about innovation and solve the problems of the masses without occupation dependent on land.

5. Let us take the example of America & Russia:

a. America & Russia are example of Capitalism & Socialism. Both began at the same time to industrialize and based their economy on Science (In the early 19th century).

b. America has taken most of its masses out of poverty (a middle class of 250+ million people) and has a social security for them too. While Russia (a middle class of 50+ million people) , there is a lot of poverty still rampant.

c. America has industries in all spheres of life: research, pharma, computers, cars, consumer goods and more. Russia has only heavy industries and is heavily dependent on consumer goods on other world countries.

d. In Russia, unlike America, the overall Quality would keep on degrading, except for where (Germans) were involved or where the country was at stake (Cold War).


It is made to believe that Capitalism exploits and Socialism is more equal. But it is exactly the other way round. Capitalism is far more equal & fair than a Socialist Empire.

Caution: This might be all theory

The Story of Che

April 13, 2011

The Story of Che

I have read much about Che in his books and seen his story in documentaries. On all my past research on Che and on my experience in life, I have tried building up a story about Che which is perhaps unknown or hidden from the World. Off-course, these are all my assumptions and has no bearing on reality.

Che On Youtube

Che grew up in a Communist, Socialist Environment and read a lot of theory on the same. He travelled across South America. Got exposed to Socialist Reality reimposing his beliefs in it. Also travelled to some dark spots of Capitalism in Chile where workers were exploited for materialistic wealth in America. He saw the horrific situation & got transformed into a revolutionary trying to fight off Capitalism and America.

Initially found friends in Russia & China. He went on to win the war against America in Cuba. However implementation of Communism & Socialism was impossible, as he was second in command to Castro. Any revolution to complete takes about 25-50 years and perhaps Castro was only interested in power.

Che had to move on to another fight where he could be in command. He moved on to Africa to fight for their freedom. Africans were un-supportive. At the crucial hour, he also got back-stabbed by his friends. There was no refuge with friends turning their back, the Africans unfriendly & turning informers, and America desperate to knock him off.

Che had no refuge and the greed in the Society killed him. All the characters her played their part. If there were different people in their place (for instance Castro), they would have done the same. Hence this a blog & question for the whole Society to think about and not aimed at any particular individual.

Caution: This might be all theory

The Quest for a Society in India – I

September 28, 2010

The Quest for a Society in India – I


In this first part of the “The Quest for a Society in India“, we look at what is a Society and its past, present and future in India. We look at the concept of Society during the British Rule and post Independence. In the next series of blogs, we will blow up each case of the Society in India and compare it with some of the most advanced civilizations in the World to check where we are and how far are we from reaching to a perfect Society.

Let us ponder for a little while on the question “What is a Society?”

A Society is a group of people with a system in place which has the following minimum amenities:
1. Ample Roads, Water & Power for everyone
2. Cleanliness & Sanitation
3. Road & Traffic Sense
4. Rules & Regulations
5. Business Environment – Free market economy, Liberalized
6. Freedom of expression & speech

The Past, Present and Future of Society in India

During the British Rule, roads and railways were set to connect cities for trade. The British also laid down the civil infrastructure required for day to day governing of the country. Post independence we have been building on the foundations laid by the British. However the population has ballooned* rapidly but the infrastructure demand (mainly roads, water & power) is well over 1000 times the current supply. Business environment is also very poor as compared to the developed economies with markets yet to be completely opened up to the world with a lot of red tape and bureaucracy.

America is close to what a perfect society can be with the infrastructure close to the demands of the people. The common man co-operates for the good of the whole society which benefits everyone in the long run. The markets are liberalized and the customer is the King.

In the next subsequent blogs, we would blow up each of the above points of our Indian Society to check where are we heading as a Society.

* There was a tremendous population growth in the 20th century with the population doubling every 10 years from about 50 million in the beginning of the 20th century to about 1200 million at the end of the 20th century.

Caution: This might be all theory

Human Organization

December 24, 2009

Human Organization

Considering our history, mankind has developed various ways to identify & organize themselves into a particular group for further enrichment and improvement. There are many of these groups formed in the past centuries – Socialism, Capitalism, Facisism, Marxism, Communism, Democracry, Religion, Casteism. Socialism was developed in the industrial sector for enrichment of the labour class. Religion, which evolved several thousand years ago, is one’s orientation of life according to a particular faith and ideas. The caste system further refines the orientation of one’s life according to the framework laid down by that caste. And so on…

Most of these organization structures brought a revolution with them and then became a part of us. Some of them became obsolete but do still exist in some form or the other. Everyone of us wears one or the other of these layers (or mask) as we live our life. And our views become biased in our social, economical, political relationships according to the layers we wear. Every layer has its peak time and then these layers become outdated and a burden. A revolution then comes by and a new order or a organization structure comes into being. Most of the times these revolutions are turbulent, but is necessary for our evolution & progress. For example, Religion evolved several thousand years ago and is a way or systematic approach towards life. It offers many benefits like offering well laid out paths to lead one’s life. However, one must think before choosing this path. Whether one wants to follow this path at all? Most of the time, the majority of us take this path based on our ancestors choice. There are many religions and each religion peaked and caused quite a stir and turbulence in the history of mankind.

The earlier organization structures or layers (like Religion) do exist but they do mellow down and weave themselves into the fabric of mankind. Each organization structure has its advantages sometimes and can be a hindrance the other times in our dealings. One has to choose!

CAUTION: This might be all theory