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Moshi Moshi

December 25, 2009

Moshi Moshi

Speaking to someone long distance has changed so much. Earlier it was the fixed landline telephone everywhere and it still continues to be the major instrument in developing countries. It was one of the greatest technological invention that gave people the capablity to talk to people all over the world without traveling to the receiver’s place. Then the cellphone came and got rid of most of the wires and gave the convenience of mobility & personalization to its customers.

The invention of the internet improvised many industries. All the communication in the telephonic industry is being digitized giving rise to many applications and at the same time it is bringing down the cost of communication. Gadgets which can hook up to the local WIFI or computers connected to the internet are increasingly becoming the new interface through which we communicate all over the world. It is also bringing a host of features with it like video capibility, low call rates, digital clarity, unlimited storage. (Check out Skype, it can also talk to landlines, cellphones and the other way round too over the internet infrastructure)

As in the case any technological innovation, the internet has had disruptive effects in the telephone industry (companies, regulating & other government bodies, customer), which ultimately however has given benefit to the customer. The West has been quick to adopt technology changes in the telephony industry and pass on the benefits to the masses. However the East has been slow to pick up on this. As communication being the most important ingredient in any of the social, economical or political dealings, it is imperative for us to open & dereugalarize this industry as far as possible giving a host of new possibilities to the masses.

Happy Moshi Moshi in the future!

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