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Nature (Quality Slates: Society in Transition ‘East with a shadow of West’)

December 11, 2012

Nature  (Quality Slates: Society in Transition ‘East with a shadow of West’)


Nature  (Quality Slates: Society in Transition ‘East with a shadow of West’).


Intensified Chemotherapy Shows Promise for Children With Very High Risk Form of Leukemia
(Observed: Kids run out of Quality of ‘Survival’ and perhaps ‘Trying to become Howard Hughes’. There is plenty of food available, but what then? Wastage? The Quest for Quality? America trying to supplant Germany in the race for cars and perhaps Europe in its ‘Quest for Anomaly’)

Aging Hepatitis C Population Escalates Demand for Liver Transplantation
(Observed: ‘America and World’ moves from ‘Back to the Past’ to ‘Back to the Future’, and a population of old eggs are left uncooked. The Society feels the pinch of ‘Gold Rush’ in it’s ‘Unlooked’ people.  1% Americans affected)

New Evidence for Epigenetic Effects of Diet On Healthy Aging
(Observed: Eating biscuits once in a while might be ok, but everyday might break down your life and string it on a machine to be sewn on a cloth. If you wanna skip this, you might like skipping Oreo and it’s kinds too and look towards ‘Kela and Anda’. Environment seems to be skipped out in this study)

Molecule Critical to Nerve Cells Increases Drammatically During Hypertension
(Observed: After you fish, when you relax in your yatch, you must choose how to cook your steal from Nature and the Quality of Egg thereby produced. American adults, approx 10%, suffer due to overconfidence from their last win of ‘Cold War’)

ADHD Linked to Oxygen Deprivation Before Birth
(Observed: People choosing to ink their past and the future ‘Kal, Aaj aur Kal’ in the slate of ‘Life & Death’, the American Way ‘Dream Pie’, might hit the ‘Steady German’ and ‘Odd Japanese’ machine on the way. 2% of American kids affected which would be taken to task in ‘Germany and Japan’, the ‘Metropolis Movie’ ishtyle)

Circulating Blood Factor Linked With a Leading Cause of Kidney Failure
(Observed: America and Europe struggles to integrate with ‘Mugs used for their fun in sex, gambling and extortion’, a study concludes in bringing out the ‘Darkness of a Man, who tends to give light to others’ to the table)

Kidney Tumors Have a Mind of Their Own
(Observed: A retail company when hides in the viel of ‘Life and Death, company’ produces abnormal ‘Kidney Tumors’ which might be intended by the Society or perhaps be a freak case. In this one, looks like intentional. One must be bold enough to question the Society, and take it to table. I smell a rat in ‘Cheese Pizza’ colony)

Nobel Prize
The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1966
Peyton Rous, Charles B. Huggins
The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1966 was divided equally between Peyton Rous “for his discovery of tumour-inducing viruses” and Charles Brenton Huggins “for his discoveries concerning hormonal treatment of prostatic cancer”.
(Observed: People who like ‘Aamir’ and ‘Deewar’ are congratulated in this Nobel Prize. Slate laid out in West, perhaps, and taken to the masses in a ‘Movie in India’. I mention India perhaps so as to extort a few more dollars from the Society to pay off my bills. In this Nobel Prize, they call particular environments as viruses and a bigger cell. And also when you move into a new place, you might hit something called as a Cancer, in this case ‘Will Cancer’. It also says people have been cooling off for a long time doing Nothing and the environment suddenly overpowers them)


Can capitalists get hold of its waste and negligence of poor and get a touch of ‘True Communism’? Answer in perhaps 20 years from now, true years, not the fast ‘Back to the Future’ type, where you put plutonium in a man and ask him to have sex for a year non-stop. This is more like ‘Lawrence of Arabia’. ‘Angry young Man of India: AB’ meets another ‘Smart Man of India: SRK’ in the new movie ‘Crow Shit’.

The Chinese Chopsuey with Italian Cheese, under an American tag ‘Cheese Mash Chopsuey’.

Caution: This might be all theory

Humanitarian: Other Than ‘Survival of Fittest’ the mystery of which I am yet to solve on ‘How to overcome this?, I wish my Science should be only applied if poor people are not hurt by the same

A Fish in the Pond

April 30, 2012

A Fish in the Pond

Man, what
you gonna

You in
a pond

In your
own world

The World

To fish

They got
the net

And the

You shiver
& escape

Man, one

You are
gonna be

Man, what
you gonna

No one’s

A way
out, yet

They all
tell you

It’s all

You find
some tricks

They come
to you

And try
to deceive

And eat

Man, what
you gonna

Caution: This might be all theory


March 10, 2011


The game of cricket were invented by the British sometime in the 16th century. It was one of the most elegant game in the history of mankind. Timing, Style & Perfection in this game was developed to the zenith level over the next few centuries. The game eventually spread around the world under British Rule to Africa, India, Pakistan and many other countries.


Cricket is a 11-player game with 2 teams fighting it out to the finish. The idea is one team ‘bowls & fields’ (With a Ball) and the other team ‘bats’ (Mostly a wooden rod). That’s a short introduction, with a lot of other nuances in it. More explained in the following link. The original version developed was a leisurely game spread out over several days. Offlate it was shortened to a days match. With more interest in the world and the technology wonder, it has become completely commercialized with players mostly playing for fame & money rather than the game itself. Players like Michael Holding, Viv Richards, Kapil Dev, Ian Botham & Wasim Akram epitomized cricket. Now its hard to find even a single player from the last 20 years or so.


ICL & IPL is the shortest version of cricket existing at international level. It is completed within a few hours with the same number of players but 20 overs each side.

Where’s cricket in ICL & IPL?

The game is so planned that players are only tuned to slog the ball. Bowling, Fielding and Batting expertise all have been sidelined. The team can almost never get out making it safe for them to slog (hit the ball anyway). There is no cricket left in these games and no players of reputable quality worth mentioning the next day let alone after a century.

What are the politicians & actors doing?

Off Late, the game has been polluted by politicians and actors making the whole idea of cricket funny. Politicians using this game for fame, money and elections. Actors for promoting movies and for money again. This has commercialized, politicized to a whole new level.


Has anyone seen the movie “Gladiator” yet?

The movie depicts how the politicians held games for the masses while the economy stagnated, the poor became more poor and the politicians enjoyed in all this turmoil.

Similarly these IPL, ICL games are held all year around which keeps the whole country (the rich and the middle class) glued to the game. It distracts attention from real problems of the country (Poor in Villages, Economy, Liberalization). There are currently 700m poor people in the country! People concentrate on the game becoming couch potatoes rather perfecting their trade. Politicians, actors, cricketers celebrate with money, fame while the country is going to the dust.

What should happen?

Some of the things which can be done:
1. If there is a real interest in the game, shouldn’t there be an investment in infrastructure in grounds, schools for cricket for the masses rather than a chosen few. This would in turn improve the quality of players cropping up from the country.
2. Politicians should be disallowed from participating in this game. Shouldn’t they be concentrating on building  Infrastructure to Poor People (Access Routes – Roads, Trains, Airports), liberalization of Economy and other initiatives for improvement of the well-being of the country.
3. I also wonder if all the dealings of BCCI, IPL & ICL (the sporting bodies) is transparent? Is investment being done in developing the cricket infrastructure across the country from the profits earned during the game.
4. The cricketing heads of all these bodies (BCCI, IPL & ICL) should be cricketing sports persons rather than politicians and businessman. Politicians and businessman would milk the game for their own benefit rather than development of the game. History has shown that most of these heads (politicians or businessman) have been mired in several controversies.

Caution: This might be all theory


February 14, 2011


Lavasa came under fire recently after the current environment minister halted its construction due to environmental problems. As I was interested in environment conservation, I decided to pay it a visit and study on my own its effects on the environment. This would be an independent study as far as possible (true to the environment without any outside bias). Some of the salient features of the project “Lavasa” are as follows:
– Founded by Walchand Hirachand, HCC (a cloth merchant from Solapur)- Backed by Sharad Pawar– Will generate employment opportunities for many. Housing at least for a Lac odd people

Lavasa Website
Lavasa on Wikipedia

Quality of the Project

– The Construction is excellent & breadth-taking
– The site chosen is fantastic. Its got a great natural view with a river flowing through seven mountains surrounding it
– The food quality served out there is fantastic

The Environmental Impact as thought by me (Bear in mind i am without any Environmental degree although I plan to develop my expertise in coming years):

– Mountains are being cut. Seven of them
– The Natural Habitat of Plants and Animals is completely destroyed in this area with the ecosystem going for a toss
– There was no Waste Management Solution, Noise & Atmosphere Pollution, Energy Regeneration. Although a detailed study has to be done by me in the next coming visits
– I do believe there would be a considerable River Water Pollution with waste dumped in it. Also the nutrients which the trees on the mountains release in water would no longer be there to sustain the water ecosystem. In time, it could wipe out all living beings in the water nearby.
– There are considerable Geological effects due to the destruction of mountains making the surrounding area prone to earthquakes
– Future of All mountains nearby/ Entire Ghats at stake as this city expands and other competitors make way and ask for permission to clear up the Ghats
– There was some waste, but I thin it was very fresh and had been put to make me believe there is also waste in Lavasa. Some kind of set-up to distract me.

Clear Impact on the Remaining Natural Habitat of India. I wonder how this project got a go-ahead. It seems the majority of approvals were done in 2003-04 when Sharad Pawar was the state minister (incidentally Sharad Pawar and fly owns more than 10% shares of this project)

Sharad Pawar
Environmental Minister :  DMK ministers T._R._Baalu (October 13, 1999, to December 21, 2003) and Andimuthu._Raja (May 23, 2004 to May 17, 2007), INC airam_Ramesh (May 2009 – present) during their terms as environment ministers

I would be visiting Lavasa, Amby Valley and the surrounding area several times again in the coming months to develop further understanding of the effect of human’s habitat on the environment. More on this in the coming months.


A Recent Study on the Environment by Tehelka
Amby Valley (Something similar to Lavasa)

Caution: This might be all theory