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Nature (Can Science solve problems of Nature: ‘Quality Slate: Death’?)

December 18, 2012

Nature  (Can Science solve problems of Nature: ‘Quality Slate: Death’?)


Nature  (Can Science solve problems of Nature: ‘Quality Slate: Death’?)


1. Evolution (Will: Static)
In Evolution, Death is converted into Life. The idea is to make a ‘Smooth Evolution’ as possible. However, due to chance or longest faith, even Staticness can be shaken once in a while into oblivion or a dot.

New Form of Cell Division Found: Natural Back-Up Mechanism During Faulty Cell Division
(Observed: Scientist try to find the fine line between ‘Life-Spring and Death-Machine’)

2. Environment (Idea: Imagination)
In Environment, you can find Life and hence Color which will help you paint your slate. It leads to wealth to infinity or priceless, which is only contrasted by another priceless wealth.

First Study of New Treatment for Early Stage Bipolar Disorder
(Observed: People with ‘No Will’ and ‘No Survival’ locked in ‘Idea’ need to invent themself to find the will for survival. Seems like Government and Business, of England, seem to be telling their people ‘Innovate or your days are numbered’)

3. Details like Astrophysics, Quantum Mechanics and so on (Survival: Food)
In Details, you will find errors and solutions, which you can play with to find food for yourself. Survival has two boundaries, extinction or perenial existence.

Chances Seen Rising for Chikungunya Outbreaks in NYC, Atlanta, Miami
(Observed: A Predator has a gun and the prey is chicken, seems there is some confusion in America about what to do with them. Looks like America grapples with the idea of ‘How to Express Oneself?’)

4. Diseases (Errors: Waste)
In Diseases, you will find imparity or ‘Sea-Saw’, which you can play with and help you clear waste. Errors can again be on your upturn or downturn.

Dreidel-Like Dislocations Lead to Remarkable Properties
(Observed: Scientist now take their latest wonder to the masses and allow exceptions by having round edges rather than blunt ones)

5. Unknown (Joker: Sacrifice)
In Unknowns, where you can’t categorize anything into the above 4, then you would find Sacrifice and Enigma. In Enigma, don’t forget to share your fun and sadness forever.

New Window On Parkinson’s Disease: Metallic Probe Proves Able to Detect Fibrils from Misfolded Proteins in Real Time
(Observed: Scientist try to devise methods to study ‘Unknowns’. Something like ‘Schrödinger’s Cat’ equation again, once more)


‘Death Slate’ explored.

Caution: This might be all theory

Humanitarian: Other Than ‘Survival of Fittest’ the mystery of which I am yet to solve on ‘How to overcome this?, I wish my Science should be only applied if poor people are not hurt by the same