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Human Organization

December 24, 2009

Human Organization

Considering our history, mankind has developed various ways to identify & organize themselves into a particular group for further enrichment and improvement. There are many of these groups formed in the past centuries – Socialism, Capitalism, Facisism, Marxism, Communism, Democracry, Religion, Casteism. Socialism was developed in the industrial sector for enrichment of the labour class. Religion, which evolved several thousand years ago, is one’s orientation of life according to a particular faith and ideas. The caste system further refines the orientation of one’s life according to the framework laid down by that caste. And so on…

Most of these organization structures brought a revolution with them and then became a part of us. Some of them became obsolete but do still exist in some form or the other. Everyone of us wears one or the other of these layers (or mask) as we live our life. And our views become biased in our social, economical, political relationships according to the layers we wear. Every layer has its peak time and then these layers become outdated and a burden. A revolution then comes by and a new order or a organization structure comes into being. Most of the times these revolutions are turbulent, but is necessary for our evolution & progress. For example, Religion evolved several thousand years ago and is a way or systematic approach towards life. It offers many benefits like offering well laid out paths to lead one’s life. However, one must think before choosing this path. Whether one wants to follow this path at all? Most of the time, the majority of us take this path based on our ancestors choice. There are many religions and each religion peaked and caused quite a stir and turbulence in the history of mankind.

The earlier organization structures or layers (like Religion) do exist but they do mellow down and weave themselves into the fabric of mankind. Each organization structure has its advantages sometimes and can be a hindrance the other times in our dealings. One has to choose!

CAUTION: This might be all theory