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Nature (Quality Slates: Society in Transition ‘East with a shadow of West’)

December 11, 2012

Nature  (Quality Slates: Society in Transition ‘East with a shadow of West’)


Nature  (Quality Slates: Society in Transition ‘East with a shadow of West’).


Intensified Chemotherapy Shows Promise for Children With Very High Risk Form of Leukemia
(Observed: Kids run out of Quality of ‘Survival’ and perhaps ‘Trying to become Howard Hughes’. There is plenty of food available, but what then? Wastage? The Quest for Quality? America trying to supplant Germany in the race for cars and perhaps Europe in its ‘Quest for Anomaly’)

Aging Hepatitis C Population Escalates Demand for Liver Transplantation
(Observed: ‘America and World’ moves from ‘Back to the Past’ to ‘Back to the Future’, and a population of old eggs are left uncooked. The Society feels the pinch of ‘Gold Rush’ in it’s ‘Unlooked’ people.  1% Americans affected)

New Evidence for Epigenetic Effects of Diet On Healthy Aging
(Observed: Eating biscuits once in a while might be ok, but everyday might break down your life and string it on a machine to be sewn on a cloth. If you wanna skip this, you might like skipping Oreo and it’s kinds too and look towards ‘Kela and Anda’. Environment seems to be skipped out in this study)

Molecule Critical to Nerve Cells Increases Drammatically During Hypertension
(Observed: After you fish, when you relax in your yatch, you must choose how to cook your steal from Nature and the Quality of Egg thereby produced. American adults, approx 10%, suffer due to overconfidence from their last win of ‘Cold War’)

ADHD Linked to Oxygen Deprivation Before Birth
(Observed: People choosing to ink their past and the future ‘Kal, Aaj aur Kal’ in the slate of ‘Life & Death’, the American Way ‘Dream Pie’, might hit the ‘Steady German’ and ‘Odd Japanese’ machine on the way. 2% of American kids affected which would be taken to task in ‘Germany and Japan’, the ‘Metropolis Movie’ ishtyle)

Circulating Blood Factor Linked With a Leading Cause of Kidney Failure
(Observed: America and Europe struggles to integrate with ‘Mugs used for their fun in sex, gambling and extortion’, a study concludes in bringing out the ‘Darkness of a Man, who tends to give light to others’ to the table)

Kidney Tumors Have a Mind of Their Own
(Observed: A retail company when hides in the viel of ‘Life and Death, company’ produces abnormal ‘Kidney Tumors’ which might be intended by the Society or perhaps be a freak case. In this one, looks like intentional. One must be bold enough to question the Society, and take it to table. I smell a rat in ‘Cheese Pizza’ colony)

Nobel Prize
The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1966
Peyton Rous, Charles B. Huggins
The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1966 was divided equally between Peyton Rous “for his discovery of tumour-inducing viruses” and Charles Brenton Huggins “for his discoveries concerning hormonal treatment of prostatic cancer”.
(Observed: People who like ‘Aamir’ and ‘Deewar’ are congratulated in this Nobel Prize. Slate laid out in West, perhaps, and taken to the masses in a ‘Movie in India’. I mention India perhaps so as to extort a few more dollars from the Society to pay off my bills. In this Nobel Prize, they call particular environments as viruses and a bigger cell. And also when you move into a new place, you might hit something called as a Cancer, in this case ‘Will Cancer’. It also says people have been cooling off for a long time doing Nothing and the environment suddenly overpowers them)


Can capitalists get hold of its waste and negligence of poor and get a touch of ‘True Communism’? Answer in perhaps 20 years from now, true years, not the fast ‘Back to the Future’ type, where you put plutonium in a man and ask him to have sex for a year non-stop. This is more like ‘Lawrence of Arabia’. ‘Angry young Man of India: AB’ meets another ‘Smart Man of India: SRK’ in the new movie ‘Crow Shit’.

The Chinese Chopsuey with Italian Cheese, under an American tag ‘Cheese Mash Chopsuey’.

Caution: This might be all theory

Humanitarian: Other Than ‘Survival of Fittest’ the mystery of which I am yet to solve on ‘How to overcome this?, I wish my Science should be only applied if poor people are not hurt by the same

Work Tuesday (Can Science find ‘Escape from Alcatraz’ from Nature?)

October 4, 2012

Work Tuesday (Can Science find ‘Escape from Alcatraz‘ from Nature?)


Can Science find ‘Escape from Alcatraz‘ from Nature?


1. Astrophysics

Closing in On the Border Between Primordial Plasma and Ordinary Matter
(Observed: The race for border of ‘Beginning of Universe’ and perhaps for the future boom too)

2. Quantum Mechanics

Discovery of a ‘Dark State’ Could Mean a Brighter Future for Solar Energy
(Observed: A New Material takes more of ‘Sun’ and hence more light)

3. Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1955
Vincent du Vigneaud
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1955 was awarded to Vincent du Vigneaud “for his work on biochemically important sulphur compounds, especially for the first synthesis of a polypeptide hormone”.
(Observed: Artificial synthesis of Sulphur Compound, which is naturally found, and was found exact)

4. Brain

X-Linked Mental Retardation Protein Is Found to Mediate Synaptic Plasticity in Hippocampus
(Observed: A protein mutates and causes harm to another setting off depression in people)

5. Gene Therapy

‘Gene Silencing’ May Improve Treatment Of A Deadly Complication Of Liver Disease
(Observes: A Gene when silenced may improve the condition of liver, {personal opinion} but be careful of this treatment, it might go on to harm other organs in you)

6. Environment

Climate Change Stories from the Abyss: Ancient Climate Mirrored and Influenced by Geochemical Processes Deep Within Ocean
(Observed: Mountains of carbon in sediments underground in Earth, reflects Earth’s history and perhaps present and future too)

7. Evolution

Ancient Environment Found to Drive Marine Biodiversity
(Observed: Environment plays into Genetic diversity, and more so ancient environment, which means ‘We can never forget our environment pollution sins’)

8. Disease

Interneurons Are Not All Created Equally: Some Classes of Interneurons May Underlie Distinct Brain Disorders
(Observed: If you try to remember or connect different things within brain, you might require to do differently)


All the things which might help ‘Police, Order’ find better controls on others found in this blog.

Caution: This might be all theory




Work Tuesday (Can Science study ‘Wackiness’ in Nature, Life, Humans, Diseases?)

September 22, 2012

Work Tuesday (Can Science study ‘Wackiness’ in Nature, Life, Humans, Diseases?)


Can Science find ‘Wackiness, Quirkness for Nature’?


1. Astrophysics

Rogue Stars Ejected from the Galaxy Are Found in Intergalactic Space
(Observed: ‘Escape from Alcatraz‘ performed by Stars from Black Holes)

Astronomer Finds Evidence for Record-Breaking Nine Planet System
(Observed: Nine planet system much like ours and close by found)

2. Quantum Mechanics

Largest Parity Violation and Other Adventures in Table-Top Physics: Atomic Experiments Push Boundary of Known Physical World
(Observed: Parity violations observed, which means your dark side might be different from your bright side. Property of Electrons and Light remains same)

Geometry Affects Drift and Diffusion Across Entropic Barriers
(Observed: Space affects “How much you can get through and how far?”)

3. Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1925
Richard Zsigmondy
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1925 was awarded to Richard Zsigmondy “for his demonstration of the heterogeneous nature of colloid solutions and for the methods he used, which have since become fundamental in modern colloid chemistry”.
(Observed: Colloids explained which might explain why the same substance behaves differently in diffusion in different mediums)

4. Brain

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Can Have Genetic Causes
(Observed: Mutations in stomach lead to havoc in excreta disorder)

Bipolar Disorder And Gene Abnormalities: Sodium, Calcium Imbalances Linked To Manic Depressive Episodes
(Observed: America gets input-output problem, might be due to suffering exports and more imports)

Sensitivity To Antidepressants Linked With TrkB-Mediated Neural Proliferation
(Observed: A Receptor which affects antidepressants effect on diseases like anxiety)

5. Gene Therapy

Prostate Cancer Gene Found: Newly Identified Susceptibility Gene May Provide The Key To Earlier Diagnosis And Treatment Of Disease
(Observed: Mutations of the same gene causes cancer)

Human/Insect/Jellyfish Genes Team To Quiet “Hyper” Nerve Cells
(Observed & Apriori: Genes firing quieted down by silencers)

6. Environment

Himalayan Glaciers Retreating at Accelerated Rate in Some Regions: Consequences for Water Supply Remain Unclear
(Observed: Glaciers shy away from Himalayan regions)

Global Catastrophic Amphibian Declines Have Multiple Causes, No Simple Solution
(Observed: Climate trouble may affect Amphibian decline and into extinction)

7. Evolution

New Insights Into Genomics of Speciation
(Observed: Species can diverge in large part of Genome rather than small areas, creating a different view of Evolution)

Core Nuclear Pore Elements Likely Shared By All Eukaryotes
(Observed: Eukaryotes are the same evolving at a particular point of time, very rapidly after remaining dormant for about 2 billion years)

8. Disease

Genetic Variation For Enzyme In Lung May Point To Cancer Susceptibility Gene, Mechanisms That May Cause Cancer
(Observed: A Gene that causes Lung Cancer identified, however one of the variations might just prevent it)

New Approach to Treat Acute Liver Failure
(Observed: Acute Liver Failure caused by increases in apoptosis, solution is ARC protein which is lacking in Liver)


Nature can be weird and can do a lot of different things in it with Life, Space and Diseases. There are a lot of unknowns on which we can work.

P.S: The goal of the blog has not been decided ‘Apriori’, or rather the quality of articles has driven the ‘Aim’ and it might be similar to some of the earlier blogs

Caution: This might be all theory




Can Science find ‘What the current Human Race is looking out for?’

September 6, 2012

Can Science find ‘What the current Human Race is looking out for?’


What are Humans looking out for? Can Science find out patterns that might lead to the ‘Quest of Humanity’?


1. Astrophysics

Curiosity Stretches Its Arm
(Observed: Earth Robot strikes its arm into unknown, results awaited)

Unique Volcanic Complex Discovered On Moon’s Far Side
(Observed: Moon decides to get hot, only a wee bit though)

Movement of Black Holes Powers Quasars, the Universe’s Brightest Lights
(Observed: Black holes get into action, more than spinning, actual physical distance across Universe)

2. Quantum Mechanics

Dance Like a Neutrino: Quantum Scheme to Simulate Neutrino Oscillations
(Observed: Neutrinos made to dance, the quest towards ‘Holy Grail’ with the help of another ‘Strange Particle System’)

Scientists Predict the Next Big Thing in Particle Physics: Supersymmetry
(Observed: More people get into the ‘The Game of Life’, throw out the old physics model ‘The Standard Model’, offcourse most of the stuff is theoritical)

3. Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1911
Marie Curie

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1911 was awarded to Marie Curie “in recognition of her services to the advancement of chemistry by the discovery of the elements radium and polonium, by the isolation of radium and the study of the nature and compounds of this remarkable element”.
(Observed: Radioactive material found, which gives off electricity in air)

4. Brain

Research Shows Gene Defect’s Role in Autism-Like Behavior
(Observed: What is Autism with the help of ‘Pten’ Gene)

Saliva and Pupil Size Differences in Autism Show System in Overdrive
(Observed: Worked up on water and sight, might be an Autism error)

5. Gene Therapy

Gene Linked to Facial, Skull and Cognitive Impairment Identified
(Observed: A Gene mutates and plays around with the Head, blamed by Scientist)

Jefferson Researchers Use Gene Therapy To Treat Rare, Inherited Brain Disease
(Observed: Scientist find a cure for brain disease in which insulator gets spoilt)

Pittsburgh Researchers Construct Novel Delivery System For Gene Therapy Of Liver Disorders
(Observed: A Car made to deliver Genes, & solve Liver problems)

6. Environment

New Atmospheric Compound Tied to Climate Change, Human Health
(Observed: A new compound sprouts into action, causing climate and health problems in Earth’s Atmosphere)

Diseased Trees New Source of Climate Gas
(Observed: Trees found diseased, causing methane eruption affecting climate and probably health too, mostly in America)

7. Evolution

Mass Extinctions Reset the Long-Term Pace of Evolution
(Observed: Before goin extinct, you might like to think of the future generations to roll in)

Newly Discovered Bacterium Forms Intracellular Minerals
(Observed: New Life forms food inside rather than outside)

8. Disease

How Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Increases Risk of Lung Cancer
(Observed: Smoking may cause more than normal disease, might affect Lung too)

Mechanism of Lung Cancer-Associated Mutations Suggests New Therapeutic Approaches
(Observed: A Gene Mutation causing Lung related disease found)

Domestic Coal Use Linked to Substantial Lifetime Risk of Lung Cancer in Xuanwei, China
(Observed: Coal @ Home gets toxic in China, causes Lung problems)


Humans ‘Need and Greed’ introduced and our possible future.

Caution: This might be all theory




Science Today (Can Science find cure for mental diseases like Shocks?)

August 15, 2012

Science Today (Can Science find cure for mental diseases like Shocks?)


This blog is to study mental diseases and their possible solutions.


1. Astrophysics (Far: About Stars, Aliens and Fairies if they exist)

VISTA Views a Vast Ball of Stars
(Observed: Stars get cozy and are caught by a French astronomer)

NASA’s WISE Mission Sees Skies Ablaze With Blazars
(Observed: Astronomers find hot stars, unknown origin)

2. Quantum Mechanics (Small: Of young children, new thinking and the world of small things for people who prefer perfection)

Electron’s Negativity Cut in Half by Supercomputer: Simulations Slice Electron in Half — A Physical Process That Cannot Be Done in Nature
(Apriori: Scientist get angry on an electron, and smash it into two in the computer)

New Source of Super-Chilled Neutrons Provides Tools for Understanding Fundamental Physics Concepts
(Apriori: Scientist attempt to understand Newton’s Laws at a granular level and are making progress)

3. Nobel Prize (Talent: People who did great discoveries in Science and are given a prize so that you don’t forget them)

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2006
Andrew Z. Fire, Craig C. Mello

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2006 was awarded jointly to Andrew Z. Fire and Craig C. Mello “for their discovery of RNA interference – gene silencing by double-stranded RNA”

(Observed: RNA evolves like DNA)

4. Brain (You: Human Thinking Machine )

Antidepressant ZOLOFT Packs Potential to Fight Fungal Meningitis
Lung (Lung acts like a BMW-transponder in throwing away the bad stuff CO2 into the environment, and releasing O2 into the blood from the heart)
Amphotericin B
(Observed: Fungus gets active from lungs to brain causing fatal disease. Scientist hoping to patch things. Lack of Nature, overexcessive population, improper industrial planning of cities, exploited employees in industries might be some overall causes in this disease. Fasting might help solve this disease naturally)

Two Biological Risk Factors for Schizophrenia Linked
(Observed: Communication breakdown in the brain, cause unknown. Increased War, overexcessive Survival and Greed in Humans, excessive technology penetration, lack of philosophy might be some of the overall problems causing this disease. Eating ‘Sarson ka Saag’, Palak might cure this disease or even endurance training like marathons might solve this disease naturally)

5. Gene Therapy (Close: Of Relationships)

Immune Cells Hold Back Gene Therapy
(Observed: Blood Clotting found in Liver. Immune system destroys drug-made immune system)
Liver (Gravity to AntiGravity organ)

Gene Therapy Appears Safe To Regenerate Gum Tissue
Gum Diseases
(Observed: Gene Therapy which spreads throughout the body skipped and applied to the gums only. Might be safe)

6. Environment

Birds Do Better in ‘Agroforests’ Than On Farms
(Observed: Birds give a performance in forest, dislike farms. If farms have coffee and cocoa plantations, then they are ok)

Microbes, Sponges, and Worms Add to Coral Reef Woes
(Observed: Pollution gets underwater and corals cry for help)

7. Evolution

Mercury Mineral Evolution Tied to Supercontinent Assembly Over Last 3 Billion Years
(Observed: How Mercury evolved?)

Not Always Safety in Numbers When It Comes to Extinction Risk
(Observed: If you show color or difference outside, there might be more predators to hunt you leading to death)

Darwinian Selection Continues to Influence Human Evolution
(Observed: Humans do self-study, Genes helping Men dominant Society irrespective of wealth as compared to Women)

8. Diseases

Parkinson’s Disease Gene Identified With Help of Saskatchewan Mennonite Families
(Observed: Clumps in Brain lead to brain problems like tremor and stiffness. Lack of exercise, obesity relative food, lack of home and work balance might be some of the overall problems leading to this disease)
Parkinsons Disease

Tracing the Brain’s Connections: Using Rabies Virus, Researcher Tracks Inputs to Dopamine Neurons
(Observed: How we drive in our brain, explained)

Key Genes and Prototype Predictive Test for Schizophrenia Identified
(Observed: Genes which make your life 1 dimensional found and collated. Always glued to technology, lack of free leisure and greed might be the possible overall causes to this disease)

How Stress and Depression Can Shrink the Brain
(Observed: Stress can reduce brain size. Too much of smoking, pollution, lack of Nature might be some of the overall problems causing this disease. Eating potato can help or being slim can help solve this disease)

Major Breakthrough in Macular Degeneration
(Observed: Blindness in humans found, reason unknown)

9. Mathematics

General Relativity


Mental diseases and some of their possible solutions, some strange phenomena around the Universe studied in this blog.

Caution: This might be all theory