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Nature (Can Science solve problems of Nature: ‘Quality Slate: Happiness’?)

December 18, 2012

Nature  (Can Science solve problems of Nature: ‘Quality Slate: Happiness’?)


Nature  (Can Science solve problems of Nature: ‘Quality Slate: Happiness’?)


1. What is Happiness?

More Than 3,000 Epigenetic Switches Control Daily Liver Cycles
(Observed: Scientist say your mind’s happiness lies in 3000 controls or expressions. Perhaps 3000 Infinities are yet to be solved)

2. How will you measure Happiness?

Insulin Plus Growth Factor Inhibitor Limits Vision Damage in Diabetic Mice
(Observed: England and Japan fight out who is going to pocket the money which arises when ‘Idea meets Survival’ and they have a smirck on their face)

3. How will you create Happiness?

Tourette Syndrome and Other Tic Disorders in Children
(Observed: Children find a ‘Black Hole’ in their growth and happiness, succumb to ‘The Will of Death’. ‘The Idea of Van Gogh’ seems to be the problem, one who gave up wealth for his passion)

4. If your Happiness is destroyed, can it be rejuvenated?

Common Drug Reverses Common Effect of Becker Muscular Dystrophy
(Observed: If the Society judges a ‘Particular Individual’ as failed, can the Individual come back ever into the Society?)

5. Can you be Happy forever?

Treating Cocaine Dependence: Promising New Pharmacotherapy
(Observed: Can we find new Infinities in us leading us to permanent happiness?)

6. Can Happiness be compared?

More Than 200 Genes Identified for Crohn’s Disease
(Observed: We need to address ‘How to share wealth among the masses? Some lye in anguish and some shout out in greatness. Some act like they have never eaten, and the others lye to woman ‘I Love You’. How will we ever share Happiness and therefore, can we ever compare ‘Happiness’?)

7. Can Happiness absorb your Sorrow? Others sorrow?

Sexual and Social Behavior Modified by Serotonin System Drugs
(Observed: Seems like Society Women like ‘Forced Sex’ as compared to ‘Consensual Sex’ telling us there is a new villain in the Society which is greater than women’s sadness and fun, perhaps a new ‘Will of a Man or a Woman’)

8. Can Happiness inspire other values? New Life? Death? Waste absorption? Hope?

Progress Reported in Quest to Create Objective Method of Detecting Pain
(Observed: Many years back ‘Steve Jobs’ reinvented ‘Dream of America’. Now an enemy called as ‘1976’ came into America with a ‘New Dream’ inspiring 100 million Americans to find for their truth ‘A New Hope: Sage’)


‘Slate of Happiness’ discovered. More left, but I guess, I will discover in the next blogs.

Caution: This might be all theory

Humanitarian: Other Than ‘Survival of Fittest’ the mystery of which I am yet to solve on ‘How to overcome this?, I wish my Science should be only applied if poor people are not hurt by the same

Science Today (Can Science bring happiness to us?)

May 27, 2012

Science Today (Can Science bring happiness to us?)

Most of us are tired of our work, mundane life, the population around, the race for food and life. Can Science show the door to happiness? We explore below in this blog:


1. Nobel Prize (Talent: People who did great discoveries in Science and are given a prize so that you don’t forget them)

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1905
Robert Koch

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1905 was awarded to Robert Koch “for his investigations and discoveries in relation to tuberculosis”.

(Plants have an advantage over cattle that they do not have to follow the shepherd most of the times, hence TB might be present more in non-vegetarians as compared to vegetarians. Again, the West has abundant Nature and the East has abundant population, leading to a mad race for survival of fittest in the east rather than west over food. Hence Tuberculosis might be more present in the East rather than West)

2. Brain (You: Human Thinking Machine )

Blockade of Learning and Memory Genes May Occur Early in Alzheimer’s Disease: Treatable in Mice
(How your memory is being eaten up, explained by Science and possibly its treatment)

3. Astrophysics (Far: About Stars, Aliens and Fairies if they exist)

Is Space Like a Chessboard?
(Scientist attempt to define Space, so that we don’t have to worry about possible mishaps)

4. Quantum Mechanics (Small: Of young children, new thinking and the world of small things for people who prefer perfection)

Theorists Reveal Path To True Muonium — Never-Seen Atom
(Science gives new joy to everyone: a particle never seen before)

5. Gene Therapy (Close: Of Relationships)

New Gene May Intensify Breast Cancer Growth
(A gene which over-amplifies in your chest might lead to cancer and this might all be due to greed in you. Caution, for over happiness in you)

Thus in this blog, we find Science is laying the path for you to explore Life accident free thus enabling you to find the happiness of your life. Off course there might be hurdles on the way.

Caution: This might be all theory

Love, Freedom & Happiness

February 10, 2011

– I was
born poor

But grew
with a lot
of Love

And fierce

– As I
grew up

Learnin to

On my

And build
my confidence

– I began
to rebel

Swimmin against
the tide

Against authority
& against

– I found
my way

With a lot
of troubles

But with
pride &

– Now I
must start

All over

Right from
the beginning

And find
my way

Once more

To Love,
Freedom &