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Nature (Can Science solve problems of Nature: ‘Quality Slate: Happiness’?)

December 18, 2012

Nature  (Can Science solve problems of Nature: ‘Quality Slate: Happiness’?)


Nature  (Can Science solve problems of Nature: ‘Quality Slate: Happiness’?)


1. What is Happiness?

More Than 3,000 Epigenetic Switches Control Daily Liver Cycles
(Observed: Scientist say your mind’s happiness lies in 3000 controls or expressions. Perhaps 3000 Infinities are yet to be solved)

2. How will you measure Happiness?

Insulin Plus Growth Factor Inhibitor Limits Vision Damage in Diabetic Mice
(Observed: England and Japan fight out who is going to pocket the money which arises when ‘Idea meets Survival’ and they have a smirck on their face)

3. How will you create Happiness?

Tourette Syndrome and Other Tic Disorders in Children
(Observed: Children find a ‘Black Hole’ in their growth and happiness, succumb to ‘The Will of Death’. ‘The Idea of Van Gogh’ seems to be the problem, one who gave up wealth for his passion)

4. If your Happiness is destroyed, can it be rejuvenated?

Common Drug Reverses Common Effect of Becker Muscular Dystrophy
(Observed: If the Society judges a ‘Particular Individual’ as failed, can the Individual come back ever into the Society?)

5. Can you be Happy forever?

Treating Cocaine Dependence: Promising New Pharmacotherapy
(Observed: Can we find new Infinities in us leading us to permanent happiness?)

6. Can Happiness be compared?

More Than 200 Genes Identified for Crohn’s Disease
(Observed: We need to address ‘How to share wealth among the masses? Some lye in anguish and some shout out in greatness. Some act like they have never eaten, and the others lye to woman ‘I Love You’. How will we ever share Happiness and therefore, can we ever compare ‘Happiness’?)

7. Can Happiness absorb your Sorrow? Others sorrow?

Sexual and Social Behavior Modified by Serotonin System Drugs
(Observed: Seems like Society Women like ‘Forced Sex’ as compared to ‘Consensual Sex’ telling us there is a new villain in the Society which is greater than women’s sadness and fun, perhaps a new ‘Will of a Man or a Woman’)

8. Can Happiness inspire other values? New Life? Death? Waste absorption? Hope?

Progress Reported in Quest to Create Objective Method of Detecting Pain
(Observed: Many years back ‘Steve Jobs’ reinvented ‘Dream of America’. Now an enemy called as ‘1976’ came into America with a ‘New Dream’ inspiring 100 million Americans to find for their truth ‘A New Hope: Sage’)


‘Slate of Happiness’ discovered. More left, but I guess, I will discover in the next blogs.

Caution: This might be all theory

Humanitarian: Other Than ‘Survival of Fittest’ the mystery of which I am yet to solve on ‘How to overcome this?, I wish my Science should be only applied if poor people are not hurt by the same

Nature (Can Science solve problems of Nature: ‘Diseases by Joke-II’?)

November 30, 2012

Nature  (Can Science solve problems of Nature: ‘Diseases by Joke-II’?)


Can Science solve problems of Nature: ‘Diseases by Joke-II’? From the previous blog, can we drill down further to find exact chemicals and perhaps the conditions in which we can solve the disease purely by ‘Joke’, as joke might be the lightest chemical to solve the disease?


1. Nature

California Heatwaves to Move Toward Coastal Areas: Researchers Reassess Heatwaves Against the Backdrop of Rising Temperatures
(Observed: They say opposites attract, so heat-waves go to the coast to meet melting glaciers. It’s like you goin for a ice-cream. The fun is ‘Humans cry foul, as Nature beats them to the cream’)

Mountains in the center, beaches on the side, humans cryin for mercy and move to the highest peaks, the storms packing bags to meet ‘IBM Doors’, Who am I? Pamela Anderson in Baywatch, being watched by a ‘Young Amateur Scientist’. Mebbe Time moves back to indicate it likes Darkness by 3 degrees indicating someone got ‘Almost Famous’.

Side Dish:
California is known for ‘Gold Rush’ from gold in hidden valleys to advance in technology where Giants like IBM and Google roam looking for a prey. IBM might withraw it’s title as ‘West Coast Heavyweight’ and move to ‘Mid Country Heavyweight’ and pass on the title to Google for it to bloat. IBM must get coldness and Google hot things, so a energy exchange happens.

2. Evolution

City Birds Adapt to Their New Predators
(Observed: Scientist team up with Builders so that planes can fly safely around instead of Nature. And then they name several of their projects as ‘Godrej: Nature’s Basket’ and ‘Orchid’s Nest’)

Scientist study the behavior of birds in villages and cities, in hope to map it to people and their freedom on Google. It might be a automatic way to attract Nature to cities and harvest it for lunch.

3. Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1956
André F. Cournand, Werner Forssmann, Dickinson W. Richards
The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1956 was awarded jointly to André Frédéric Cournand, Werner Forssmann and Dickinson W. Richards “for their discoveries concerning heart catheterization and pathological changes in the circulatory system”.
(Observed: Death studied or mebbe how to avoid the same. ‘Talent and Waste’ is the key and Nature is the lock from which you must steal your life away from Death. Scientist bark on the branch which they must thaw to eat the fruits on, just don’t tell ‘ShakeChilli’ about it)

Heart might lie in Nature perhaps who prefer, Nature to Machine, Fun over Sadness, Life over Death, Talent over Waste, and so on. The Scientist making this ‘Nobel Prize’ must be indeed very pure in heart or, may I quote, ‘Nature-Loving’.

Three New Arthropod Species Have Been Found in the Maestrazgo Caves in Teruel
(Observed: Scientist use their heart and beg different animals to have sex, so that they can produce new species which would remove the ‘Shadow of Darkness’ over their ‘Dirty Hearts’)

4. Astrophysics

Sounds of Northern Lights Are Born Close to Ground
(Observed: Sun reacts with Earth to tell us strange stories, humans confused and now start praying to the Moon instead)

These might be ‘Black People’ and all others who might be getting underground to prevent ‘Nuclear War’ on Earth, while at the same time, celebrating inside ‘Dark Underground Rooms’, and Scientist confuse these for Nature or atleast try to confuse us.

A corresponding article:
Biggest Black Hole Blast Discovered: Most Powerful Quasar Outflow Ever Found

5. Quantum Mechanics

Accounting for Missing Meson Particles
(Observed: Physicist keep a few monkeys in a room and observe how they react when food is thrown in, and BMW shouts in escatcy ‘Eureka’)

Scientist close of their hearts and open their brains, while looking out for ‘Peace in World’, and wonder where it has gone. Nice way to throw a knife on someone, and say, ‘I didn’t do Nothing’.

A corresponding article:
Do Missing Jupiters Mean Massive Comet Belts?
(Observed: Can two blunders, one real and the other apparent, cancel out each other, saving Scientist and politicans?)

6. Brain

Dramatic Rise in Autism Prevalence Parallels Research Explosion
(Observed: There are two types of cockroaches, one that of Society and one that of Individuality. Scientist try their luck in absorbing money through the ‘Society Way’ and make their case for the same. Mostly the West looking to milk East Nature, and the cows develop horns which they hack into the ‘White Man’s Blood’)

People go on a vacation from their life and choose to do simple mundane tasks like ‘Watering plants’ instead of ‘Working’ to get a ‘1-Up’ on someone who is lavish at his arts and freedom.

7. Gene Therapy

Metabolic Protein Launches Sugar Feast That Nurtures Brain Tumors
(Observed: Old people get their hands on Monopoly game and think it is real. They go the shop and create a riot on why the shopkeeper won’t give them a condom for it)

Genuine People are robbed by politicans and the wealth are given to ‘Businessman’ and Scientist make a ‘Hue-And-Cry’ of ‘Brain’s Greatness’.

8. Disease

Lone Star Tick Inhabiting Central and Southern U.S. Is Primary Reason for Meat Induced Alpha-Gal Allergic Reaction, Study Finds
(Observed: Phantom Nose is like a mountain in comics, America finds it tough to make a case against, ‘Tom & Jerry’ and Godrej team, suffer in their meat eating habits. It is also pehaps, your stomach touches the horse back while mounting it)

Rocky brags about his nose in the movie about his comeback, and America develops a tick in real life in its Nose, just about ‘Center of America’.


The idea of this blog is to bring out the ‘Causes of Diseases’ in a light way which can collapse trouble into ‘Never-Ending-Life’. My first attempt to my theory ‘Joke can bring out Never-Ending-Life’ and perhaps nothing else can.

Caution: This might be all theory

Humanitarian: Other Than ‘Survival of Fittest’ the mystery of which I am yet to solve on ‘How to overcome this?, I wish my Science should be only applied if poor people are not hurt by the same

The Big Bite

October 29, 2012

The Big Bite

The meat
under the

A slash
and the
two halves

These are
dead people

From the
dark past

Can you

Sometime from

How you
gonna look

Under the

Before the

Think a
way out

That is

And that
is Life

Do a

Mebbe a
beat too

Before you

Caution: This might be all theory

Nature (Can Science solve problems of ‘Nature: Human Body and Mind’?)

October 17, 2012

Nature  (Can Science solve problems of ‘Nature: Human Body and Mind’?)


Can Science solve problems of ‘Nature: Human, Body and Mind’?


Neuroscientists Find the Molecular ‘When’ and ‘Where’ of Memory Formation
(Observed: Scientist get clues to memory, ‘When’ and ‘Where’, claim to have mapped ‘Space-Time’ continuity in Brain)

How the Body Uses Vitamin B to Recognize Bacterial Infection
(Observed: Immune fights Tuberculosis and more, discovered in America)

Bone Marrow Holds Secrets for Treating Colitis and Crohn’s
(Observed: How diseases like Colitis and Crohn are caused by ‘Unnecessary Bone Marrow Inflammation’)

This Is Your Brain On Food: Studies Reveal How Diet Affects Brain Functions
(Observed: Brain as declared by World, so far so good)

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1976
William Lipscomb
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1976 was awarded to William Lipscomb “for his studies on the structure of boranes illuminating problems of chemical bonding”.
(Observed: Boranes Discovered)


Science solves many problems of ‘Nature: Human, Body and Mind’.

Caution: This might be all theory

Show me the way, I am blind

September 23, 2012

Show me the way, I am blind

Your dog
in the

Wonderin about

And you
in the

Strugglin with
the machine

Give me
the clues
to Life

And to

The cycle
of fame
& money

In the
books of

The past
travel of
your foot

Revealed the
heavens in
the sky

And the
running race
of Humanity

Gave you
the shot
in the

Man, you
in the

Give me
a clue

To the
way ahead

And into

Caution: This might be all theory

Work Tuesday (Can Science describe ‘The process of finding Unknowns’?)

September 17, 2012

Work Tuesday (Can Science describe ‘The process of finding Unknowns’?)


Can Science define the process of finding ‘Unknowns’ in Nature and Life?


1. Astrophysics

Japanese Spacecraft to Search for Clues of Earth’s First Life
(Apriori: Japan tries to wrestle with ‘Origin of Life’ on Earth with Hayabusa and a asteroid)

Sun’s Almost Perfectly Round Shape Baffles Scientists
(Observed: Sun is round and Scientist wonder)

2. Quantum Mechanics

Best Yet Test of Lorentz Invariance
(Observed & Apriori: Scientist hunt for difference and new things with Lorentz and Albert Einstein)

Tantalizing Clues as to Why Matter Prevails in the Universe: Surprisingly Large Matter/Antimatter Asymmetry Discovered
(Observed: Scientist wrestle with ‘Origin of Universe’ )

3. Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1923
Fritz Pregl
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1923 was awarded to Fritz Pregl “for his invention of the method of micro-analysis of organic substances”.
(Observed: Analysis of Organic Substances revealed)

4. Brain

63 Percent Of Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Suffer Psychiatric Disorders, With Depressive Spectrum Conditions Most Likely
(Observed: Arthritis cooks up another disease in it: Psychiatric Disorder)

Depression Linked to Altered Activity of Circadian Rhythm Gene
(Observed: Clock Gene strikes and causes Depression in us)

5. Gene Therapy

Protein Delivered Via Genetically Engineered Virus Slowed Glioblasoma Multiforme Growth
(Observed: Brain Cancer solution attempted)

Combination Of Gene Therapy And Gene Silencing Prevents Neurodegenerative Disease
(Observed: Neurodegenerative Disease attempted to be solved with Gene silencing)

6. Environment

Droughts Are Pushing Trees to the Limit
(Observed: Water dissapears in SouthWest America causing havoc in trees)

At Least 200,000 Tons of Oil and Gas from Deepwater Horizon Spill Consumed by Gulf Bacteria
(Observed: Oil Spill by Human consumed by Bacteria deplete oxygen)

7. Evolution

Discovery of Jumping Gene Cluster Tangles Tree of Life
(Observed: Gene Jump from one species to another)

Lost Civilization Under Persian Gulf?
(Observed: A New Human Race, lost sometime back in the pages of World History)

8. Disease

TLR1 Protein Drives Immune Response to Certain Food-Borne Illness in Mice
(Observed: Pork eating or contaminated water can harm and a protein comes to rescue in Mice)

Molecule That Could Treat Inflammation Discovered
(Observed: A Molecule identified that works on the thin line between ‘Health & Disease’)


The Process & Instruments of finding ‘Unknowns’ in Nature described in this blog.

Caution: This might be all theory

Lock I

September 10, 2012

Lock I

The lock
on your

Archimedes found
the stick

Mooves you
around the

Into you
the black

Dot by

The pain
comes slow

The buns

You end
up in
a red

The fire

You all

A few
days pass

A watchman
passes by

The stick
in the

Out comes
your cry

Now all
dressed up

In pain

And the
big smile on
your face

Caution: This might be all theory




Science Today (Can Science help in studying Water and its nuances?)

July 21, 2012

Science Today (Can Science help in studying Water and its nuances?)

in this blog, we study water, some of its property and its effect on Nature and us.


1. Astrophysics (Far: About Stars, Aliens and Fairies if they exist)

Significant Water Anomaly Explained
(Water refuses to budge in revealin itself to us)

Sifting Through Dust Near Orion’s Belt
(New Stars from Dust being formed)

Four White Dwarf Stars Caught in the Act of Consuming ‘Earth-Like’ Exoplanets
(Scientist get ambitious and weave a tale of “Fairy Queen” taking us through death and perhaps life far away in the sky)

2. Quantum Mechanics (Small: Of young children, new thinking and the world of small things for people who prefer perfection)

Chemists Become Molecular Sculptors, Synthesizing Tiny, Molecular Traps
(Scientist get nasty in teasing out small things)

3. Nobel Prize (Talent: People who did great discoveries in Science and are given a prize so that you don’t forget them)

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1979
Allan M. Cormack, Godfrey N. Hounsfield
The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1979 was awarded jointly to Allan M. Cormack and Godfrey N. Hounsfield “for the development of computer assisted tomography”
(What’s in your brain and other organs, at a very greater depth)

4. Brain (You: Human Thinking Machine )

Botulinum Toxin a Shot in the Arm for Preventing Multiple Sclerosis Tremor
(‘Use and Throw’ finds a new taker, the brain)

5. Gene Therapy (Close: Of Relationships)

New Gene Linked To Muscular Dystrophy
(A Gene mutates and harms people in the muscles)

6. Diseases:

Cross-Reactivity Between Peanuts and Other Legumes Can Lead to Serious Allergic Reactions
(Food items start fighting with each other for prime time, however lead to diseases)

Asthma: A Vaccination That Works Using Intramuscular Injection
(Asthma finds a new cure, this time it might be permanent)

Prenatal Exposure to Common Household Chemical, Phthalate, Increases Risk for Childhood Eczema
(Chemical gets active in women and kids spoiling their look)

7. Evolution

Pinpointing History of Droughts Through Exploration of Tree Rings: Unexpected Complexity in U. S. West’s Patterns of Drought
(Scientist get into the trees and find anomaly in America Drought period)

Exceptional Rise in Ancient Sea Levels Revealed
(Water has been getting angry in oceans and seas threatening humans on land)

8. Mega-Disasters

Debris Scatters in the Pacific Ocean, Possibly Heading to US
(Nature attacks Japan and sends pack of waste to America)

Increased Growth Responsible for Color Changes in Coral Reefs
(Corals do a color dance to overcome waste in sea)

In this blog, we study many effects of Water on Nature & us: anomalies in its property, water levels rising in the World, America being affected by tsunamis-big sea waves down the throat of Japan and some of the sea animals mutating.

Caution: This might be all theory

Two Pools

July 15, 2012

Two Pools

There are
two pools

All set
for the
naked man
in you

One with
the acid

And the
other with

Take your
pick before
you walk

You wait
a while

Nature flowin
in and

A strange
of mankind

And the
green Nature

The deal

Another man

The long
troves outside

Waitin for

Caution: This might be all theory

Science Today (Can Science make the best coffee for us?)

July 10, 2012

Science Today (Can Science make the best coffee for us?)

Can Science introduce us to the best way for mixing of Culture, Race, Nature around us?


1. Astrophysics (Far: About Stars, Aliens and Fairies if they exist)

Reversible Doping: Hydrogen Flips Switch On Vanadium Oxide
(Best of both worlds, the ‘West and East’ or ‘cold and hot’: A metal shows strange properties of switching itself to totally opposite polarity very quickly)

2. Quantum Mechanics (Small: Of young children, new thinking and the world of small things for people who prefer perfection)

Squeezing What Hasn’t Been Squeezed Before: Another Victory Over Uncertainty in Quantum Physics Measurements
(Science tries to tackle travel, Geometry introduced to Quantum Mechanics helps us get accuracy in position)

3. Nobel Prize (Talent: People who did great discoveries in Science and are given a prize so that you don’t forget them)

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1968
Robert W. Holley, H. Gobind Khorana, Marshall W. Nirenberg

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1968 was awarded jointly to Robert W. Holley, Har Gobind Khorana and Marshall W. Nirenberg “for their interpretation of the genetic code and its function in protein synthesis”.
(Borders between individuals, nations discovered in Humans: Master-Slave Key figured out in a Human)

4. Brain (You: Human Thinking Machine )

Mechanism Prevents Alterations in Neuronal Production During Embryonic Development
(Border in our brain: Scientist discover the absence of a molecule creates havoc, excess of neurons in brain and the cure for it)

Childless Women With Fertility Problems at Higher Risk of Hospitalization for Psychiatric Disorders
(Lonely People get unlucky, Kids help in curing mental diseases)

5. Gene Therapy (Close: Of Relationships)

Mechanism Elucidated for a Rare Disease: Friedreich’s Ataxia
(Missing Energy: An excess of a protein in our gene causes a disease which cause harm to the energy cycle in us)

6. Climate:
Warming Antarctic Brings Changes to Penguin Breeding Cycles
(Penguins make a dash for survival & mating and reproduction due to climate change)

Natural Climate Shifts Drove Coral Reefs to a Total Ecosystem Collapse Lasting 2,500 Years
(Ecosystem imbalance: Something disappeared in the sea)

7. Early Humans:

Gut Microbes Battle a Common Set of Viruses Shared by Global Populations
(A virus in the Northern Hemisphere of Earth: A trace of virus in the Northern part of Earth identified)

Lessons from Epigenome Evolution
(“What turns you on?” discovered in Science)

8. Mathematics:
Delta Function:
(The rise of Superman, the formula for best coffee, discovered in Maths)

9. Country:
(Coffee producers of the World)

10. Artist:
Ajanta Allora
(The Epitome of Sculptures that can draw out your imagination)

Coffee discovered in Nature: Ghana, The Original Coffee Producers of the World, Superman in Maths, keys in humans, ecosystem balance in the World for proper living for everyone which recently disappeared which sounds like a warning to everyone, penguins in the coldest of weather run for survival, traveling and many other things, which help in culture mixing discovered in Science.

Caution: This might be all theory