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The Blood Cake

August 18, 2012

The Blood Cake

The palaces
with the

Splurgin on
the blood
of the

And the
poor man
on the

Tillin his
bone into
the new

You grow

Thinkin the
rich have

And the
poor bleed

As you
grey out

You learn
the truth

Both have
fun &

The common
man and
the rich

Palace in
the pink

Laugh in
the night

And cry
under the
burden of

Complaints from
the country

The common
man cryin
for food

In the
day as
his blood
soaks into
his tools

Sleeps under
the stars

In the
splendid night

The rich
and the

All brethen
the same

In this
earth of

Where are
you off to,
my dear

The Universe
waits for
your Song

Caution: This might be all theory


August 15, 2012


The burns
on the

Humanity cryin
along with

A man

Bald head
and calmness
in his eyes

Takes away
everythin one

Humanity followin

Wonderin what
he has
in the

Out comes
the swords
one day

Into the

Discover nothin
but a
bright light

Woof, Man
left with
his pain

Succumbs to
Mother Nature

All that
now lies
are a
few seeds

And a

Caution: This might be all theory

Mr. King

July 24, 2012

Mr. King

The world

It’s machine
singin its own

The fish

From the
deep oceans

To your

You livin
in your

Grow wild
n lazy

With no

And only

By your

Smokin the

You fall
into the

No one
by your

Except for
old bones

Caution: This might be all theory

Strike of The Mighty Lion

July 23, 2012

Strike of The Mighty Lion

Strange fate
of destiny

The Maul
of a
Might Lion

You under
the paws

It’s a
dark forest

With only
you around

You look

Tears &
fear in

Move your
arms in
a burst

To no

Another might

Attracts the
attention of
the Lion

It runs
to the

Leavin you
all broken

Now you
must collect

All you

Broken bones,
spilled blood
& your

Back to
the civilization

For a
new Life

Caution: This might be all theory




What is Life?

November 29, 2011

What is Life?

What is

The Nature

Into the

Man advancing

All his

Birds &

Nowhere to

What is

Men with

Woman with
pretty dolls

Kids with

And the old
with sadness

All around

The thought

What is

The French

And the Russian

The Invention of

And man on

Killing of

By Genghiz

And hey

What is

The Saint in

Ashoka walkin
out of

His kingdom
& war

The Dandi

And the
Taj Mahal

What is

Caution: This might be all theory

Ashoka & Bihar: Part III

November 28, 2011

Ashoka & Bihar: Part III

This blog is to introspect as to why Ashoka turned back from power to peace.

Ashoka defeated all of India and Kalinga too and brought them into his realm. But after the War of Kalinga, he thought he had conquered Kalinga and their people, and the whole of South of India too. However the people of Kalinga accepted to die rather than accept his pride. This left him hurt in his ego and pride, wondering what is life?

As he was all surrounded by greedy generals, senators, soldiers, he had nowhere to hide. The wife gave him a remedy, do as I say, relinquish all power and turn into a hermit preaching peace. Follow the path of peace and you would be free of your bad past.

So Ashoka turned into a puppet of his wife, preaching peace all over. At the end of his life, he gained his pride again (but lost his love : wife)

What would you have done? Go the Ashoka way or be with you Love swallowing the stab to your pride?

Caution: This might be all theory

Ashoka & Bihar: Part II

November 19, 2011

Ashoka & Bihar : Part II 

Ashoka withdrew from war and became a peace monk who evangelized Buddhism across India. He was more remorsed with the people around him i.e the greedy Generals, Soldiers, constant war & deceit, this made him look out to seek peace.

This left a huge hole in the top at the time of Ashoka’s rule for high quality people. In effect, corrupted people came and ruled the state and country for a while. The common man was kept in the dark all the while.

Although Ashoka evangelized peace, it to take effect in India in practice took a while and gradually subsided. This is reflected in the state of Bihar now (& perhaps India too), where the top is led by one of the most corrupted politicians of the World whereas the common man lives in dark (poverty, hunger and lawlessness).

Caution: This might be all theory

The Wealth of World – IV (Quality & Quantity)

March 24, 2011

The Wealth of World – IV (Quality & Quantity)

I have been always intrigued in the life with the question “What is more important? Quality or Quantity?”. Following are my observations with respect to this question:

1. Quantity will eat up & consume the Nature or the Environment. Whereas Quality can save the Nature and the Environment.

2. Only Quality can innovate and produce goods of more quality & more quantity from little input

3. Without Quality, Quantity would lead up to extinction (Many species of birds, animals & perhaps the human kind in the future)

4. Quantity would never move to the next stage of life (Evolution) without Quality. Even small innovations (incremental innovations) would be not enough to do that. Only disruptive innovations can churn out evolution to the next stage (e.g. Steam Engine, Telephone, Cell, Internet). Incremental Innovation can only improve an existing marker i.e it can improve telephone features if you are in the telephone market or internet features if you are in the internet market. It can never create new markets

5. Quality can be constructive (Issac Newton, James Watt, Che Guevara, Gandhi, Ashoka) or destructive (Hitler). Destructive Quality could eat up the whole world and nature in a second too. As off now, destructive quality cannot be controlled, which is why the world is wary of Quality in general too.

6. Quantity will never be able to appreciate Quality and most of the time work in the opposite direction to Quality.

Overall, if you would like to say at “50” that “you have lived a life”, then you must pursue a life with “Quality” and not of “Quantity“. Otherwise you might have not lived a life at all, but only a life at a very primal stage. The choice is yours “Quality” or Quantity“.

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Caution: This might be all theory

Death & You

March 23, 2011

Death &

Death comes

To one &

From Ashoka
to Hitler

From Gandhi
to Che

From Newton
to Gogh

It doesn’t

For the rich
or the

For the famous
or for the

It will come
to you, me
& everyone

It’s the only

Everyone must

Everyone must
go through

One would
then vanish

Lost in perhaps
some books

So the only
question remains

What have you
done before
embracin it?

Perhaps the
only true

Death &

CAUTION: This might be all theory

An Inquiry into my personal Values, Morality, Intent – Part III (Everything)

March 22, 2011

An Inquiry into my personal Values, Morality, Intent – Part III (Everything)

Here is the holy grail of all the questions about the Soul: “Is everything for material wealth?”. This question came up after a discussion with one of my close associations. I went about thinking that, “Am I living only for material wealth? Or is there more than the rat race in my life?”. I found a bit of something other than material wealth, but need to go a long way. I tried scanning history to find out about icons who had risen about this rat race for material wealth. Here is the finding:

The premise is man is a product of Nature and he does everything for his benefit. Some things he might do for pleasure (sports, movies), which might put his mind and body at ease, which would ultimately lead to more material benefit in the future.

However there are a few exceptions to this rule:
Che Guevara

In recent times, Che broke this rule and in what style. He fought for the poor all his life, fought against the superpower of the World and also ended up giving his life for them. He took his friend along for a year-long tour across South America discovering poverty, illness and the misuse of capitalism. The rampant poverty and ill across his continent transformed him into a revolutionary, whose match is unparalleled to date.


Ashoka controlled most of the Indian continent after being left a huge empire by his ancestors. He ruled for several years then and kept on annexing kingdoms to his rule. However one day, fed up of wars, he gave up wars for good and used most of his wealth to spread peace as preached by Buddha.

Tora, Tora

They were Japanese fighters while on their attack on USA. Out of fuel, instead of escaping or trying to head back to their home country, they rammed their planes into American ships and their war establishment on the harbour and gave their life for Japan.

There are many other people who had a similar stature (Gandhi, JFK). All the people above have given up material wealth when they could have done wonders for themselves and died rich. They chose to instead work for the larger good of their community defying the very principles of mankind (Everything is for Material Wealth)

Caution: This might all theory