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Nature (Can Science solve problems of Nature: ‘Quality Slate: Another Brick in the Wall’?)

December 14, 2012

Nature  (Can Science solve problems of Nature: ‘Quality Slate: Another Brick in the Wall’?)


Nature  (Can Science solve problems of Nature: ‘Quality Slate: Another Brick in the Wall’?).


Finding Could Help Alpha-1 Sufferers Breathe More Easily
(Observed: Europe needs to fix their toilet as they eat towards ‘A New Future: Kamakazis’. SRK ponders how to gather these old eggs, slate them towards ‘Deewar II’)

Study Reveals a Remarkable Symmetry in Black Hole Jets
(Observed: The point of ‘Life and Death’ explored)

12 Matter Particles Suffice in Nature: Limited Number of Fermions in Standard Model, Physicists Say
(Observed: Scientist finally get hold on their penis and promise they will shag ‘Once in 12 days’ and name ‘Each of their shag after each continent in the World’)

Ebola Virus Uses a Protein Decoy to Subvert the Host Immune Response
(Observed: ‘Survival of the Fittest’ develop a hole in them, a virus which kills your survival by keeping a ‘Secret’. Might indicate alternate life forms existing in Universe ‘Aliens’)

Large Study Identifies Risk Factors for Multiple Myeloma
(Observed: Europe deals with ‘Quick Read-To-Eat Food’ problems such as limbs, as it is forced to imbibe America or ‘Individuality’. Ground Structure of Europe affected like farmers, cleaning workers and gardners)

Psychosocial Distress Associated With Increased Stroke Risk
(Observed: America is highly recommended to watch ‘Salman Khan’s: Dabaang’. Gravity which has gone a long way in life, faces anti-gravity problems or what you say is ‘Fundamental Basic Problems of Life and Death’)

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1969
Max Delbrück, Alfred D. Hershey, Salvador E. Luria
The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1969 was awarded jointly to Max Delbrück, Alfred D. Hershey and Salvador E. Luria “for their discoveries concerning the replication mechanism and the genetic structure of viruses”.
(Observed: Scientist scare you of ‘Evolved Life Forms’, explain about my expedition to DHL in America)

Vitamin D Can Help Infection-Prone Patients Avoid Respiratory Tract Infection
(Observed: Water problems hamper digestion problems, Sweden finds out now basking in the Sun about it’s ‘Common Sense’)

Key Gene for Brain Development
(Observed: Evolution chain of humans hampered, 1 in 10000 babies develop a small head leading to Schizophernia. Could be an indication of ‘Alien Life Forms’, also, which might threaten the existence of ‘Humans’)

Concussions Affect Children’s Brains Even After Symptoms Subside
(Observed: Cross country looses it’s evolution links among human childrens, might indicate that countries are going local something that of islands for a hidden ‘Secret’, or perhaps ‘Individuality’ rather than ‘Mass Society’)

Short DNA Strands in Genome May Be Key to Understanding Human Cognition and Diseases
(Observed: Scientist go back to the books on ‘Human Genome’, might find some insights on our ‘Perception of Life’ as compared to apes and fish. Spartacus continues his journey in the World undeterred about his ‘Life or Death’)
Ben Hur (Spartacus)


World discovers real life problem of ‘Another Brick in the Wall’. Life, Death, Survival, Individuality, Wisdom and Imagination. Perhaps everything now lies in the young hands of ‘Pursuit of Quality’.

Caution: This might be all theory

Humanitarian: Other Than ‘Survival of Fittest’ the mystery of which I am yet to solve on ‘How to overcome this?, I wish my Science should be only applied if poor people are not hurt by the same

Nature (Can Science study ‘Biology’?)

November 29, 2012

Nature  (Can Science study ‘Biology’?)


Can Science study ‘Biology’?


Gravity interacts with ‘Anti-Gravity’ to create new forms of ‘Gravity’ or ‘Anti-Gravity’ while breaking earlier chemical bond and creating new ones. These form ‘Biological Creatures’ which then think of Society, Individual, Talent, Life, Death and more for progress of ‘Universe’.


Science studies ‘Biology’ giving us a simple direction to our past and future.

Caution: This might be all theory

Humanitarian: Other Than ‘Survival of Fittest’ the mystery of which I am yet to solve on ‘How to overcome this?, I wish my Science should be only applied if poor people are not hurt by the same

At Your Feet

November 1, 2012

At your feet

The endless
tail on

Of Man
and his
fancy machine

From the

To the
drone in
the sky

A rocket
flies off

Ehhhh, it
is victory
to us

Man’s quest
over the

The Nature
turns back

With darkness
‘You have
hurt me

With your

Why did
you send
an urgent

Is anythin
you lookin
out there?

When you
open your
blood filled

Tell me, I shall
give you

At your

Caution: This might be all theory

Death, Here I come

October 30, 2012

Death, Here I come

The Bullet
in You

Given by
the American

The Bullshit
comes out

You went
through Nike

Now it’s
another day

So what

What the

It’s another

Sun showin
me the

The darkness
healin my

Humanity givin
me joy

And the
Aliens above

Smellin for
a quick
pack of

They need
to eat
my head

Out of
the body

So be
it today

My Death,
here I
come today

Caution: This might be only theory

Work (Can Science find ‘The Dead Ends of Nature’?)

October 10, 2012

Work  (Can Science find ‘The Dead Ends of Nature’?)


Can Science find ‘The Dead Ends of Nature’?


1. Astrophysics

Radiation Belt Storm Probes: Fundamental Physics to Benefit Life On Earth, in Space
(Observed: Earth shows off its own rings like Saturn, glows with the help of Sun)

2. Quantum Mechanics

One Clock With Two Times: When Quantum Mechanics Meets General Relativity
(Observed: Quantum particles separated by Gravity and Space, effect being measured)

3. Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1962
Max F. Perutz, John C. Kendrew
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1962 was awarded jointly to Max Ferdinand Perutz and John Cowdery Kendrew “for their studies of the structures of globular proteins”
(Observed: X-Ray used to study globular proteins like haemoglobin)

4. Brain

High Amounts of the Hormone Leptin Are Linked to Decreased Depression
(Observed: Leptin correlated to fat and depression. Root-Cause of depression and obesity, unknown. Might also reflect our ‘Fast Food Life’)

Light at Night Causes Changes in Brain Linked to Depression
(Observed: If you put light on ‘Anti-Gravity Waste’, it leads to depression in Hamsters)

5. Gene Therapy

Gene Responsible For Rare Form Of Congenital Anemia Discovered
(Observed: ‘Back to the Future’ kids, develop a disease related to Power)

Gene That Regulates And Blocks Ovulation Discovered
(Observed: ‘Back to the Future’ Mom’s develop infertility)

6. Environment

Climate Change to Fuel Northern Spread of Avian Malaria: Malaria Already Found in Birds in Alaska
(Observed: Birds found wandering off target from their prey, might be infected by Malaria. Cause Unknown)

Urban Sun Corridor 4 Degrees Warmer?
(Observed: ‘Desert Areas’ get a kick of 4 degrees in America, specifically Arizona, might signify ‘Global Warming’)

7. Evolution

Significant Skull Differences Between Closely Linked Groups
(Observed: Skulls differ in similar groups of people in Lisbon, might be due to ‘Back to the Future’ effect)

Darwin in the Genome: Research On Stickleback Fish Shows How Adaptation to New Environments Involves Many Genes
(Observed: Fishes differ considerably in Genes from environment to environment)

8. Disease

Genetic Defect Found to Cause Severe Epilepsy and Mental Retardation
(Observed: A Gene which ends protein building found. A mutation in this causes mental retardation and epilepsy)

Mechanism Involved in Addictions and Some Forms of Obesity Discovered
(Observed: Addiction route found in Human beings)


Some of ‘The Dead Ends of Nature’ studied in this blog.

Caution: This might be all theory





October 8, 2012


The Fire
of Humanity

Into the

Out comes
the man

With all

From the

To the
flyin car

You from
the village

Look here
and there

Your head

You retire
into the

Wonderin where
the hell
I am

The night
the fight

With the
machine around

And the
heart in

Out comes
the new

Where you
look up
in pride

Caution: This might be all theory

Hee Haw, Future Here I Come

October 4, 2012

Hee Haw, Future Here I Come

Into the

It is
all dark

Men with

Unable to

You must
make the

Of the

It is
not of

But of


Would you
like to

You are
never comin

To your
old self

Man, make
the dive

Humanity waitin
with a

In their

Caution: This might be all theory




Wake Up Humanity

September 30, 2012

Wake Up Humanity

Nature doin
the tango

Sometimes the
the sun

And the
other times

The darkness
of the

You mellow
into a

Wonderin about

And the
blue sky

Stars many,
you look

There is
a bright

And the
mellow moon

You in

Burn in
the night

On a

Which wakes
up humanity

Caution: This might be all theory


September 9, 2012


A great

Of Mankind
& Aliens

From the
very beginnin

Till the
far stars

In the

To liberate
the beast

Of its

No death,
no worries

Life moves
on a
merry ship

Takin you
far n

From the
unknown islands

To the
calm sea

No complains
no sorrow

Of the
common man

In the
hut with
a broken roof

Man on
a rampage

For peace
& never
endin Life

Caution: This might be all theory

The Stride in You

August 17, 2012

The Stride in You

It were
the animals

Now the
floods of

A man
with his

Wonders about
the machines
in the

The cycle
of Life

With or
without you

Flows into

You in
your stride

What you
gonna do?

There are
the Einstein’s

The far
peek into
the distant

A man
workin on
a beautiful

They call
it the

The artist
with the
paint brush

In his

Writes the
history of

With his
own blood

You in
your stride

What you
gonna do?

A Man
in White

Passes by
your cave

Scares you,
to hell

Tellin, it’s
all over

You must
go to
the grave

Thr rush
of energy

With blood
n anger

Takes you

You in
your stride

What you
gonna do?

Caution: This might be all theory