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The Fight with Israel and Muslim Nations in Middle East

February 8, 2012

The Fight with Israel and Muslim Nations in Middle East

It looks like a religious fight between Jews and Muslims for land, natural resources and survival.

The Israeli is a small land which is surrounded by the Muslim countries. It has stayed together as a community and worked very hard on science and technology, becoming the enigma of the World.

The Muslims have a big land which is divided among several countries like Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Egypt and Jordan. Palestine fight Israel on the border : more of a man to man assault. i.e. Kamakazee types. Countries like Iran, Iraq develop nuclear and weapons of mass destruction with the help of countries like Russia. Countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt act as tourist destination to act as an entertaining center for the World. The Muslim countries are also one and mostly bet on their huge oil reserves.

America as usual supports all of them supporting them with weapons and funds. The rest of the World sides with either of the one: Jews and Muslims. This looks like a never-ending battle going nowhere destroying peace, mankind and nature.

Caution: this might be all theory

Science & Nobel Prize

January 12, 2012

Science & Nobel Prize


This blog is to study the effects of “Nobel Prize” on Man and hence on Science.

Meat of the Experiment

Newton discovered his laws in 15th century. Quantum Mechanics was discovered in 19th century. This was without much fanfare.

And then Nobel Prize came, streamlining Science & Creativity in 20th century. Productising it and hence monetizing it too. After QM, there is yet to be a significant scientific discovery.

Is the Nobel Prize and its anticipation hurting the original discovery spirit of Man? Are the many scientist from Schools, Colleges & Companies working to get the prize and not the learnings of all the scientist who have endured earlier to being the fruits of Science to Man?

Since Science is all but one entity and since it has been almost entirely monetized, will Science now reveal its true self to the prize and money hungry people?


Its like the “Double Slit Experiment” where the Nobel Prize is the observer and all the World Scientist are the protons. If the Observer (Nobel Prize) is present, it destroys the “Interference Pattern”. Hence to observe true Science and its effects, either we must cloak the observer (Nobel Prize) or make it much more subtle so that the Photons (Scientist) are not aware.

Caution: This might be all theory


January 11, 2012

Who are “They”?


This is a very simple blog for the mavericks, the artist, the unproven, the person who believes to walk it alone. All said and done, this is not to undermine the people who build such people without which their existence would be impossible.

The Meat of the Story

They is anyone besides you.

It could be your parents, family, friends, neighborhood, surrounding Society.

It is a competitive world as “Charles Darwin” mentioned “Survival of the Fittest”.

Life starts with “They” and ends with them. You must provide value to them, or they will kill you. Some with the mug, some with the word and some with silence.

If your thought or style of working is very different, they work on you (One flew over cuckoo’s nest).

Some other tangential thoughts

They are also the people who give you momentum, whether you like it or not.  Then the quest is to find people who can swing with you

P.S: June 12th, They might be actually the opposite people, people who have been brought in order. Those who follow strict rules, never to disobey anyone.

Caution: This might be all theory

The World: Slavery Inside & Outside

December 12, 2011

The World: Slavery Inside & Outside

Most of the developed countries (America, Europe) live inside without its citizens moving out in the World. Most of the World news is got through media, government and public interest. So they live a very inward life. No information of the developing countries.

The leaders in developed World who come to the top are from the same ignorant lot and also most of them who want to stick with the existing system. (Past kingdoms and their autocratic rule though in a softer & invisible way as civilization progresses)

The developing countries (India, Africa, China) are mostly slaves of the developed world held by tight ropes from the government of these countries. Most of them cannot afford to see the laurels of West. Those who venture out never return. (Example: NRI, Non Returning Indians)

The people of the developed countries and the people of developed countries are hardly in touch with each other. Only through media, government censorship and interest. And that is why we need porous borders throughout the World. A World with Love, Warmth and Transparent working opportunities.

Caution: This might be all theory

Innovate or Perish

November 30, 2011

Innovate or Perish

This blog is to understand why Science & Technology cannot be escaped. In spite of centuries of foreign rule and destruction, we in India still follow superstition and old customs which has no place in the World and is leading to the further destruction of the Indian Civilization.

Genghis Khan rose from Mongolia as a common soldier to the general who conquered most of the world due to his discipline and organization. However he was also responsible for destruction all around the World. The rest of the World was reeling due to his advancement in technique and use of technology and mind. Alexander, The Great did the same with the World.

British Empire in the 17th century used both mind and power causing soft and slow destruction all around the World for business and imperialism. They ended up controlling most of the World’s business and territory. Similarly, America Empire in the 19th century went all around the world for Exploitation of Natural Resources and world markets. They control the World markets as of now in the early 21st century.

The above examples clearly show that Science and Man across the World & Universe will keep on advancing, mostly in the West  which exemplify some co-operation at least within a country, which may be not true for the region or the World. However in India, mostly due to jealousy, we will con each other and retard our progress as a community and nation.

Past history clearly shows, irrespective of whether we want Peace or War in India, we have to innovate. If we don’t, we will perish as a Civilization, as a Nation and as a Human.


1. Charles Darwin and “Survival of Fittest”
2. The War for Computer Operating System: Apple (OS X) and Microsoft (Windows) and domination of desktop operation system

Caution: This might be all theory & parts picked up from “The Glimpses of World History” by Jawaharlal Nehru

The Rise & Fall of Civilizations

November 30, 2011

The Rise & Fall of Civilizations

This is to study Civilizations of Man since inception and its evolution with a holistic view.

Man first builds his tools conquers the immediate surrounding environment. Some of them co-operate for common good and some fight. Mostly over ages as man perfects his machine, there is a dominant man who ends up ruling and destroying most of the other men. This leads to a dictatorship.

Then the same man got into philosophy, art, science and technology. He then gets too comfortable in his seat, and wanders off into  lust or drugs. If the man follows philosophy, art, science and technology, there is further increase in the civilization. If the man falls to lust n drugs, his rule ceases to exist.

The environment has taken a beating and most of the people are without emotions due to War. So a sought of dark age follows where everything is calm and there is no evolution or advance of man in civilization or technology.

Due to the lack of activity, man cools off and so the environment gets to heal itself. The environment then repairs all the damage (it might take centuries) and man starts taking emotion from the Nature. And then the story starts again. The Rise of Man with another promise of technology and subsequent wars and cooling off.

Whether to choose Peace or War is up to us, and this decides where our Civilization is headed. And this should dictate technology and the rise of man too. And the rise and fall of Civilizations.

Case Study

The Rise of England in the 17th century made it the sole superpower in the World. It started raging war against the World instead of pursuing art. It met initial success with conquering at least 1/4 of the Worlds population and the rest at its mercy. However with the destruction of Nature and Man, its power soon fizzled out in the 19th century with other countries like Germany taking the lead. It currently is combed into its country with huge cost of war and destruction of Mankind & Nature.

Caution: This might be all theory

My Experience with Red Light

November 29, 2011

My Experience with Red Light

I have jumped quite a few signals in India as compared to America and have been wondering why is it so. Is it because of my carelessness, the explosive population, corruption or the management of roads in India. So I thought for a while, observed others vehicles too and here is my analysis of the same.

There are many reasons why people are jumping signals:

1. Cant see ahead because of tall vehicle ahead of you. So one is bound to follow the vehicle and might land oneself in trouble.

2. You are in a hurry and it is “Just In Time Signal”. The signal goes of just a few meters before the crossing and you can make it almost or you can stop. So if you take a chance, you would jump the signal.

3. If you brake suddenly at the signal, your whole inside of the car will come crashing which is anyways unpleasant. You want to make the ride comfortable for the travellers. People might again take a chance to cross the signal ending up breaking it.

Off course, the solution lies in building better infrastructure across the country specially the cities, something like the West. However to avoid further accidents for the time being, we could do the following: Every main signal should be preceded by a synchronized signal 50 meters back. So the first previous signal should go off signalling the driver to stop so that he doesn’t jump or crosses the main final signal. That’s it.
Transport India
Public Infrastructure, India

P.S: This blog is unfortunately not about skin trade
Caution: This might be all theory

Ashoka & Bihar: Part III

November 28, 2011

Ashoka & Bihar: Part III

This blog is to introspect as to why Ashoka turned back from power to peace.

Ashoka defeated all of India and Kalinga too and brought them into his realm. But after the War of Kalinga, he thought he had conquered Kalinga and their people, and the whole of South of India too. However the people of Kalinga accepted to die rather than accept his pride. This left him hurt in his ego and pride, wondering what is life?

As he was all surrounded by greedy generals, senators, soldiers, he had nowhere to hide. The wife gave him a remedy, do as I say, relinquish all power and turn into a hermit preaching peace. Follow the path of peace and you would be free of your bad past.

So Ashoka turned into a puppet of his wife, preaching peace all over. At the end of his life, he gained his pride again (but lost his love : wife)

What would you have done? Go the Ashoka way or be with you Love swallowing the stab to your pride?

Caution: This might be all theory

Europe’s Debt Problem: II

November 25, 2011

Europe’s Debt Problem: II

This blog is about Europe’s current prevailing debt problems (Previous Blog on the same :  Europe’s Debt Problem: I ).

England started off the Industrial Revolution in the 15th century. France and Germany followed suit in the subsequent centuries. The Big Machine, Nuclear Machine Revolutions brought huge wealth and prosperity in Europe. This also ensured the flow of culture, languages to the rest of the World.

However in the 19th century, America took over and became the Number 1 superpower of the World along with U.S.S.R. This put Europe into the backseat and into stagnation for 19-20th century. However English as a culture flourished through out the World (India, China, Africa) with America taking the lead.

Europe however maintained its royal status with multiple cultures, languages impervious to immigrants leading to further stagnation. Europe would have to get its fundamentals right if it has to progress:

1. English as the common language
2. Open to Outsiders as America for Immigration
3. Get down from the pedestal and integrate with the common man of the World (Will help them sell goods into the whole World)

I am sure this will solve Europe’s debt problem as well as the World’s.

Caution: This might be all theory

What is Future?

November 23, 2011

What is Future?

This is a simple & funny blog about “What is the Future?” as seen by a boy

Future is love and liking

Future is a bit of past (Your good as well as bad times)

Future is excellence

Future is survival

Future is fun

Future is to wonder

This is what one must learn in life from family, friends, school, college, work and then back again to (new) family, friends, school, college, work and then back again to (another new) family, friends, school, college work…

Caution: This might be all theory