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God & You

May 6, 2012


As a
young man

Makin your

Into the
spring of

Lookin out
for truth

And the
solace of

You scanned

Went through
the numbers

And the
funny rules

All you

The crop,
a few

And rest
all money

You made
your way

Into the
realms of

The oldest

From Monalisa
to Van

Brought boom
& colour
in you

You ran
into nature

And pretty

All on
a canvas

And then

You all

With the
walls around

All you

Dug yourself

Into the
thick books
of philosophy

Searchin for
yourself, truth
& God

You found
many things

From the
rules of

To the
flurry of

Now in
a hole

God still

And hidin
away from

Caution: This might be all theory

Culture & India

April 25, 2012

Culture & India

Earlier Nature was abundant and there were only a handful of people in India. Hence one could indulge in leisure, food and other activities, exploiting Nature. As the population grew, people (Politicians, Businessman) started controlling the masses through various instruments like i.e Culture, Religion, Languages besides work.

As innovation dipped and so the Nature with it, languages and religion started quickly disappearing in India. Work and English became the only common language throughout the country. We even had to get foreigners to do our work (let it be innovation in high-tech industries, construction or any other industry in the World)

So, is all the theatre of language, culture & religion now a show of money in India? Will all the culture disappear in India, and we going back to be the slaves of British and Americans?

Exception: Movies in India (May be!)

Caution: This might be all theory

Survival of the Fittest

April 23, 2012

Survival of the Fittest

The gaze
of the eagle

Wears down
my patience

The roar
of the

Sends a
shiver through
my survival

The alligator
waitin &

For my

The massive
army of

Wear me

The uptick
of the

Gets me
ever so
close to
my fall

The sting
of the

Gets me
ever so

To the
6-ft grave

Caution: This might be all theory

How monkeys are smart?

March 16, 2012

How monkeys are smart?

As you drive by the Expressway in MumbaiPune corridor, one sees a lot of monkeys waiting. They are waiting for food. And they are very sensible too.

They arrange themselves from the old, to the young and then the young and ferocious. One first looks at the old and feels sorry and stops the car. Then you look at the young babies, and you feel compassion. Then you look at the strong monkeys, one feels a sense of fear.

Emotions are arranged from Sorry, Compassion and then Fear. Sorry makes you soft, compassion makes you to give food and fear translates into action.

And one ends up giving what one has to the monkey. They are smart and emotional, and could easily manipulate me into giving food twice to them without knowing I would do so!

Caution: This might be all theory

What is Life?

March 14, 2012

What is Life?

If there is something as “One and Whole”, after a while it soon becomes a dot due to wear and tear, and probably if it fails to innovate itself. Then the part of that whole might be equal to the whole itself or there is no difference between part or whole.

India, Asia & Africa has rarely innovated itself in the past, so it risk becoming a dot soon, until unless we have courage and take huge risk.
In fact many countries across the World (Arab Nations although currently they are very rich, America) risk becoming a dot.

And hence Life becomes a dot and what remains are machines and death probably.

Definition of Dot: A Dot might represent something with very little opportunity to life, or a machine.

What is Life?
What is Life?-Part IV

Caution: This might be all theory

The World and Religeon

March 13, 2012

The World and Religion

The Whole World is united under different religions: mainly Hindus, Muslims, Christians & Jews. Division within these religions is rare and when people fight, they usually fall in line with religions, caring little for humanity as whole.

America might be the only exception where Business reins and religion takes the secondary role in its view. However off late, everyone in the World seems to be following the model set by America, where money sets the rule and religion becomes secondary.

Religion is on the way out and work is set to gain prime time from the Arab World to the very modern countries like England and Germany. From the undernourished countries India and Africa, to the upcoming world powers like China and South America.

Whether this is for the good or bad, only the future will decide.

Caution: This might be all theory

What is Life?

February 21, 2012

What is Life?

What is Life? Has it been conquered yet? There are very active claims of life forever. The Holy Grail. The Magic Cup and so on. So, is life conquered or are there still unchartered territories?

Life usually proceeds in the following way with a few probable exceptions where intermediateor last steps jump to produce the beginning and last steps:
Nothing –> Nature –> Luck –> Courage –> Friendship —> Like —> Love -> Mood -> Will -> Philosophy -> Art -> Science -> Technology -> Business -> Food -> Future Life —> Nature

There are two claims:

The Future: The Future announces life is conquered and everything is static. Mostly. One can probably travel to the future with the help of ‘Time Travel’ and find out what lies ahead in the future.

The Past: The Past says life is unconquered and is dynamic.

The following claim is being discussed:

And the two meet at the present. So there seems to be a twin reality of life being static and dynamic at the same time.


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Caution: This is all theory

Compassion and Donations

February 17, 2012

Compassion and Donations

I have been wondering about ‘Compassion and Donations’ and have gone through many experiences of being personally involved and also contributing to various causes around the World.

Lack of Infrastructure. Lack of faith in Systems: Law, Police and Hospitals. Arises mostly in Developing Countries. Disguised by Foreign & Powerful Nations as “Help” to meddle into the sovereignty of a group or country. To empower few people and keep the masses in darkness.

It is when con trade becomes bigger than genuineness. Offcourse, there is the odd probability of a genuine case of an accident which has happened due to a genuine mistake. In these cases, such organizations might come handy. Offcourse then we would be indirectly blaming our primary welfare institutions like : Police, Law and Doctors of our Nation.


Caution: This is all theory

The Individual and The Group

February 16, 2012

The Individual and The Group

The Group is fixed and assigned. It has already been given a purpose and all its characters abide by that goal. They cannot cross the thin red line ever.

The Individual is dynamic and unassigned. It is finding purpose and life for itself. The Group and the Individual rarely meet and whenever they meet, it results in a clash, evolution and then perhaps peace.

Individuals are needed for their different thinking, but why are Groups needed in this World. Can the “Groups” be replaced by Machine? It might also mean “Extreme case of Survival of Fittest: Charles Darwin“. And perhaps also in all this chaos, all our good old past (Old People) and future (Young people) may be lost in the groups we create.

Caution: This is all theory

The Sin of Gold

February 16, 2012

The Sin of Gold

Extreme concentration of greed in one place and need in the other place. Bipolar World of “Have’s & Have’s Not“.

Leads to redistribution to power and money. Power & Money gets transferred from all over the World to a chosen few. These few people then rule the entire World leading to mass slavery and rife within the World.

The Few keep on milking the golden horse till it is dead. The rest of them struggle and might find a new way. Then the power shifts from the previous few to the new few chosen people. And all this while, the masses keep struggling with their day-to-day task.

This leads to wild tribulations and extreme test of DarwinSurvival of the fittest and sometimes even leading to extinction of a race. The Sin of Gold.

Caution: This is all theory