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Nature, Nature: Where thee you?

November 22, 2012

Nature, Nature: Where thee you?

The juice
in you

And the
grindin machine

You yolk

To the

Every drop
and every

On the

You sleep

In the
womb of

The melanchola
greets you

With the
softest embrace

Takin you
to the

Of Nature’s

You get
up in
the mornin

With the
freshest tinge
of evil

The Sun

Makes it
a wonder
of day

Called You

Caution: This might be all theory

Thunder Bolt

June 24, 2012

Thunder Bolt

A thunder
bolt in

You and
your race

Scared to
the end

You’ll hide
into your

Shiverin through
the night

The mornin
revealin a
twin rainbows

For your

Man, this
is strange

Nature givin
you life

While you
escapin the

Realizin your

You become
lion of
the day

Roamin the
streets of

With a
whip in
your hand

A strange

And you
lie in
a hole

Nature laughs

Revealin its
true self

Life &

A game
on display

Caution: This might be all theory

In & Out

May 15, 2012

In & Out

You went

Around the

On a white
gleamin horse

Experienced the
many wonders
of life

From the
mecca of
machine &
fast cars

To the
man who
saw tomorrow

Now you
are back

To your
loved ones

Whom you
forgot in
the dust

Of your
wants for

They are

Took the
heat & anger
of the World

And now
the burden
of you

Sulking for
peace and

Life, inside
& outside

Caution: This might be all theory


May 15, 2012


Nature bloomin
out in all

Including us
and our

Bringin us
love and

We brought
out the

And must
the Nature

It is
man &
his survival

In this
we break
ourselves too

All moving
into a
black hole

Man, we
must stop

The cycle
of destruction

And bring
back the
colour in
our life

Who would

And offer
himself to

Caution: This might be all theory


March 23, 2012

Energy Creation

This is a simple blog about Energy and its creation. Energy is consumed by life in order and created by innovation. For innovation, there is a need of energy in the present. The question of future energy (New Energy) is of innovation & execution.

The problem of Energy is execution, innovation and then execution. However Nature is close of running out of its resources. Hence we don’t face an option of mere execution of daily lives, rather we must innovate.

The question also might be why do we need so much energy, that of reductionist approach and not that of expansion?

Energy problem of World

Caution: This might be all theory

Humanity & Science: Part IV (The Machine & The Individual)

February 4, 2012

Humanity & Science: Part IV (The Machine & The Individual)

Man made tools, machine to automate his task for his needs. He tried to conquer his immediate surrounding, himself and everything else perhaps.

For this he made more and more advanced machines, software and medicine. In turn, he turned himself into machine. Imagination, Passion, Energy all were captured and into chips and wires.

In the near future, humans might be all extinct. Only machines around, which can perhaps do everything in the most efficient way. We face the reality of “No Life, All Machine” very soon. All everything else is captured. No Unknowns in Life.

Why do you wanna live in the Universe?

Caution: This might be all theory

Humanity & Science: Part III (The Reality of Nature, Machine & Individual)

February 3, 2012

Humanity & Science: Part III (The Reality of Nature, Machine & Individual)

To create Nature, one must know the laws of Nature. To know the laws of Nature, one must understand it.

There are three problems however in this:
1. The Individuals who are trying to understand & create Nature will have to kneel (Philosophers, Artist & Scientist)
2. If you know the laws of Nature, you might end up controlling everyone else. Unfair to the freedom of others.
3. The ever-increasing need of increasing population is creating a shortage of Natural Resources, so the Individuals must create the Nature Laws. But sometimes results don’t show up as Nature is uncertain, they will kill the Individuals (then off course there is the probability of people conning, so how do you identify the fake from original). However if the people are genuine, they need to be saved as they are getting more mechanized and they will eventually die.

So the question is “How to create Nature & Money without hurting Nature & the Individual?”.

Caution: This might be all theory

Humanity & Science: Part II (The Reality of Nature)

February 3, 2012

Humanity & Science: Part II (The Reality of Nature)

If you have to do absolutely new cutting edge Philosophy, Art and Science, one would have to forgo her or his personal life. Or one will have to kneel before Nature and perhaps the future.

That particular individual will become more and more machine. Will loose all personal connections and the sense of Society. And such individuals are required because needs of human and the ecosystem keeps on increasing as we progress and time advances.

On one hand, We need to preserve Nature. On the other, the Individual. However the Individual is getting mechanized, without humanity. So the question is, “What to do with such Individuals?”

Caution: This is all theory

Scientific Laws, The Human and the Environment II

January 20, 2012

Scientific Laws, The Human and the Environment II

This is second in series of our earlier blog on “Scientific Laws, The Human and the Environment“. This blog gets a bit technical displaying the path of evolution of Scientific Laws (Physics) which characterize the very Nature around us, etching out some learnings in the process.

Copernicus Theory
: Heavenly bodies move around the Sun in a celestial orbit

Newton’s Law
:Gravity ~ All bodies exert a gravitational force on other bodies
:Inertia ~ All bodies have an inertia of their own
:Motion ~ All bodies when applied with a force in a frictionless surface will keep on moving forever

Planck’s Theory of Quanta
: Energy released from the motion of any particle is in the form of discrete energy packets, it is not continuous

Heisenberg’s Principle Of Uncertainty
: The position or displacement of any particle in Nature cannot be determined precisely

Magnetic Theory
: Two bodies are attracted by a magnetic force

Electromagnetic Theory
: When an electric current is passed, it exhibits a magnetic field too

Einstein Theory of Relativity
:When a particle is observed by two observers, the same particle appears to be different to them (Even the particle needs to understand what it is, which gives rise to further improvement of this theory)

Nuclear Reaction
: When certain elements come together or disperse, they give out huge amounts of energy

Black Hole Theory
: Nature has anti-particles which hide away in objects called as Black Holes, from which even light cannot escape

Standard Model
: Nature is made up of certain standard particles and forces (Based on Heisenberg’s Principle Of Uncertainty) which can define everything in the universe

String Theory
: Each particle exhibits a certain force outside its immediate environment which is connected by string As of present, it connects Heisenberg’s Principle Of Uncertainty and Einstein Theory of Relativity

Super Symmetry
: Each particle can glide from one environment to another bigger environment by a certain force called as spin which might be similar to a force called as “General Inertia”

Looking at the evolution of “Law of Physics” and “Nature” around us, we can formulate the following ideas of “Human Beings”:

In the West, there was a harsh environment, and hence the need for complex tools to control Nature. Humans chose work over sex, multiplied slowly and with much more time & leisure. Hence the population is less and the quality is higher. In the East, there was an easy environment, and hence humans multiplied rapidly with less time & leisure. Hence the population is more and the general quality of life is lower as compared to the West. Therefore the East is East and the West is West, and the twain shall never meet: Mark Twain.

Humans came out with these laws depending upon the initial conditions of the planet and Universe. If the conditions were different, physical laws would have been different. Hence there is a possibility of other planets with different initial conditions and hence different type of living beings, Aliens.

Caution: This might be all theory

Scientific Laws, The Human and the Environment

January 14, 2012

Scientific Laws, The Human and the Environment


Most of the scientific laws are by observations from the environment. People like Newton, Einstein observe phenomenon from their experiments and try to postulate them in theories.

However there are two variables: The Human Brain and The Environment. Both of which depend on the quality & perhaps change over time. So one must account in these laws a factor dependent on them too.


Newton’s First Law (Force = Mass * Acceleration) should become:

Force = Mass * Acceleration +- f(Human Brain) +- f(Environment) (Probably this is the same as what Einstein and the current scientist are stating: Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, String Theory, Supersymmetry)

Some other questions

1. Was Quantum Mechanics as a phenomenon present in 15th century? Light was present in the form of sunlight, from coal and trees. So if Plank or Einstein would have been present in that century, would they have been able to observe Quantum Mechanics? Or the Environment and Nature were governed only by Newton’s Laws?


f is a function which can be expressed in mathematical terms

Caution: This might be all theory