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June 11, 2012


There is
a India

In my

Love flowin
from the
green lands

Might rivers
and tall

I must
repay the

With my
blood and

While I
was asleep

The country
rose in

Soon outpacing
the environment

The poor
becomin more

And the
rich showered
with gold

A civilization
torn by
two realities

That of
need &

The poor
going to
concentratin camps

One that
reminds you
of Hitler
and his army

And the
other becoming

Of the
mighty emperor
in his palace

There is
a India

In my

I must
repay the

With my
blood and

Caution: This might be all theory

Nature & India

May 21, 2012

Nature & India

This blog attempts to sketch India and its symbiotic relation with Nature.

India’s 1 Trillion $ Economy is divided in the following industries:
1. Agriculture: 30% (300 Billion) (Affects the Ground and Trees)
2. Textiles: 20% (200 Billion) (Affects the Ground, Water and Air)
3. Metals, Manufacturing: 20% (200 Billion) (Affects the Ground, Water and Air)
4. IT, Banking, Software and High Tech: 10% (100 Billion) (Affects Energy)
5. Other Industries: 20% (Affects everything)

90% of India’s economy is supported by cutting down Nature and 10% by being in symbiosis in Nature. HenceĀ India’s Nature should be decreasing at an annual amount of 50%, making it vulnerable to famines and poverty.

India has 1 Billion people to support on a very limited land, which makes it always dependent on ‘Foreign Aid’, until unless it innovates. The question of future generation is of survival as “Aid” is not free.

Caution: This might be all theory


May 21, 2012


India’s lost

In the
sand of

Its epics
tell us
a tale

From the
arrows which
breathe fire

To the
man stealing

The fight
for blood
in brotherhood

To the
man leaving
his throne

All seem
to be lost

In the
crazy race
for gold

The links
to art
& culture

And whether
they belong
to us

Or they
were borrowed

From the

What do
we take

To the
ears of
our children

India’s lost

In the
sand of

Reference: The Discovery of India by Jawaharlal Nehru

Caution: This might be all theory

India’s Ecosystem

May 19, 2012

India’s Ecosystem

The Western countries have created a ecosystem for the top 5% of people, where they have more than normal rights. These people churn out innovation for the country and help it to achieve a competitive edge over other countries.

This has other benefits, it serves as a shield for the masses of the country, who are not dominated and ruled by other countries. In turn the masses give an extra amount of tax to the government for giving these top 5% people special privileges. This results in a symbiotic relationship between Quality and Quantity.

In India however, the ‘Quality Equation’ does not exist. It is purely a quantity country which is driven by politicians. There simply does not exist a top quality layer, which makes the country previous to foreign domination.

India must develop talent and create a top cream layer if it has to protect its sovereignty.

Caution: This might be all theory

Culture & India

April 25, 2012

Culture & India

Earlier Nature was abundant and there were only a handful of people in India. Hence one could indulge in leisure, food and other activities, exploiting Nature. As the population grew, people (Politicians, Businessman) started controlling the masses through various instruments like i.e Culture, Religion, Languages besides work.

As innovation dipped and so the Nature with it, languages and religion started quickly disappearing in India. Work and English became the only common language throughout the country. We even had to get foreigners to do our work (let it be innovation in high-tech industries, construction or any other industry in the World)

So, is all the theatre of language, culture & religion now a show of money in India? Will all the culture disappear in India, and we going back to be the slaves of British and Americans?

Exception: Movies in India (May be!)

Caution: This might be all theory

India II

April 25, 2012

India II

I went
around like
a mare

From England
to America

Hearin about
their past

And the
wonders of
its inventions

Hoppin around
the land

I see
tremendous energy

In its
machines &

But the
heart craves

For someone
to gossip

Not a
soul around

So I
take my
foot back

And turn

Set sail
for home

The early
mornin mist

And the
ship at
the shore

It surely
feels like

P.S: India I

Caution: This might be all theory

India I

April 25, 2012

India I

I try to
find India

In me
and abroad

All I
get is
a rat

What about
the civilization
of India

And its
leaders from
Gandhi to

I hear
none of
it around

All I


I wonder
& wonder

If there
are no

We think

Worth mentionin
to each

Aha, Why don’t
we become

From politics
to business

Sports to

When will
India rise

My eyes

For someone
to stand

This happens
only in

Caution: This might be all theory


April 22, 2012


This is an initial introduction to India for foreigners coming to visit the country in 2012. Cities connect you to the World and villages to Nature in India as in any other country.

As you go to the cities from villages, one gets more professionalism with a gain of internationalism (English and other languages) and loss of localism (Local Culture; Languages like Punjabi, Haryanvi, Marathi).

People are more genuine in the cities with little tolerance for mistakes, as compared to villages and small towns, where there is more back-stabbing and tolerance to mistakes is high.

The North Lands in India give you a flavour of patriotism against Muslims, the South give you a intermix of culture with Europe, the West gives you a business touch to everything and East gives you an interplay to Buddhism & China.

Caution: This might be all theory

India in a Brief as of Today

March 31, 2012

India in a Brief as of Today

Mumbai: The Leftovers of Business in Europe and America, will become a designer for finance instrument by 2020

Bangalore: The Leftovers of digital IT n Europe and America, will perfect the automation software business by 2020 in India and perhaps Asia

Hyderabad: Where IT of India takes a short break with Life, will automize and customize parking skills of India and Asia

Calcutta: Film Meets Biological Research Center of India, will become the life center

Pune: IT meets the Mountains of Maharashtra, automize the vacation business of India by 2020

Delhi: England’s Expression of Freedom

Madras: China’s Expression of Manufacturing

: Calmness meets a tryst with the reaction of implementation, will provide the flux of India to the World by 2020

Caution: This is all theory

The Outside View about India?

March 19, 2012

The Outside View about India?

I was looking at India from an outside perspective and was wondering “What is India?” with respect to any foreigner.

The North is built of body resistance against past invaders from the West. Muslim Invaders from Barbar to Akbar came and raided our country for Wealth and Power. Companies like TATA, Birla rule this part of World with uncontrolled authority.

The South was built due to resistance of enemies from Sea around it. British, France all came to India for business from ships and ultimately ended up ruling it for many centuries. It controls the mind work of the country with companies like Infosys, Wipro ruling the meat of the business.

The North and South make up for the body and mind of India and that’s all that India is about at a very simple level. If you would like to probe more, we are showing signs of improvement in innovation and business.

Caution: This might be all theory