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May 6, 2012


You ran
away from

The Big

Eating on

Found solace
in swimmin

Away from
the World

Into the
softness of

You rose
a new

With grace
into you

Now its
the summer

The water
nowhere to
be found

Wanna be
a free

You run
the marathon

The heat
eatin on

Your soles
give way

All you
are left

A few

And the
rest all

Washed away
in the
dust of time

Caution: This might be all theory

Friends & Family

November 7, 2011

Friends & Family

I wish for

With my friends
& family

Never to loose
sight Of them, me
right beside

Life a

The ball
is hard to
come by

And happiness
a distant

Mebbe, its

To start all
over again

Form all the

Lost in the

Its time
to say

“Hello to
Friends &

Once again
life outside

And within

Caution: This might be all theory

The Funny Side Of The World

May 25, 2011

The Funny Side Of The World

How does America treats his heroes? They kill them (JFK). And their criminals? They let them go away (Frank Morris)

What’s Japanese Way Of Business? No Business Of Yours is My Business.

What skill is British trying to acquire? For centuries they employed “Divide n Rule”. Now they are on the receiving side. So they want to see how they can save themselves. Guess which country they are looking for help to? INDIA

What is Russia’s way of world domination? Build more missiles & bombs!

What is India’s way of getting to the top? Pull the other person down. So if he is down, I am on the top.

What is Chinese Way of World Domination? Make America crawl on its knees. And guess what? They are successful!

The African Way? No one dares to come in Africa! We are the best in killing & raping!

And the German way? One Way Human Traffic! Germans can go anywhere in the World (And off course the German goods with them), but no outsiders in Germany !

Caution: This might be all theory

A funny take at the City Mumbai (2011)

May 12, 2011

A funny take at the City Mumbai (2011)

Bollywood: We wanna be seen as trying to catch up to Hollywood. That’s good enough for us

Town: We are very capable of pointing fingers at the opposite person and therefore we are flawless.

Bandra: We are the polished sleaze of the City. Eh, but don’t go away, you might find a surprise somewhere

Bal: They got me here and I am enjoying the game

Pawar: I got a lot of land by luck and now I rule Maharashtra

SRK: I am scared but I want to be the DON of the city

AB: My second chance at politics

Ratan Tata: Thanks for the free ride and now you can think big

Anil & Mukesh: We want more quickly and for free

People at the Promenade, Bandra: Me too!

People in Fancy Cars: I look cool, but that’s as far as I can go

The Poor in Mumbai: We want to be Elizabeth Taylor and Bill Gates

Deepak: Can someone show me the light, please?

Caution: This might be all theory

A funny take at India (2011)

May 12, 2011

A funny take at India (2011)

Everyone: Paisa! Paisa ! Paisa ! Kaisa Bhi !

Rahul: I am trying to catch up to my ancestors

Singh: I am the only saint in the country

Mumbai: We are fast n dats all we know

Delhi: We are rude & cruel

Bangalore: We have a sleazy background

NRN: We don’t care about money as long as it is with us

Premji: We are good copy cats

Laloo: I am only interested in Malai

Omar (J&K): There is always gonna be trouble here

Hrithik: Where’s Dad? Any new MJ in the west?

Caution: This might be all theory

A funny take at the Leading People of The World (2011)

May 12, 2011

A funny take at the Leading People of The World (2011)

Obama: I am here for the blacks or the bucks

Merkel: I don’t know what I am doing and I don’t know how to do it

Singh: I am enjoying the free ride

Hu & Wen: Cmon, bring it on

Putin: I want class for myself

Kan: The situation is getting out of hand

Sarkozy: Date Anyone

Berlusconi: To kids, I want to be your friend

Brown: I can shuffle a few things around

Africa: We can do rats on our own country

Netanyahu: I am tired

Gilani: I am caught in between the dragon & the elephant and the drones are showing no respite

Caution: This might be all theory

A funny take at the Countries Around the World (2011)

May 12, 2011

A funny take at the Countries Around the World (2011) 

This is a funny take at the countries around the World summing up a bit of their past and a bit of their outlook towards the future. As of 2011.

China: We want to be the kings of tactical attacks around the World in order to rule the World quietly

America: We are the best. If you try messing around with us, then we will mess you up. But we are also getting old.

Russia: We are trying to catch up to America

Japan: We are interested in only us and we will do anything for glory. How much ever time it takes

India: We want to remain at the bottom of the World

South America: We are open for business. Any kind of business

Germany: We are the most superior race but our back is creaking. But we are still looking out challenges

Korea: China is our Mom and Japan, the Father

Israel: Fear can be a powerful ally because of our history

Pakistan: We want to create trouble and get to the top

Thailand: We can absorb all your slimy things

Islamic Nations: We want a free ride in the World (On Oil)

England: We are getting old even in politics. Go to the next country

Africa: We are up for sale

World: We are only looking for survival

Caution: This might be all theory

Names & Fun

May 6, 2011

Names & Fun

This blog is a funny take on Names and their meaning. And it does not bear any reality or any harm to the people mentioned in this blog.

Do you know why Manmohan Singh has been chosen as the Prime Minister of India? What is the most common thing a common man eats when he travels? Peanuts (Singh in Hindi). When a man travels he gains experience and transfers information. He becomes learned and gains value. So the PM has a bearing or liability on him. Since he eats peanuts, the PM becomes free of this liability. And the government runs free.

Why was Obama chosen as the President? It seems most of the Americans like an “O” (An Organism) from the back once in a while. So if they do this, Obama can run free from the responsibility of providing relief to the masses.

If one wants any of these PM’s or Presidents to do work for them, they would have to skip eating peanuts or an “O” (Organism) respectively.

More examples:

Sharad Pawar as CM. His last name reflects light. Everyone needs light. So when one consumes light, he is free to do anything.

Blair reflects a mountain or climax. Again from the back. When one gets a climax, Blair runs free.

Caution: This might be all theory


June 9, 2010
As I was growing
I found joy in

And then in

When I was on my

I found joy in

And then i found

Then I wandered off
a bit & got lost

I lost my

I lost my

I lost my

I drifted a

Looking out for

With all my good
memories in my

And then i found
Swimming which kept
me afloat

Jogging which kept me

Reading which kept my
interest in the world

Writing which kept my
imagination wild

Cooking which made me

Languages which help
me learn about different

Work which taught me
to stand up on my

Now I must start life
all over again

And find joy, joy all
over again

Caution: This might be all theory


May 19, 2010


When one is young

One needs no

One has thirst
of finding
things out

One needs no

One has thirst
of traveling
the world

One needs no

One has thirst
to find friends
love and more

One needs no

When one reaches mid~age

One is lost and
needs inspiration

One has to unwind
everything one has learnt

One is lost and
needs inspiration

One has to unwind
all the strings attached

One is lost and
needs inspiration

One has to start life
all over again

One is lost and
needs inspiration

Caution: This might be all theory