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The White Man’s Tale

April 29, 2012

The White Man’s Tale

The black
man’s sorrow

Of bein

And hung
on the

They put
the yell
on me

But, man
I came

From the
black man

The evil
of Nature

Strikin the

Out of

I had
to think

Of me
and the
black man

Left with
no choice

I had
to strike

Hey, but

I am
just a

With the
skin white

The rest
all is
the same

Like you
& the black

This is
what they

“A Polished
Animal in

Caution: This might be all theory

Europe: An Outsiders View

April 26, 2012

Europe: An Outsiders View

This blog is an add-on about Europe, for an outsider visiting the continent. Europe is one of the earliest civilizations of the World, only after India and China.

It came from a common tribe, which spread around Europe and then split into different countries we know of today from England, France to Germany. England became the financial capital, with LSE ruling the rooster for the World. France, competition to England, has now become the defacto standard for grace and delving into the tiniest things in the World. Germany has become the infrastructure capital for Europe & the World, providing best-in class cars and the infrastructure to run on it.

There are off course other countries like Switzerland (Money holder of the World: Nothing official about it though), Italy (Art capital of the World) and several other countries to make up the meat of Europe. It is also surrounded by Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden), which form the research cherry of Europe.

If one has to visit Europe, it is also best to visit America, where Europe fundamentals are implemented.

Caution: This might be all theory


April 15, 2012


A place was given to a group of people with favorable climate and plenty of natural resources.

They kept on working on their trade and produced fantastic products for the World i.e. Paintings (Van Gogh, Michelangelo), Cars (BMW, Mercedes, Audi), Food Products and so on.

The only thing probably compared to India, is they controlled their growth of population, which probably resulted in their quest for perfection.

Caution: This might be all theory

Europe in a Brief as of Today

April 5, 2012

Europe in a Brief as of Today

England: Money meets Sports Life

Germany: Hard Machine meets Barbarous Life

France: Soft Machine meets Cultural Life

Greece: Light Meets Thought Life

Italy: Light Meets Flower Life

Switzerland: The Bank of Europe Meets General Soft Life

Caution: This is all theory

Re-Unification of West and East Germany

March 2, 2012

Re-Unification of West and East Germany

This is to contemplate about the various possibilities of reunification of “West and East Germany“.

Theory 1

Germany’s reunification theory presented by Wikipedia

Theory 2

Looks like external pressure from the World in East Germany for prevailing conditions and a global march towards removing poverty. Unification of West & East Germany would remain the same with the West controlling the borders and keeping the World out of the interference of East Germany.

Theory 3

The Break-Up and Unification of Germany happened at the same instant but in two different dates to manage the influence of two rising World’s superpowers: America and Russia (Time Travel).

Caution: This might be all theory

Europe Demystified

February 25, 2012

Europe Demystified

A very brief peek into Europe:

France: Handles the small and everything required inside

Germany: Handles everything on the land for Europe

Russia: Handles space

England: Manages the water

Scandinavian Countries: Manages the basic research for Europe

Caution: This might be all theory

Europe’s Debt & Emigration

January 6, 2012

Europe’s Debt & Immigration

Europe is falling into a idendity crisis. The top bank of EU has put its savings and perhaps is also selling its assets to provide short term loans to its EU members (1-3 years loans at a very low interest rate to improve fluidity in the markets)

This would make the goods of Europe cheaper and to be sold to third world countries like Asia and Africa. It would also invite immigration from these countries to Europe.

The Quest for the developing countries is to carefully choose what they buy at what price as most of it would be very inviting to us. (Lust n Greed packaged unbelievably)

The Quest for West is to attract the best talent to solve their basic problems of Philosophy, Science, Culture and World Integration. And at the same time to get an insight into the World Culture and Markets.

America has already done this and goes through a peak and recession every 20 years or so. However Europe has been more restrained to World integration? How will the World treat this new situation will be seen in the next coming decade?

Caution: This might be all theory

Europe’s Debt Problem: II

November 25, 2011

Europe’s Debt Problem: II

This blog is about Europe’s current prevailing debt problems (Previous Blog on the same :  Europe’s Debt Problem: I ).

England started off the Industrial Revolution in the 15th century. France and Germany followed suit in the subsequent centuries. The Big Machine, Nuclear Machine Revolutions brought huge wealth and prosperity in Europe. This also ensured the flow of culture, languages to the rest of the World.

However in the 19th century, America took over and became the Number 1 superpower of the World along with U.S.S.R. This put Europe into the backseat and into stagnation for 19-20th century. However English as a culture flourished through out the World (India, China, Africa) with America taking the lead.

Europe however maintained its royal status with multiple cultures, languages impervious to immigrants leading to further stagnation. Europe would have to get its fundamentals right if it has to progress:

1. English as the common language
2. Open to Outsiders as America for Immigration
3. Get down from the pedestal and integrate with the common man of the World (Will help them sell goods into the whole World)

I am sure this will solve Europe’s debt problem as well as the World’s.

Caution: This might be all theory

India, England and Population

November 18, 2011

India, England and Population

This blog summarizes the rise of Indian Population (and unfortunately not India).

England ruled completely from the East to the West of India from 1600 to 1947.

Due to the German Rise & Rule, British Rule over India started decreasing.

The population in India started increasingly drastically after the 1900’s when the British Rule over India was on the Decline.

This is because suppression over the Indian mind was released in an instant. This increased the Indian hunger for reproduction quickly. And what followed as we know is billions of people.

Caution: This might be all theory

Case of French Reactors at Borders

November 13, 2011

Case of French Reactors at Borders

The External Nuclear Reactors (can be seen on Google Maps) might be peaceful connected to the internal reactions (may be hidden) which might be for nuclear weapons. So if some one attacks any one of the two the nuclear fallout will spread to the other countries. But off course France must have signed a no-first-use policy.

What about a mishap? Most of the countries around have hurt French interest or its country in the past or have a partnership with them. So France thinks its justifiable to have reactors at the borders. But there is a kick to it. France guarantees nothing ever will happen to its nuclear reactors internally. There would be always external doing (either a direct attack or sabotage). Otherwise they would call themselves “Possibly French” instead of “Impossibly French“.

Industrial Accident at French Nuclear Reactor, No Nuclear Mishap

Also, its nuclear reactors are placed at the same breath of the nearest country inside. So one can hardly say they are placed at the borders. They are at the neighboring countries breadth inside France . Plus France seems to be sharing their nuclear technology and output with its neighboring countries rather than war with them as in the case of India (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka).

I guess it learned civilization after the war with British in the 16th and 17th century. I am yet to see an aggressive France in the recent times. And it might still be “Impossible to be French“. Even I am trying to turn French in this stage of life. French Language. French Curd (Yummy, Ell n Vire). They make the best curd. And perhaps a date with French Women over Dinner some day!

Caution: This might be all theory