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The Two Paths of Learning

December 14, 2011

The Two Paths of Learning

This blog is to etch out the many ways of education in life. Either by going to schools and colleges built for the masses or do your own thing.

The Mass Way

Most of the East and a lot of West go for education from schools, colleges and institutions rather than talented people.

1. Structured Life, steady trajectory

2. Usually leads to fame, money and success

3. Society makes you their hero

4. Safe and Sound Life

1. Morality leaves you

Your Own Way

A lot of Americans (Steve Jobs) follow their own way by dropping out from schools, colleges and learning from talented people and on their own.

1. Chaotic Life, a lot of ups & downs

2. Fame, Money and Success become mundane for the person

3. Yearn for impossible and no-win situations

4. Death always surrounds you

1. Society leaves you

Deewar Movie

Personal Opinion
I was put in “The Mass Way” in India but am ending up in the “Your Own Way” of education. I gained all my friends in “The Mass Way” and all my knowledge in the “Your Own Way”

Caution: This might be theory

Science for School

November 30, 2011

Science for School

This blog is for kids and a simple introduction to the discovery of Life.

The foundations of Science is Mathematics. Numbers and the fun with them. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and more. If you are a Mathematics freak, you can pretty much any Science skills. (However no Mathematics, no Science)

Within Science, Physics forms the fundamentals (Strength, Motion of a man and vehicle). It lay the bricks for any construction of Science. Then its Chemistry and Biology which add-on as layers to make the Universe which we live in. (There is no point in learning Chemistry and Biology if you don’t know your Physics fundamentals properly)

Once you have learnt your Mathematics, Science fundamentals, you can pretty much discover and innovate. Build World Class products, companies, Wonders of the World. All you need is a bit of courage and your mind.

Back to the Future: Science Movie (It might be a reality too)

: Steve Jobs and his magic
Although the effect was negative, the Manhattan project was one of the biggest projects to be ever taken

Caution: This might be all theory

Schools of Tomorrow in India & World

November 19, 2011

Schools of Tomorrow in India & World

This is a blog about how are schools should bring up kids for the Society ahead.

The first task is to make each individual realize that she or he exist. The person is an independent indiviual and is responsible for her thoughts n actions irrespective of where she come from.

The second task is to make a kid wonder about himself and the environment outside (Nature, People, Machines, and everything)

The third task is to make a kid learn languages, philosophy, sports, art and poety.

The fourth task is to make a kid learn Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology.

And bingo, then out of School.

Caution: This might be all theory

Numbers – II (0 and Infifnity)

November 9, 2011

Numbers – II (0 and Infinity)

At the beginning of the universe, 0 broke completely taking out everything it had. 11 the first number formed a kennel with a double head at 11. Then all the numbers flew around except the last number. All the numbers also gave back a recoil reaction forming 0 again.

However the last number, lets call the last number Infinity. Infinity got stuck in 0. Only a wee bit.

Then when the recoil from the last number (Infinity-1) formed 0, it threw out Infinity and left the previous hole open. The recoil from Infinity formed another hole in 0. So there are two holes now in 0 with the rest of all the numbers outside 0.

Caution: This might be all theory

Numbers (0 and Universe)

November 8, 2011

Numbers (0 and Universe) 

This is a weird theory of Numbers in Nature. There are no 2, 3, 4 in actual number set. The first number after 0 is 11. Here’s why is it so?

0 has four types of 0 within it or when 0 breaks, it releases four different kinds of 0, with different parity or spin. Different quality. The first number coming out of 0 is 11. The field between 0 and 11 is empty. And is often reffered to a “Number Kennel”.

0 first gives out a 1. But the movement between 0 and 1 releases another 1 which gets tied to the previous 1 to form 11.
Similarly for all the other numbers. 12, 13, 14, 15 and so on… (Hence numbers 1, 2, 3, 4…10 are never generated. We fill up synthetic or cionceptual numbers 2, 3, ..10)

And then comes out the rest of the numbers from 0.  0 keeps on giving out numbers. But 0 and 11 form a double bond. So the rest of the numbers (12, 13, 14…) come out from another hole in 0. And they are outside the kennel. All the numbers.

Caution: This might be all theory

Tuitions in School n Colleges

May 21, 2011

Tuitions in School n Colleges

This blog is to illustrate one of the biggest challenges in our Society: Tuitions in Schools n Colleges and their perils. This is mostly by studying the quality churning out in Indian Companies and also out of some personal experience.

The Problem

A Student is weak in a particular subject, mostly due to non interest or disliking of the way it is taught in the classroom or the way the subject is presented in the Society. Instead of omitting the non-interesting subject and concentrating on her or his likes, we are encouraging the student to get into the tuition system for that subject. Tuition mostly means mugging up a bit more by spending extra time on the subject.


The mugging up of that particular subject by the student creates a further real liking of that particular subject or topic. It also eats up into the student’s free time, giving her or him very less time for relaxation, freedom and developing his natural talent and instinct.


The tuition system is just creating more punes than talent. Take any company in India, you would find people copying expertise from the West rather than inventing their own products. This is creating an Indian Society and Economy which is very fragile and wholly dependent on the West for ideas, culture and setting up the ever-changing modern civilization.

To summarize, the tuition system is a Society Problem, one which we must root out at the earliest if one has to create Inventors (Howard Hughes, John Nash), Scientists ( Albert Einstein, Issac Newton), Businessman (Steve Jobs, Larry Page & Sergey Brin) and many more eminent personalities like them.

Caution: This might be all theory

The Schools Of Tomorrow

March 28, 2011

The Schools Of Tomorrow

Currently the schools have a rigid curriculum giving little interest to the students liking. This makes it difficult to churn out innovators, leaders and people who can make a difference to the Society. All that comes out of schools are mechanical workers who contribute to the outdated social, economic and political arena of this World. All is not lost, we can change all this. Here is a glimpse of what a School could be like.

Interest or Like Based

The whole idea of education should be driven by interest or what the student likes the most. She or he then should be allowed to pursue that particular topic all her or his life. All other topics could be picked up by the student on the side as long her or his appetite for the main interest is satisfied.

Pick up a topic and do it all schooling of your interest

The idea of a school should not be to teach students. It should rather be to allow students to learn on their own and only help in extreme students or when the student is about to give up the education. The teachers should only play the role of a mentor.

No timing no compulsion to attend lectures

 There should not be any school timing at all. The student should be allowed to come to school at her or his fancy. There should be no compulsion to attend lectures too. All the school should provide is mentors and reference information for the student to dig into her or his interest.

Discipline will come from interest

The question now would be is, where the discipline in a student come from considering there is no compulsion to come to School or attend lectures? The answer is interest. History has shown if a person is allowed to pursue what she or he likes, the person itself takes the responsibility to see that the area of interest is given full attention and maximum interest. So discipline will come from interest.

Need to contribute to the Society

The whole infrastructure – the School, the teachers, the facilities and the students should be oriented to contribute to the Society. Without any contribution to the Society, any area would be empty. Some of the things which could be done to tune into the Society needs are – field trips to different places (countries, villages, towns), interaction with different people from different customs-religion-age groups, live projects with government & companies.

Until unless we change the whole infrastructure of the School from scratch, we would only be creating machines. Machines who can obey orders and not leaders who can create a healthy Society. The choice is ours and ours only. We should rather asking around how to change our neighborhood School now or be prepared to live with one more machine for our life. Is anyone listening?

Caution: This might be all theory


February 23, 2010

Funny Thing About Numbers

In elementary mathematics, 2*2=4 or 5*5=25 and 10*10=100. We all have been taught about numbers and the operations like multiplication, addition, subtraction & division on them. We have been so hard-grained with these operations, that if someone told us 2*2=5, we would find it absurd. We would call the person insane.

Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics is the behavior of particles when they are very small. When the particles become very small, they exhibit wave like nature. A single particle can exist at multiple places at the same time. There are infinite possibilities or in other words a single particle can take a number anywhere from 1 to infinity. And one can modulate the number of places the particles can exist or the number which the particle assumes.

Simple Rules of Algebra, which are required for our general day-to-day operations is only one of the possibilities which exists. Our Brain is also built on neurons or particles which are very small. They follow Quantum Mechanics. And hence numbers and their operations on them have infinite possibilities in our mind. Hence 2*2=5 or v*2=10 or 2*2=infinity. Similarly 5*5=1 or 5*5=100 or 5*5=infinity. Also 10*10=3 or 10*10=10 or 10*10=infinity. Our minds follow the principles of Quantum Mechanics & therefore we can also dream and invent.

The World’s Beginning from a Singularity to the Present

The World originally started from a Singularity to its present day state, where it is made of infinite planets & stars and more. This proves operations on numbers has infinite possibilities and answers.

So the next time someone pops you a question – “What is 2*2?”. You can answer – “What do you want it to be?”

Caution: This might be all theory

Our Schools

November 16, 2009

Our Schools

As I spent more time with myself and people around me from my country and others, I am getting ever-increasingly convinced that to solve major problems (poverty, illness, quality of life & work, etc) in our country, we need a major overhaul in our education system. Young people spend majority of their early life in schools, college where their outlook towards Life and Work is or can be molded (It is difficult to change genetic habits at home).

In developing countries like India, students spend more time in classrooms and rote-learning.This can only teach and lead them to a limited dimensional life and a day-to-day warning’s work.

Analogy for Life – One question will probably be enough. How many path breaking leaders, artist, sportsmen, innovators are we creating?

Analogy for Work – Its something like teaching a person to fish. However the person is never taught how to invent and produce the tools to fish. So the person does fishing with the tools provided and lives on. However in an ever changing world, as the tools & technology changes, the person is rendered without skill or work soon.

So the question then arises, how is it best to improve this situation. It would be difficult to have so many people thinking on these lines by just telling them. It needs to get imbibed and takes time to gestate. However there are some measures which can be taken at a national level & scale which will help us to walk on this path. This will decrease the time to make our country a developed country from a developing one. From centuries to probably decades.

Some of the things which can be done are :

– Study timings should be reduced by at least a few hours everyday [8a.m. to12p.m. – Study. 1 p.m. to 5 p.m – Play]

– Traveling to areas which are affluent as well as underprivileged to give them the entire spectrum of Life.

Social Service in underprivileged area. People from cities need to spend some time in small towns, villages. People from small towns need to spend some time in villages. People in villages should spend some time in forest and so on. Similarly people from developed countries should spend some of their time in developing countries.

– Quality of curriculum and books can be worked on and improved.

– Student Exchange Program should be implemented and encouraged.

CautionThis might be all theory