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The White Man’s Tale

April 29, 2012

The White Man’s Tale

The black
man’s sorrow

Of bein

And hung
on the

They put
the yell
on me

But, man
I came

From the
black man

The evil
of Nature

Strikin the

Out of

I had
to think

Of me
and the
black man

Left with
no choice

I had
to strike

Hey, but

I am
just a

With the
skin white

The rest
all is
the same

Like you
& the black

This is
what they

“A Polished
Animal in

Caution: This might be all theory

The Odyssey of the Black Man

April 29, 2012

The Odyssey of the Black man

They call
me a man

Yeah, with
a bone

And the

You must
pass on

Your life
to the
white woman

For a
few rounds

Of the
clock tickin

On your

Man, I
am just
passin on

The few
moments of
my sorrow

It’s a
black man’s

And there
is nothin

For you
to wonder

And ponder

This is
what they

“The Animal
in me”

Caution: This might be all theory

Audacity of Hope

April 29, 2012

Audacity of Hope

The storm
in the

And not
a soul

You dig
n dig

The ground

With the
rock hard

Blood oozes

Makin the
pain unbearable

Looks like
the soul

Will wash

Into the
angry river

You make
a last

To no

The cave
comes on
to you

And your
body crushed

Boy, this
is a black
man’s story

And that’s
all it

Which you
must never
fall into

I promise
to make

The way
for you

For your

And they
call it

“The Audacity
of Hope”

Caution: This might be all theory

Why America is the World?

April 28, 2012

Why America is the World?

Modern America was made by runaway Europeans. They drove the native Americans away and build the current country with the help of abundant Nature present.

The initial Americans took a lot of risk in their life, for exploring & building America and then the rest of the generations contributed in the foundations we see in America today. The Best immigrants from all over the World were invited to participate in its construction. People came from Asia, Europe and the rest of the continents came to build what we know of America today.

Currently, America holds the best gene pool of the World and probably the best infrastructure too. So why does America and Americans need to visit the World? Only for natural resources, perhaps? So isnt America the World, then?

Caution: This might be all theory

America in a Brief as of Today

March 31, 2012

America in a Brief as of Today

California: Europe’s Machine meets Nature (Mountains)

New York: Europe’s Transaction meets Nature (Greenery)

Arizona: California’s Machine meets Nature (Desert)

Washington: Europe’s Expression of Freedom

America: Europe meets its tryst with Nature

Caution: This is all theory

America’s problem as of today

March 5, 2012

America’s problem as of today

Europeans drove out the Native inhabitants of America and reduced them to a dot instead of some peaceful way of amalgamation. And that formed America of today.

These Europeans were runaway citizens of Europe. Asians are now developing skills and trying to play a catch-up game with America.
So America is reduced between Asia (playing catchup), Europe (from whom they ran away) and off course the Native Inhabitants.

America’s fight for itself lies between Europeans waiting for them to pay homage to them, the Native Inhabitants wanting their land back and off course an ever hungry Asia trying to play catch up.

Where would America go from here? America stood for the ultimate symbol of freedom for the World. Now it is boxed from three sides (Talent of Europe, Hunger of Asia & Survival of its Native Inhabitants) and the head of the box is open where in lies Nature and the future.

Caution: This might be all theory

America and The World Around

February 20, 2012

America and the World Around

A one line description of, “What America thinks about the World around”?

South America: Godown of America

Africa: Nature’s Raw Materials

India: Opposite Country Balancing Ground (China or Pakistan)

China: Slave Labour

Japan: Use it as counter force to Europe

Europe: Business for Science

Space: Explore and Exotic Materials

America: One does not need to go outside of America to get anything. It comes to America.

Offcourse America is still the most democratic and fair country in the World.

Caution: This might be all theory

David & Goliath: Part II

December 15, 2011

David & Goliath: Part II

This blog is the continuation of the earlier blog “David and Goliath” and is to study the nature of Human Beings: Aggressor v/s Underdog.

When the Society gives you opportunities to flower yourself, one takes up everything and leaves the underdog without any recuperation or rejuvenation. In short, the aggressor eats up everything during his wonder years and leaves very little for his old age, when its turn for someone else to take the torch.

If by any chance the aggressor ends up in another bigger battle (which is but natural) and looses, then the previous underdog will come and eat it along with the current Aggressor. Hence nature is cyclic: What goes up, comes down and what comes down would come up.

So next time you wanna bet your money, it wouldn’t bad idea to put your money on the underdog, even if you end up loosing it. In the long run, it might just come back to you in one or the other way.

Caution: This might be all theory

Renovating the American Fast-Food Industry

May 20, 2011

Renovating the American Fast-Food Industry

Here is a study of one of the most important areas which is ailing the American Society and Economy. And perhaps the most neglected one too. The American Food Industry which makes up-to 25% of the American Economy.

The Current Food: Burgers, Chips, Cola Drinks

Most of the American Food Industry has evolved into a fast-food one with people having little time to cook for themselves and most of the products, off the shelf ones. This has mostly evolved as most of the Americans have taken their work culture to home. Specialization at work has led to the belief that there should specialization of food at home too (Mostly outsourced and off the shelve) to drive perfection. However this has hardly materialized in terms of health quotient, although the taste quotient has excelled.

Problems: Health, Cost?

Burgers, Chips, Pizzas, Colas dominate more than 50% of the food industry with less than 10% health content. Rest all is junk and causes obesity and most of the other diseases in America. If America has to fix its Society and Economy, it has to work on its food industry. All other things like innovation, art, home, clothes, computers industry would follow across the country.

What can be done? – Beans, Drinks? Anything else?

My own personal experience at cooking has shown that if one cooks at home, the health improves more than 50% in the first year and subsequently higher in the next years. The taste takes a bit of a time for perfection but the health advantages of eating at home outweigh that of eating outside.

The Fast Food Industry also has to start taking responsibility of the American health quotient. They have to provide healthier food options like beans instead of fries, fruits & juice instead of colas and more. Turn all the bread from the white variety to the brown ones. And many much innovations like these.

Or else the American Society & Economy would be going to the rats. 


Caution: This might be all theory

Names & Fun

May 6, 2011

Names & Fun

This blog is a funny take on Names and their meaning. And it does not bear any reality or any harm to the people mentioned in this blog.

Do you know why Manmohan Singh has been chosen as the Prime Minister of India? What is the most common thing a common man eats when he travels? Peanuts (Singh in Hindi). When a man travels he gains experience and transfers information. He becomes learned and gains value. So the PM has a bearing or liability on him. Since he eats peanuts, the PM becomes free of this liability. And the government runs free.

Why was Obama chosen as the President? It seems most of the Americans like an “O” (An Organism) from the back once in a while. So if they do this, Obama can run free from the responsibility of providing relief to the masses.

If one wants any of these PM’s or Presidents to do work for them, they would have to skip eating peanuts or an “O” (Organism) respectively.

More examples:

Sharad Pawar as CM. His last name reflects light. Everyone needs light. So when one consumes light, he is free to do anything.

Blair reflects a mountain or climax. Again from the back. When one gets a climax, Blair runs free.

Caution: This might be all theory