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Love & Survival

April 29, 2012

Love & Survival

The people
whom you

With all
your innocence

Are now
under the

Of what
they call

Playin the

Of sellin
& buyin

You search
and sweat

To find
your hole

And the

Of those
around you

Strugglin &

About the
long gone

And then
you wonder

What have
thee done

To have

The Love
of your
dear ones

Caution: This might be all theory

The Odyssey of the Black Man

April 29, 2012

The Odyssey of the Black man

They call
me a man

Yeah, with
a bone

And the

You must
pass on

Your life
to the
white woman

For a
few rounds

Of the
clock tickin

On your

Man, I
am just
passin on

The few
moments of
my sorrow

It’s a
black man’s

And there
is nothin

For you
to wonder

And ponder

This is
what they

“The Animal
in me”

Caution: This might be all theory

Audacity of Hope

April 29, 2012

Audacity of Hope

The storm
in the

And not
a soul

You dig
n dig

The ground

With the
rock hard

Blood oozes

Makin the
pain unbearable

Looks like
the soul

Will wash

Into the
angry river

You make
a last

To no

The cave
comes on
to you

And your
body crushed

Boy, this
is a black
man’s story

And that’s
all it

Which you
must never
fall into

I promise
to make

The way
for you

For your

And they
call it

“The Audacity
of Hope”

Caution: This might be all theory

The African Story

April 14, 2012

The African Story

The same story of Africa in simple words.

Africa as a country, has a piece of land and some resources. Outsiders come for the gold, meat and slaves. The Rest for a game (Europe and America).

Most of the Africans are very poor, they have no home, shelter and food. The Few Middlemen in Africa become traders and try to take a big pie of Africa for themselves.

For a common man like me in Africa, with no shelter and no hope for the future, I may die tomorrow by the gun, what can I do for myself and perhaps for my people?

P.S: This might be true for India too.

Caution: This might be all theory

Africa & Poverty

February 10, 2012

Africa & Poverty

Africans are squeezed between Nature, Politicians and Foreign Rule struggling for poverty and illness, surviving on day-to-day survival. The Nature is dwindling fast around the World and in Africa, which will create the problem for their daily harvest and hence survival.

The politicians will over time either stay of the same quality or become worse hence most of the power going to business. If the businessman are with good ethics, then they would bring prosperity to Africa or they would enslave them further like what has happened to “The British Empire & The Big Machine“.

Hence Africans are in a pretty tight situation with no one to trust and the Nature dwindling very fast. Their only choice is to innovate (Silicon Valley). No one’s ever gonna come and help them, ever. Not even another Che Guevara.

Caution: This might be all theory

Che & Africa

May 9, 2011

Che & Africa

Che Guevara was the counter-culture revolutionary of South America. He went around with his friend across South America to experience the poverty across the continent and the repression of the capitalist empire of United States.

Che first won in liberating CubaSouth America from USA. He attempted a Chinese style rapid industrialization which was in contrast with the Russian style economy. Trouble with Russia and Castro, he had to go from Cuba and tried to ferment a revolution in Africa on his own.

As previously thought, Che rather than failing in Africa rather won the war out there. Che experimented first in Congo-Kinshasa and then went on to ferment revolution in Bolivia.

In spite of having little support from back in Cuba, and only a few soldiers with him in a hostile foreign environment, he was so successful that CIA had to knock him off to kill the revolution seeds he was sowing in Africa.

The killing of Che was one of the biggest losses to AfricaSouth America  and perhaps the World pushing back the two continents (AfricaSouth America) at least by 100 years in time.

The Motorcycle Diaries

Caution: This might be all theory

Slavery & Struggle

April 26, 2011

Slavery & Struggle

This blog is all about the epic old debate of Slavery, Struggle and Freedom. Here are some of the highlights of the debate:

The current situation in many countries is a few people control a whole lot of other people (Slaves) through many means: Dictatorship, Socialism or Capitalism. e.g. Africa, Pakistan, China. In any Slavery or lack of freedom, the condition has been bought by a gene which was present in the earliest times (our great great ancestors) which led to submission and multiplication to dictatorship, Queens and other forms of Government.

So, how did this state (Slavery) come into existence? Was it submission little by little, which accumulated to absolute Dictatorship or slavery? Who should fight to abolish slavery? Should the slaves themselves? Or someone from outside? (Do you remember Che liberating Cuba and his failure in Congo, Africa)

Now if you free the multiple slaves without struggle, would they cancel out on the gene (remove the intrinsic quality in them) which brought about the submission. Would they fall back into slavery at a later point of time (although in a different way – Although India got liberated from the British Rule, it is yet to be free from the rampant corruption and bureaucracy that has cracked and rusted its ranks )? Would they progress at all? Or would they keep on multiplying without freedom and progress?

Studying all these conditions, it is best to remove deep-seated traditions and values which hinders the making of civilization and progress rather than having a superficial struggle against a particular person or country. Traditions like Sati, Race & Caste & Class Inequality, Patriarchal hierarchy need to be abolished to establish peace and freedom in the masses.

Ramanujan came up from a very ordinary Indian background to publish some of the greatest maths theorems. Similarly, there is a plausibility or a theory, that if you free more masses and give them healthy food and conditions, there would be more of Ramanujan (Discovery of India by Jawaharlal Nehru). Is this true? Or was Ramanujan a freak (chance) case?

Charles Darwin (Survival of the Fittest)

Caution: This might be all theory

Innovation & Poverty

January 8, 2011

Innovation & Poverty

This blog is to find out some of the root cause of poverty, its solution and the current situation of the World

The Poor people of the World

The poor people of the World form nearly around 50% of the World population mostly living in Asia and Africa. They are people without organized food, shelter and clothes. And without any other luxury too. A lot of them even miss meals during the day.

The Past Civilization of India & China: Abundant natural resources with a low population

Although Asia (IndiaChina) has been rich in the past, during the pre-dark ages, it has been because of the abundant natural resources and a very less population. The less population had enough land, water and other natural resources like forest, fish to support themselves which gave them enough other opportunities to form a civilization. A lot of other arts developed during these times.

Current Problems: Large Population, Depleting Natural Resources, Have’s & Have’s Not

After the dark ages, the population had grown quite significantly and had spread across the World with the discovery of West (America). The natural resources of the World were insufficient to support the growing needs of population. There was a crying need for productivity and creation of wealth from other sources. Europe & America took the lead in innovation and creation of products: Steam Engine, Nuclear Energy, Computers, Internet and more. This innovation cycle led into tremendous productivity surplus in the World, creating wealth the World had never seen before.

Where the jobs are flowing from into the poor world?

The innovation also led to an haves and have not distinction in the Society. Talent brought forth tremendous wealth to a few and a little to the masses. However over time, it also created enough jobs for the masses in turn lifting them out of poverty. A new middle class was created across the World which had basic amenities plus some luxuries like a car too.

Till date, all the products are a creation of the West. And these products have in turn created jobs in the rest of the World. It would be safe to say innovation is the only creator of jobs and in turn the main source for lifting the poor out of poverty.

All the poor people in Asia and Africa who have become middle class in the last century or so have been because of the West (and not due to any innovation in the East). So if one has to remove poverty, create jobs and lift the poor out of poverty, the only way out is to innovate. Something which Asia and Africa are yet to learn. We would be slaves till then of the West, and perhaps of Nature as the West is at the cutting edge of Science and Technology to outrun Nature.

Caution: This might be theory

The Quest for Heroes – II : Che and Gandhi

November 2, 2010

The Quest for Heroes –  IIChe and Gandhi*

Here we look at two of the greatest people of our century. Che and Gandhi. Both were extraordinary people. One fought to remove poverty, illness and the other to remove the British from colonial rule.

Che traveled for more than a year across South America. During his travels, Che was moved by the poverty around him. He went on to struggle with powers around the world to remove injustice, poverty and illness. South America progressed quite a bit during his time and is still developing. It has some of the most developed economies like Brazil, Chile.

Motorcycle Diaries: The Movie

Gandhi started off to fight against the British in India due to a personal insult on him. He went on to deliver a lot of quality stuff, all was aimed to remove British out of the Country and not to remove poverty, illness itself. In fact we got freedom from the British in 1947, but not from poverty & illness. Not even today, after 70 years of our freedom.


Che Guevara was totally selfless (It takes a whole lot of energy and more to fight and die for others than for oneself, mostly impossible!). He did not have any personal agenda when he went on to struggle for the poor against the West. On the other hand, Gandhi went on to fight the British which was jump started by a personal insult on a train in South Africa (I am no way undermining his efforts or struggle though. His freedom struggle was on of the most epic moments of the World History).

Were Che & Gandhi the greatest soul to have ever walked on this planet?

More on World History: Glimpses of World History

* This is the sequel to the blog: “The Quest for Heroes –  I: Overview” which is yet to be written. Am hoping to do it soon!

Caution: This might be all theory

The Quest for Civilization – IV

September 23, 2010

The Quest for Civilization – IV

In this part of quest for civilization, we look at some of the persistent struggles across the world for religion, natural resources and power, which has taken the toll of millions of lives. Let us delve deeper into the issues of these struggles and see if we can find out a common trace of cause in some of them. Is the fighting really for religion? Or underneath the surface, is it for greed- land, oil, gold, power?

Some of the struggles existing across the world are:

Ethnic fighting in Africa

– What is Ethnic fighting in Africa? It is a fight for natural resources (land, Oil, gold, diamonds) and power between two or more tribes. These tribes also fear annihilation which often results in more wars between them.
Israel and Arab Countries Land Issue

– The Middleast issue is over the holy land of Jerusalem, refugees, water and oil resources and power struggle in this region.
– Countries like AmericaRussia have significant interest in this region for oil and power. With America mostly supporting Israel and Russia supporting Iran.
 India Pakistan Land Issue
Most of the Hindu’s and Muslims originally living in separate lands. The only difference between the per-independence and post-independence was creation of three countries – IndiaPakistan and Bangladesh. And yes, also the loss of lives which occurred due to some transfer of people from one country to another.
– The fight for J&K is also for its vast natural resources and strategic location

 China and Japan Shrine Issue

– What is the Japan Shrine Issue? Is this issue coming up more rapidly because of China’s and Japan’s increasing influence over the World? How long this issue has been present?
– Is this an issue over gas in the area of East China Sea?
– Is the issue over Taiwan Strait?
China Japan Shrine Issue : 3
 Russia and Neighboring Countries Land Issue
– Is this an issue over land, oil?
– Is this an issue a power struggle?

As we see in most of the above struggles across the world are for natural resources (land, oil, gold, diamonds) & power rather than religion. The need for money has already outgrown Religion and God. However the common man often remains ignorant of the core issues in these struggles. They are made to believe that religion is the core issue. Where do we go from here now? Is there an amicable solution in all these issues which can be arrived at and the world can be made a peaceful place? This is a point to ponder on which we will look at in our next blog “The Quest for Civilization – V”

Caution: This might be all theory