Nature (Can Science solve problems of Nature: ‘Cancer’?)

Nature  (Can Science solve problems of Nature: ‘Cancer’?)


Can Science solve problems of Nature: ‘Cancer’?


1. Nature

Only Healthy Groundwater Ecosystems Provide Clean Groundwater
(Observed: Germany taps into her last resource of water and the animals which live in them. It also means it is the last natural resource ever Germany is going to experience)

2. Evolution

Far from Random, Evolution Follows a Predictable Genetic Pattern
(Observed: Scientist take out all the animals from the water source, bathe and have sex in the water, and then eat the animals to find about Evolution in themselves)

3. Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1953
Hans Krebs, Fritz Lipmann
The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1953 was divided equally between Hans Adolf Krebs “for his discovery of the citric acid cycle” and Fritz Albert Lipmann “for his discovery of co-enzyme A and its importance for intermediary metabolism”.
(Observed: My Dog ‘Spicy’ and the eminent Scientist teach all of us ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum’. One important lesson, we are kneeling in front of true Nature and Life)

4. Astrophysics

Astronomers Discover Universe’s Most Distant Quasar
(Observed: Scientist find Earth like object 800 million years old, with a gravity quotient 1000’s of times more, and stretched by a ‘Anti-Gravity Quotient’ of 1000’s times less and in all this, they spent 5 years of time and food studying this so that I can add this silly comment to it)

5. Quantum Mechanics

New Breed of Electron Interactions in Quantum Systems
(Observed: Scientist have chocolates and study ants in a bottle, find fun)

6. Brain

Depression Can Lead to Heart Disease, Study Suggests
(Observed: Scientist want to have a date with ‘Aishwarya Rai and Pamela Anderson’ and cough out this rotten article)

7. Gene Therapy

Tomato Genes Produce Promising Results Against Brain Tumours
(Observed: Scientist find water, good in curing everyone’s brain tumours, stick out an ad for future medicine companies while they get to have some nuts and chocolates, if they get lucky sex too)

8. Disease

Gene Identified for Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy
(Observed: Holland tries to kill a panther with it’s tools, looses its tools to the panther and the panther strikes while Holland attempts to retrieve its tools. It means, Holland has to start from basics: the most poorest person in World: perhaps in India or Africa and then attempt to gain it’s crown back. There is no other natural way. Aah, you might fix up some loose fake ends and try to claim moral victory, but you will falter when confronting Nature)


Cancer in our Society: Perhaps shielding a lot of common people and their evils, all material supplied by the few talented people who might be hiding behind the sorrow of their work.

Caution: This might be all theory

Humanitarian: Other Than ‘Survival of Fittest’ the mystery of which I am yet to solve on ‘How to overcome this?, I wish my Science should be only applied if poor people are not hurt by the same

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