Nature (Can Science solve problems of Nature: Nuclear Waste?)

NatureĀ  (Can Science solve problems of Nature: Nuclear Waste?)


Can Science solve problems of Nature: Nuclear Waste?


1. Nature

Triclosan — Harmful to Ecological Status of Rivers — Needs to Be Monitored, Researchers Say
(Observed: ‘Erin Brokovich’ still haunts European rivers, might need a boost)

Elevated Formaldehyde Levels Found in Day Care Centers
(Observed: ‘American Tree’ gets yet another jolt, creaks in ‘Day Care Centers’)

2. Evolution

Endangered Horse Has Ancient Origins and High Genetic Diversity, New Study Finds
(Observed: A Horse which is very different, found)

3. Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1999
Ahmed Zewail
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1999 was awarded to Ahmed Zewail “for his studies of the transition states of chemical reactions using femtosecond spectroscopy”.
(Observed: How our eyes steel light from the Sun? through our eyes, explained)

4. Astrophysics

Monster Galaxy May Have Been Stirred Up by Black-Hole Mischief
(Observed: ‘Black Holes’ cook up a unique recipe, a Puff)

5. Quantum Mechanics

CERN Sets Course for Extra-Low-Energy Antiprotons
(Observed: CERN advances for an Proton Antiparticle, with the help of a new particle decelator. Such particles have a lot of holes in them, which can absorb a lot of parking places like us)

6. Brain

New ‘Chemical Pathway’ in the Brain for Stress: Breakthrough Offers Hope for Targeted Treatment of Stress-Related Disorders
(Observed: A chemical, might be a precursor to Serotin, gives a boost to stress)

7. Gene Therapy

Genetic Predictors of Fatigue for Prostate Cancer Patients Receiving Androgen Deprivation Therapy
(Observed: Cancer Patients get into further trouble with a gene that turns abnormal and produces more variants)

8. Disease

Certain Colors More Likely To Cause Epileptic Fits, Researchers Find
(Observed: Chaos in Brain good, epileptic ones cause)


Nuclear Reactions and some of its waste, in us and Nature studied. Also, ‘Back to the Past’ and ‘Back to the Future’ studied in Nature and more.

Caution: This might be all theory

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