Nature (Can Science find current problems of Nature: Water?)

Nature  (Can Science find current problems of Nature: Water?)


Can Science find current problems of Nature: Water?


1. Nature

Climate Change Threatens Marine Environment in the Baltic Sea
(Observed: Salt disappears and so does the oxygen, showing that ‘Baltic Sea’ might go under the heat of ‘Survival of Fittest’)

Corals and Food Security: Study Shows Nations at Risk
(Observed: Humanity Suffers along with Corals in South-East)

2. Evolution

Could a Newly Discovered Viral Genome Change What We Thought We Knew About Virus Evolution?
(Observed: Two predators join hands to form a more enigmatic ‘Life Form’, although it is a virus)

Strange Cousins: Molecular Alternatives to DNA, RNA Offer New Insight Into Life’s Origins
(Observed: Artificial Life created, similar to Darwin’s Life. We might see a lot of new exotic life forms and Humans around us, soon. Cause, a bunch of crazy scientist with a lot of wacky power)

3. Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1989
Sidney Altman, Thomas R. Cech
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1989 was awarded jointly to Sidney Altman and Thomas R. Cech “for their discovery of catalytic properties of RNA”
(Observed: Egg-Chicken story solved in Life. ‘Dubara mat poochna’, Salman Khan ko ‘Chloromint’ Bhejo parcel in the new movie ‘MunnaBhai Karne Chale Deshbhakti’)

4. Astrophysics

A Canopy of Confidence: Orion’s Parachutes
(Observed: Man achieves to build a far away no-man’s spacecraft, seemingly absolutely fool-proof)

New Approach to Cosmic Lithium in the Early Universe
(Observed: Lithium disappears, which shake our fundamentals about ‘Big Bang’)

5. Quantum Mechanics

Physicists Search for Hidden Magnetic States
(Observed: Magnets and Human, tryst with each other, to find out ‘Who is stronger: Will of Humans pitched to that of ‘Will of strongest materials’ around)

Behaviors of the Tiniest Water Droplets Revealed
(Observed: Drops of Water which gives us motion, studied. However question remains on ‘Complex Society-like structure of Water’)

6. Brain

Four New Gene Loci Predisposing People to the Most Common Subtype of Migraine
(Observed: America gets a ‘Bolt’ in the Head, looses control of 4 genes. Might have implications worldwide, if you eat a lot of fast-food. You might like to add lettuce, though if you do, a lot of them)

New Hope for Migraine Sufferers: Female Gene Link Identified
(Observed: Migraine crashes into a female, causes pain to nearly 12% population of an island)

Findings Reveal Brain Mechanisms at Work During Sleep
(Observed: How a Brain works in Sleep)

7. Gene Therapy

Immune Cells Hold Back Gene Therapy
(Observed: ‘Streets of Philadelphia’ take a hit)

Protein Protects Anti-Cancer Gene From Chemical Shutdown
(Observed: Protein prevents Cancer from developing, as Scientist find)

8. Disease

Rare Gene Variants Linked to High Risk of Broad Range of Seizure Disorders
(Observed: Genes display variety causing a variety of diseases to Humans)

Language Dysfunction in Children May Be Due to Epileptic Brain Activity
(Observed: Language Suffers in Children causing, Harmful Brain Activity)


Science finds Water and more in Life.

Caution: This might be all theory

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