Nature (Can Science find parameters or dimensions in Nature?)

Nature  (Can Science find parameters or dimensions in Nature?)


Can Science find parameters or dimensions in Nature?


1. Nature

Fishery Collapse Near Venezuela Linked to Climate Change
(Observed: North feels the pinch in fishes, ‘Global Warming’ visits us. Might tell us more about ‘Zero’ in Nature)

Extreme Climate Change Linked to Early Animal Evolution
(Observed: Animals like to get up early in China, also bring in Evolution. Might explain ‘Infinity’ in Nature)

2. Evolution

Evolution: Vangas Beat Darwin’s Finches in Diversity
(Observed: Birds rise again, this time, ‘hatke’. Might be the introduction of a new dimension or ‘Infinity’ in Nature)

Scientists Confirm Limited Genetic Diversity in the Extinct Tasmanian Tiger
(Observed: Tiger takes a hit in Australia, dwindles to extinction)

3. Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1987
Donald J. Cram, Jean-Marie Lehn, Charles J. Pedersen
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1987 was awarded jointly to Donald J. Cram, Jean-Marie Lehn and Charles J. Pedersen “for their development and use of molecules with structure-specific interactions of high selectivity”.
(Observed: Docking studied in molecules, helping to explain ships and sex perhaps)

4. Astrophysics

Mathematicians Offer Unified Theory of Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Altering Einstein Field Equations
(Observed: Mathematicians integrate Universe into an equation)

Globular Star Cluster With a Secret
(Observed: A Star, which reveals its orange glow, seems forever. Never Ending Life, introduced)

5. Quantum Mechanics

Forces Among Molecules: Tiny but Important
(Observed: Molecules display tiny forces between them)

‘Spooky Action at Distance’: Physicists Develop First Conclusive Test to Better Understand High-Energy Particles Correlations
(Observed: A small particle, that affects a distant particle, far away simultaneously)

6. Brain

Gene Implicated in Schizophrenia Risk Is Also Associated With Risk for Cannabis Dependence
(Observed: Gene causes ‘Madness’ in Europe and America. Might represent ‘Mutated Eyes And Nose)

Does Immune Dysfunction Contribute to Schizophrenia? Genetic Findings from New Study
(Observed: ‘Madness’ plays ‘Hide and Seek’ with us)

7. Gene Therapy

Rodent’s Bizarre Traits Deepen Mystery Of Genetics, Evolution
(Observed: Rodent, different from any other animal in its Genetic Makeup, puzzle us)

Dyslexia-Linked Genetic Variant Decreases Midline Crossing of Auditory Pathways
(Observed: A Gene which causes cross hearing in brain between voice in left and right ear)

8. Disease

Evidence of Familial Vulnerability for Epilepsy and Psychosis
(Observed: Disease cluster together to party with us, unfortunately harming us)

Mechanism That Could Contribute to Problems in Alzheimer’s Identified
(Observed: A Protein which when modified creates memory problems)


Many parameters and dimensions in Nature, understood.

Caution: This might be all theory

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