Nature (Can Science find parameters or dimensions in Nature?)

NatureĀ  (Can Science find parameters or dimensions in Nature?)


Can Science find parameters or dimensions in Nature?


Mountain Forest Study Shows Vulnerability to Climate Change
(Observed: Forest affected by Snow)

Forest Mortality and Climate Change: The Big Picture
(Observed: Forest in Earth deteiorates)

C. Diff Infections Becoming More Common, Severe in Children and Elderly
(Observed: Nature abhors similarity, as explained by the disease ‘C.Diff’)

Metabolic Factors May Increase Men’s Risk of Dying from Prostate Cancer
(Observed: Blood Clots, hurts men)

Decreased Gene Activity Is Likely Involved in Childhood Risk for Anxiety and Depression
(Observed: A Gene fails to fire and causes anguish, bhook, pyaas and perhaps ‘Less Hope’ in Children)

The Hidden Burden of Bovine Tuberculosis
(Observed: TB strikes England, it’s herd and men)

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1988
Johann Deisenhofer, Robert Huber, Hartmut Michel
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1988 was awarded jointly to Johann Deisenhofer, Robert Huber and Hartmut Michel “for the determination of the three-dimensional structure of a photosynthetic reaction centre”.
(Observed: Photosynthesis gives us food and humanity rejoices by eating Nature)


Many parameters and dimnesions in Nature, understood.

Caution: This might be all theory

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