Work (Can Science find the ‘Road to Recovery, once you are injured?)

Work  (Can Science find the ‘Road to Recovery, once you are injured?)


Can Science find the ‘Road to Recovery, once you are injured’?


1. Astrophysics

NASA’s Spitzer Finds First Objects Burned Furiously
(Observed: America finds an old treasure of Universe and shares it with us)

2. Quantum Mechanics

Theoretical Breakthrough: Generating Matter and Antimatter from Nothing
(Observed: How did the Universe come into being?)

3. Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1969
Derek Barton, Odd Hassel
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1969 was awarded jointly to Derek H. R. Barton and Odd Hassel “for their contributions to the development of the concept of conformation and its application in chemistry”
(Observed: Form and Content of Life, studied)

4. Brain

Outmuscling Major Depression With Creatine
(Observed: Much faster energy now, with Korea)

Lack of Protein FKBP51 in Old Mice Improves Resilience to Depressive Behavior
(Observation: A Protein when hit, creates Life again in us)

5. Gene Therapy

How a Single Gene Mutation Leads to Uncontrolled Obesity
(Observed: A Single Gene freezes the brain which makes us eat endlessly)

Single Gene Defect Causes Brain Tumor
(Observed: Emergency everywhere, now in children, causes brain tumour)

6. Environment

Eliminating Sagebrush May Hurt Rather Than Help Wildlife
(Observed: A vegetation cover which when removed decreases animals but increases plants)

Fall Calls Bats to Hibernate, Scientists to Study Them
(Observed: Bats take on pest on fields, help Humans)

7. Evolution

Evolution to the Rescue: Species May Adapt Quickly to Rapid Environmental Change, Yeast Study Shows
(Observed: Yeast evolution studied by Scientist, conclusion, depends on Environment)

Plankton Fossils Tell Tale of Evolution and Extinction
(Observed: Plankton studied to tell us the tales of their evolution, results yet to be disclosed)

8. Disease

Drivers With Epilepsy Are On The Road Again
(Observed: Epilepsy people rejoice in Japan, can drive again)

Study Reveals Origins of Esophageal Cancer
(Observed: A Cancer which comes up to you discovered in America, similar to the rise of America in the 17th century to 19th century)


Once we can crack out ‘What’s Zero and Infinity’, we might be able to grow indefinetly. America & the World (specially Asian Countries like Korea and Japan), take the first step towards ‘Never Ending Life’, face a few hurdles like ‘Mental Disorders’ and Obesity.

Caution: This might be all theory

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