Can Science find ‘The Extent of Perfection in Humanity and Nature’?

Can Science find ‘The Extent of Perfection in Humanity and Nature’?


Can Science find ‘The Extent of Perfection in Humanity and Nature’?


1. Astrophysics

Hidden Portals in Earth’s Magnetic Field
(Observed: Electron:Photon or Quanta Continuity across Space. Albert Einstein would be happy to see this corridor which opens a door to ‘Space Time Continuim’)

2. Quantum Mechanics

Atoms Dressed With Light Show New Interactions, Could Reveal Way to Observe Enigmatic Particle
(Observed: Power given is, lust observed. Something which ‘Alexander The Great’ would like to dig into)

3. Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1972
Christian Anfinsen, Stanford Moore, William H. Stein
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1972 was divided, one half awarded to Christian B. Anfinsen “for his work on ribonuclease, especially concerning the connection between the amino acid sequence and the biologically active conformation”, the other half jointly to Stanford Moore and William H. Stein “for their contribution to the understanding of the connection between chemical structure and catalytic activity of the active centre of the ribonuclease molecule”.
(Observed: An Enzyme studied, its structure and the characteristics of its active site. Speed ‘discovered’ in Biology, something which Keeanu Reeves would envy)

4. Brain

Possible Clue to Progression of Multiple Sclerosis
(Observed: Imbalance in brain, leads to a see-saw effect of grey white matter, leading to extreme pain and jams in brain. Next time you watch ‘Masoom’ or ‘Home Alone’, you might like to a bit careful)

Rare Genetic Disorder Points to Molecules That May Play Role in Schizophrenia
(Observed: Brain shocks across 1% of the World Population, due to increasing control of Calcium by a Gene Mutation. World gets an earthquake in the head)

5. Gene Therapy

Children With Rare, Incurable Brain Disease Improve After Gene Therapy
(Observed: Eye drops, Scientist from Taiwan come to rescue. ‘Mission Impossible’ now in Science)

Gene Mutation Shown to Cause Leukemia and Lymphedema
(Observed: A Gene which impairs ears and limbs, very rare, in England. ‘Men in Black’ comes to England as they discover Aliens, Blue-Balls and more)

6. Environment

Climate Change to Lengthen Growing Season
(Observed: Norway turns optimistic with ‘Global Warming’, thinks about forest and agriculture)

Dire Drought Ahead, May Lead to Massive Tree Death
(Observed: America shrinks in Brown-Time, perhaps ‘Life Itself’, its roots fracture in Tennessee)

7. Evolution

Land Animals, Ecosystems Walloped After Permian Dieoff
(Observed: ‘A Brief Extinction of Life’, hundreds of million years back, and then offcourse ‘The Road to Recovery’)

Evidence for a Persistently Iron-Rich Ocean Changes Views On Earth’s Early History
(Observed: ‘Iron into Life’ as seen by Science a billion years back)

8. Disease

Scientists Discover a Controller of Brain Circuitry
(Observed: Semaphorin seems to play a role bothways, in connecting back as well as the future of ours. Scientist find something awry in ‘Hera Pheri’)

New Gene Therapy Approach Developed for Red Blood Cell Disorders
(Observed: Heamoglobin goes missing in France, Scientist dig their way to solve the problem. France fights with ‘Life is Beautiful’)


Diseases are gaining ground in their road to perfection over ‘Humanity’, as discovered in this blog.

Caution: This might be all theory

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