Work (Can Science find ‘Death In Nature’?)

Work  (Can Science find ‘Death In Nature’?)


Can Science find ‘Death In Nature’?


1. Astrophysics

Solar Storm Seen from Inside and Outside Earth’s Magnetosphere
(Observed: A Storm into the Earth, looks like someone wants cash from us from ‘Outer Space’ and swiped a credit card)

2. Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Fractals at the Border of Magnetism
(Observed: A new class of materials which zoom in electricity when magnetism applied to it)

3. Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1968
Lars Onsager
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1968 was awarded to Lars Onsager “for the discovery of the reciprocal relations bearing his name, which are fundamental for the thermodynamics of irreversible processes”.
(Observed: Irreversible processes studied and perhaps how they move forward in the ‘Sea of Life’)

4. Brain

New Links Between Cholesterol and Depression in the Elderly
(Observed: Complicated scenario in cholesterol and Depression. Men and Women, differ in the relationship between ‘types of cholesterol’ and their depression levels)

Depression Overlooked in Patients With Hepatitis C; Compromising HCV Therapy
(Observation: Now ‘Hepatitis C’ patients get Depression, overlooked by Doctors)

5. Gene Therapy

HIV Inserts Into Human Genome Using A DNA-Associated Protein
(Observed: HIV interface point, Scientist celebrate in possible hope for treating patients)

Gene Therapy Trial Approved For Rare Anemia
(Observed: Rare Anemia in patients across Europe and America, 2000 to 3000 of them. Disease very harmful)

6. Environment

Mineral Can Reduce Pollution from Diesel Engines by Almost Half
(Observed: Pollution reduced into more than half as Scientist explain)

Global Warming Causes More Extreme Shifts of the Southern Hemisphere’s Largest Rain Band, Study Suggests
(Observed: Rains shift by 1000 kms odd in Southern Hemisphere)

7. Evolution

Darwin’s Family Tree Re-Discovered
(Observed: Darwin finds his life back, along with his family tree)

Scientists Watch as Bacteria Evolve Heat Resistance Under Stress: New Details of Evolutionary Mechanism
(Observed: A New kind of Bacteria found to evolve under great stress)

8. Disease

Long-Term Obesity Linked To Loss Of Brain Tissue In Women
(Observed: Obesity leads to brain loss and hence cognitive decline also)

Psoriasis Increases Risk of Diabetes, Study Shows
(Observed: A disease which is due to decrease in one’s lifestyle also causes Diabetes)


‘Death In Nature’, studied.

Caution: This might be all theory

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