Can Science study ‘Death in us’?

Can Science study ‘Death in us’?


Can Science study ‘Death in us’?


New Gene Test Flags Risk of Serious Complications in Sarcoidosis
(Observed: A disease which causes Lung complications, very difficult to predict its ethics and Nature)

One CVD Death in China Every 10 Seconds
(Observed: A whole lot of people die due to smoking in China)

Sleep Apnea Plays Dual Role in Stroke
(Observed: Brain suffocates now for the want of Air in Canada)

Potential Cause of Severe Sleep Disorder Discovered, Implications for Parkinson’s Disease
(Observed: People with a particular sleep disorder, also might get Parkinson’s Disease)

Mild Hearing Loss Leaves Lasting Impact On Neurological Processes
(Observed: Hearing Loss leads to long-term brain impact)

Substance-Use Disorders Linked to Increased Risk of Death for Veterans With PTSD
(Observed: People who have no future are increasing going to drugs and death)

New Link Between High-Fat ‘Western’ Diet and Atherosclerosis Identified
(Observed: Western Diet can lead to Atherosclerosis, heart problems)


‘Death in us’ studied, mostly due to ‘Bad Air’.

Caution: This might be all theory

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