Can Science find out ‘Why there are so many mental diseases on rise’?

Can Science find out ‘Why there are so many mental diseases on rise’?


Can Science find out ‘Why there are so many mental diseases on rise’?


1. Astrophysics

More Exoplanets Discovered: 41 New Transiting Planets in Kepler Field of View
(Observed: More planets discovvered in Kepler field, no one knows why)

Measuring the Universe’s ‘Exit Door’: For the First Time, an International Team Has Measured the Radius of a Black Hole
(Observed: Black Hole’s Radius measured, might lead to the clue on how much mass is crushed in a Black Hole, and how fast. A property which might help us determine extremes of Universe)

2. Quantum Mechanics

First Spectroscopic Measurement of an Anti-Atom
(Observed: Mystery of antimater, anti-hydrogen studied, perhaps ‘Death’ being studied)

3. Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1970
Luis Leloir
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1970 was awarded to Luis Leloir “for his discovery of sugar nucleotides and their role in the biosynthesis of carbohydrates”.
(Observed: Process of carbohydrates combustion demonstrated)

4. Brain

People With DFNA2 Hearing Loss Show Increased Touch Sensitivity, Study Shows
(Observed: Sound protein might be also affecting touch)

Scientists Pinpoint Gene Variations Linked to Higher Risk of Bipolar Disorder
(Observed: ‘My Way or the Highway’ takes a hit in America, 6 million people affected with disease)

5. Gene Therapy

Discovery Of New Retinal Gene Involved In Childhood Blindness
(Observed: A Gene which causes Childhood Blindness, identified)

Cats’ Eye Diseases Genetically Linked To Diseases In Humans
(Observed: Cats share more with humans, diseases like blindness too)

6. Environment

Carbon Dioxide from Water Pollution, as Well as Air Pollution, May Adversely Impact Oceans
(Observed: Co2 increases in ocean, causes harm to fishes and us)

Loss of Tropical Forests Reduces Rain
(Observed: Forest dissapear, taking away rain too in the Amazon)

7. Evolution

The Black Queen Hypothesis: Basis of a New Evolutionary Theory
(Observed: ‘Survival of Fittest’ overuled. Now its ‘Survival of Sharing’)

Species Richness and Genetic Diversity Do Not Go Hand in Hand in Alpine Plants
(Observed: Alpines trees loose their history)

8. Disease

New Back Pain Gene Identified in Largest Genetic Study of Its Kind
(Observed: A Gene which causes dehydration and back pane)

Potential Genetic Factor in Eating Disorders Identified
(Observed: Eating disorder during ‘Puberty in Girls’ found to be related to a particular gene)


Nature, Evolution, and Humans Race for ‘More’, seems to be at play for mental diseases.

Caution: This might be all theory

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