Work Tuesday (Can Science find ‘New things in Nature’?)

Work Tuesday (Can Science find ‘New things in Nature’?)


Can Science find ‘New things in Nature’?


1. Astrophysics

A Pulsar With a Tremendous Hiccup: Young and Energetic Neutron Star Has Unusually Irregular Rotation
(Observed: A Pulsar gets an ‘Eureka’ moment, cause unknown)

2. Quantum Mechanics

Largest Ever Gas Mix Caught in Ultra-Freeze Trap
(Observed: Scientist create a new trap to catch twice the amount of atoms)

3. Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1953
Hermann Staudinger
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1953 was awarded to Hermann Staudinger “for his discoveries in the field of macromolecular chemistry”.
(Observed: How big molecules behave?, probed, might be due to geometry, flux and space)

4. Brain

Spring Babies Face Anorexia Risk, Study Suggests
(Observed: Now timing of childrens born and weather affects their health)

Resurrecting the So-Called ‘Depression Gene’: New Evidence That Our Genes Play a Role in Our Response to Adversity
(Observed: A Gene mutation which depresses people only in specific events)

5. Gene Therapy

Too Many Gene Copies Stimulate Tumor Cell Growth
(Observed: Gene Copies duplication make brain tumors. Bad planning, demonstrated)

One Genetic Mutation Heals Another In Blistering Skin Disease
(Observed: A Genetic mutation in the same Gene helps another in skin disease, might show us that particular set of people have lost sensation to environment or disconnectivity from their ancestors or descendants in future. ‘Escape from Alcatraz’, happens inside)

6. Environment

Most Coral Reefs Are at Risk Unless Climate Change Is Drastically Limited, Study Shows
(Observed: Corals are slow to adapt as compared to microalgae, in their race for survival. ‘Survival of Fittest’, demonstrated)

7. Evolution

‘Zombie’ Worms Found in Mediterranean Fossil
(Observed: Alien like creatures eating bones found from past fossils)

New Species of Ancient Predatory Fish Discovered
(Observed: New Dangerous fish discovered, long time back in American oceans)

8. Disease

Nutritional Supplement Offers Promise in Treatment of Unique Form of Autism
(Observed: Autism makes people handicap for a particular type of food)

Genetic Variation That Raises Risk of Serious Complication Linked to Osteoporosis Drugs Identified
(Observed: Jaw drops in many people due to failure of earlier therapy. New therapy proposed)

9. Waste

Volcanic Gases Could Deplete Ozone Layer
(Observed: Volcanic Gases deplete Ozone back in time, next could be triggered by man-made human pollution)

The Blue Planet’s New Water Budget: Do We Have Enough?
(Observed: Water on Earth, probed, not very good results)


Science finds ‘New things in Nature’.

Caution: This might be all theory




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