Work Tuesday (Can Science find the ‘Idea of Nature’?)

Work Tuesday (Can Science find the ‘Idea of Nature’?)


Can Science find the ‘Idea of Nature’?


1. Astrophysics

Hubble Sees the Eye of the Storm in Galaxy Cluster
(Observed: A violent Star Cluster, observed, probably practising boxing)

Most Distant Dwarf Galaxy Detected
(Observed: Probably the Sun and Moon mutated)

2. Quantum Mechanics

How to Unbalance Nothingness: Physicists Calculate the Time Development of the Vacuum Decay
(Observed: Nothingness, studied. Might be similar to origin and end of Universe)

Unusual Electrons Go With the Flow
(Observed: Electrons innovate, now flow on the surface of materials)

3. Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1950
Otto Diels, Kurt Alder
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1950 was awarded jointly to Otto Paul Hermann Diels and Kurt Alder “for their discovery and development of the diene synthesis”
(Observed: A Type of Synthesis and Molecule which when added, stops growth, discovered. Probably our option to live forever might be realized as we can know how death works)

4. Brain

‘Bilingual’ Neurons May Reveal the Secrets of Brain Disease
(Observed: Brain communicates via two means, gets a bit luxurious)

New Brain Nerve Cells Key to Stress Resilience
(Observed: Now two mouse exchange views to stress uniquely)

5. Gene Therapy

Researchers Identify Gene Involved In Both Intellectual Disability And Epilepsy
(Observed: A Gene identified which controls many other genes, and makes people mad worldwide, approx 2% affected)

New Gene May Intensify Breast Cancer Growth
(Observed: A Gene which acts as a wire intensifies Breast Cancer)

6. Environment

Unprecedented Arctic Ozone Loss Last Winter
(Observed: A Hole in Arctic created due to human pollution, unobserved till now. Only in Antarctica we have found ozone depletion)

Environmental Concerns Increasing Infectious Disease in Amphibians, Other Animals
(Observed: Amphibians loose competitive survival edge, on to the way of becoming extinct)

7. Evolution

Spiders, Webs and Insects: A New Perspective On Evolutionary History
(Observed: Spiders loose creativity in big and arm themselves in small, in Evolution)

Experts Discover Oldest DNA Regulatory Region Known to Date in Vertebrates and Invertebrates
(Observed: A Regulatory Region in DNA found, undiscovered till now)

8. Disease

New Mouse Model May Provide Insights Into Rare Genetic Syndrome
(Observed: Fluctuations in Hormone found in Thyroid)

Fighting Melanoma’s Attraction to the Brain
(Observed: A cancer cell penetrates into the brain, causes havoc)


Idea of Nature found in us, diseases, plants and animals. Perhaps ‘Audi’ knows more about the ‘Idea of Nature’ than me.

Caution: This might be all theory




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