Work Tuesday (Can Science study the ‘Unknown Tree in the Universe’?)

Work Tuesday (Can Science study the ‘Unknown Tree in the Universe’?)


Can Science study the ‘Unknown Tree in the Universe’?


1. Astrophysics

Gamma-Ray Bursts Shed Light On the Nature of Dark Energy
(Observed: Why is the Universe expanding? What are the causes for the same?)

How a Distant Black Hole Devoured a Star
(Observed: The Nature of Black Holes and Neighbouring Stars. What prompts them to be voilent?)

2. Quantum Mechanics

Physicists Discover Odd Fluctuating Magnetic Waves
(Observed: Magnetism and Superconductivty, an odd interaction when applied to a material. Strange behaviour comes to play, which no one knows. Problems in order & disorder)

Atoms Don’t Dance The ‘Bose Nova’: Realization Of An Excited, Strongly Correlated Many-Body Phase
(Observed: A ‘State of Atoms’ which is different? Atoms don’t do their regular tango, instead form a attractive repulsive state)

3. Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1938
Richard Kuhn
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1938 was awarded to Richard Kuhn “for his work on carotenoids and vitamins”.
(Observed: Vitamins discovered)

4. Brain

Intermittent Explosive Disorder Affects Up To 16 Million Americans
(Observed: Americans hurt by unknown anger problems leading to mental depression and anxiety. Cause unknown and future work needed)

Sleep Apnea Linked With Increased Risk of Cancer Death
(Observed: Oxygen dissapears in patiens in nights, might lead to cancer, cause unknown)

5. Gene Therapy

Dartmouth Researchers Identify Multi-Tasking Circadian Protein
(Observed: A Light Receiving Protein which turns on body clock)

Gene Linked To Developmental Syndrome In Old Order Amish Identified By NIH Scientists
(Observed: A Gene Mutation linked to organ problems, found. Cause unknown)

6. Environment

The ‘Slippery Slope to Slime’: Overgrown Algae Causing Coral Reef Declines
(Observed: Corals dissapear due to fishing and pollution, solution needed)

Warming Ocean Could Start Big Shift of Antarctic Ice
(Observed: Ice in Antartica could dissapear, global warming. Solutions needed)

7. Evolution

Brainy Worms: Scientists Uncover Counterpart of Cerebral Cortex in Marine Worms
(Observed: Worms had brains, as scientist find, much like us. Cause unknown of this strange Evolution?)

Peptides May Hold ‘Missing Link’ to Life
(Observed: How small molecules, peptides, join together to probably form Life)

8. Disease

Virus Sent To Attack Brain Tumors From The Inside Out
(Observed: Brain tumors being solved, still unsuccessful though)

Autism: Why Do Some Develop Then Regress?
(Observed: Autism comes back)


The Unknown tree studied from Evolution, Environment, Brain, Genes (Our Ancestors), Far Space and the very small.

Caution: This might be all theory

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