Work Tuesday (Can Science find ‘The Push of Humanity and its Effect on Nature’?)

Work Tuesday (Can Science find ‘The Push of Humanity and its Effect on Nature’?)


Can Science find ‘The Push of Humanity and its Effect on Nature’?


1. Astrophysics

New Solar Active Region Spitting out Flares
(Observed: Flares seen from Sun)

‘Time Machine’ Will Study the Early Universe
(Observed: A machine which goes back to early universe)

2. Quantum Mechanics

Hints of Universal Behavior Seen in Exotic Three-Atom States
(Observed: An exotic three body state observed)

Heavy Relative of the Neutron Discovered
(Observed: A heavy particle discovered)

3. Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1939
Adolf Butenandt, Leopold Ruzicka
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1939 was divided equally between Adolf Friedrich Johann Butenandt “for his work on sex hormones” and Leopold Ruzicka “for his work on polymethylenes and higher terpenes”.
(Observed: Sex hormones discovered)

4. Brain

Link Between Chronic Depression and Accelerated Immune Cell Aging
(Observed: Immune cells develop too fast, cause problems like depression)

Brain: Multiple Contacts Are Key to Synapse Formation
(Observed: Neurons connect in a multiple pathway to each other)

Clues to Reverse Cognitive Deficits in People With Neurological Disorders
(Observed: Learning Defects can be cured with the help of mice)

5. Gene Therapy

Study Reveals Value Of Schizophrenia-Related Gene Variation
(Observed: A Gene which causes Schizophrenia European Americans)

Jefferson Scientists Identify Gene Defect Leading To Abnormal Skin Development And Cancer
(Observed: A Gene which causes mice cancer identified, present in humans too)

6. Environment

Climate Change Linked to Ozone Loss: May Result in More Skin Cancer
(Observed: Skin Cancer due to climate change, first time linked)

Antarctica at Risk from Human Activities
(Observed: Antarctica feels the Human Pinch)

7. Evolution

Not So Fast: Lasting Evolutionary Change Takes About One Million Years, Researchers Find
(Observed: Evolution is slow)

Three Waves of Evolutionary Innovation Shaped Diversity of Vertebrates, Genome Analysis Reveals
(Observed: Three ways of Evolution discovered)

8. Disease

Infection Linked to Dangerous Blood Clots in Veins and Lungs
(Observed: Infection causes blood clots, mebbe even death)

New Gene Offers Hope for Preventive Medicine Against Fractures
(Observed: New Gene for cure in fractures)


The Drive of Humanity and its Effect on Nature studied. Sometimes Nature affects Humanity also.

Caution: This might be all theory

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