Work Tuesday (Can Science find the root causes of Earthquakes, Storms, Famines?) [For Africa and India]

Work Tuesday (Can Science find the root causes of Earthquakes, Storms, Famines?) [For Africa and India]


Can Science find the root causes of Earthquakes, Storms, Famines?


1. Astrophysics

Laser Hints at How Universe Got Its Magnetism
(Observed: ‘The Origin of Universe’. Can we find it? At what cost? Nuclear Weapons? Lasers?)

One Promising Puzzle Piece for Confirming Dark Matter Now Seems Unlikely Fit
(Observed: Gamma rays studied, the shower of light from Space using ‘Planet Earth’ itself. Might lead us to the quest of Mankind in determining ‘The Beginnin & End of Universe’ and ‘Are there any Life Forms’)

2. Quantum Mechanics

Unravelling The Random Fluctuations Of Nothing
(Observed: Nothing? A theory of Everything. Collapsing Evolution and Mankind to a formula? Is it possible)

New Way To Levitate Objects Discovered
(Observed: Repulsion forces ‘Anti Sticking’ forces much like friction being created. Might take a gigantic effort possibly many extinctions in Nature. Wonder if this experiment worth doing? Although in this article, long-term benefits are a question?)

3. Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1937
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1937 was divided equally between Walter Norman Haworth “for his investigations on carbohydrates and vitamin C” and Paul Karrer “for his investigations on carotenoids, flavins and vitamins A and B2”.
(Observed: Carbohydrates & Vitamins discovered)

4. Brain

Link Between Depression, Abdominal Obesity Confirmed by New Study
(Observed: Depression leads to obesity, might be due to ‘Life and Work’ balance. Could be due to rise of Asians in this century and ‘The White Man’ trying to find a way out for himself or compete with ‘The Coloured Man’)

Biological Link Between Stress, Anxiety and Depression Identified
(Observed: Past and Future create a disease and Scientist find the chemical pathway. Cause might be satisfaction and future fruits, again ‘Life and Work’ balance)

5. Gene Therapy

Two Genes Are Better Than One: Combination Approach Selectively Kills Pancreatic Cancer Cells
(Observed: Two genes involved in cancer found)

New Colorectal Cancer Gene Identified
(Observed: Cancer Genes found)

6. Environment

Scientists Explore Molecular Link Between Arsenic Exposure and Lung Cancer
(Observed: Arsenic exposes Humans to Cancer)

Outstanding for the Past 15 Million Years: Swiss Alps Have Influenced Europe’s Climate Since the Miocene
(Observed: Mountains, how high were they in the past? Water can tell us the answer)

7. Evolution

Subtle Shifts, Not Major Sweeps, Drove Human Evolution
(Observed: Mode of Human Evolution contested from a single gene mutation ‘Vertical along Human Evolution’ as compared to multiple gene mutation ‘Horizontal Mutation in a Single Time Zone’)

Unselfish Molecules May Have Helped Give Birth to the Genetic Material of Life
(Observed: Molecules which are not selfish help create Life, found)

8. Disease

Estrogen Is Responsible for Slow Wound Healing in Women, Study Finds
(Observed: A chemical which is laid back in response of injury of women as compared to men, found)

Specific Gene Linked to Cold Sore Susceptibility, Study Finds
(Observed: Americans develop cold, a gene found)

9. Human Disasters

Nearly 1,000 Earthquakes Recorded in Arizona Over Three Years
(Observed: Earthquake monitoring in Arizona improve)

Landslide Fatalities Are Greater Than Previously Thought
(Observed: Land problems in Nature pinch Humanity)

Two Elusive and Endangered Snow Leopards Are Fitted With Satellite Collars for the First Time in Afghanistan
(Observed: Snow leopards disappearing, tamed by mankind, and now we are trying to bring them back into their natural habitat)

Facing death in Sri Lanka and Thailand
(Observed: Stars and Thailand, a oddysey of Nature)


Origin Of Universe, causes and effects of Natural Disasters and Human Life studied which reveals ‘Root cause of Bad things affecting Humanity’.

Caution: This might be all theory

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