Work Tuesday (Can Science study ‘Wackiness’ in Nature, Life, Humans, Diseases?)

Work Tuesday (Can Science study ‘Wackiness’ in Nature, Life, Humans, Diseases?)


Can Science find ‘Wackiness, Quirkness for Nature’?


1. Astrophysics

Rogue Stars Ejected from the Galaxy Are Found in Intergalactic Space
(Observed: ‘Escape from Alcatraz‘ performed by Stars from Black Holes)

Astronomer Finds Evidence for Record-Breaking Nine Planet System
(Observed: Nine planet system much like ours and close by found)

2. Quantum Mechanics

Largest Parity Violation and Other Adventures in Table-Top Physics: Atomic Experiments Push Boundary of Known Physical World
(Observed: Parity violations observed, which means your dark side might be different from your bright side. Property of Electrons and Light remains same)

Geometry Affects Drift and Diffusion Across Entropic Barriers
(Observed: Space affects “How much you can get through and how far?”)

3. Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1925
Richard Zsigmondy
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1925 was awarded to Richard Zsigmondy “for his demonstration of the heterogeneous nature of colloid solutions and for the methods he used, which have since become fundamental in modern colloid chemistry”.
(Observed: Colloids explained which might explain why the same substance behaves differently in diffusion in different mediums)

4. Brain

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Can Have Genetic Causes
(Observed: Mutations in stomach lead to havoc in excreta disorder)

Bipolar Disorder And Gene Abnormalities: Sodium, Calcium Imbalances Linked To Manic Depressive Episodes
(Observed: America gets input-output problem, might be due to suffering exports and more imports)

Sensitivity To Antidepressants Linked With TrkB-Mediated Neural Proliferation
(Observed: A Receptor which affects antidepressants effect on diseases like anxiety)

5. Gene Therapy

Prostate Cancer Gene Found: Newly Identified Susceptibility Gene May Provide The Key To Earlier Diagnosis And Treatment Of Disease
(Observed: Mutations of the same gene causes cancer)

Human/Insect/Jellyfish Genes Team To Quiet “Hyper” Nerve Cells
(Observed & Apriori: Genes firing quieted down by silencers)

6. Environment

Himalayan Glaciers Retreating at Accelerated Rate in Some Regions: Consequences for Water Supply Remain Unclear
(Observed: Glaciers shy away from Himalayan regions)

Global Catastrophic Amphibian Declines Have Multiple Causes, No Simple Solution
(Observed: Climate trouble may affect Amphibian decline and into extinction)

7. Evolution

New Insights Into Genomics of Speciation
(Observed: Species can diverge in large part of Genome rather than small areas, creating a different view of Evolution)

Core Nuclear Pore Elements Likely Shared By All Eukaryotes
(Observed: Eukaryotes are the same evolving at a particular point of time, very rapidly after remaining dormant for about 2 billion years)

8. Disease

Genetic Variation For Enzyme In Lung May Point To Cancer Susceptibility Gene, Mechanisms That May Cause Cancer
(Observed: A Gene that causes Lung Cancer identified, however one of the variations might just prevent it)

New Approach to Treat Acute Liver Failure
(Observed: Acute Liver Failure caused by increases in apoptosis, solution is ARC protein which is lacking in Liver)


Nature can be weird and can do a lot of different things in it with Life, Space and Diseases. There are a lot of unknowns on which we can work.

P.S: The goal of the blog has not been decided ‘Apriori’, or rather the quality of articles has driven the ‘Aim’ and it might be similar to some of the earlier blogs

Caution: This might be all theory




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