Work Tuesday (Can Science find the ‘Quality of Evolution’?)

Work Tuesday (Can Science find the ‘Quality of Evolution’?)


Can Science sketch out ‘The Quality of Evolution’?


1. Astrophysics

Discovery of the Musket Ball Cluster, a System of Colliding Galaxy Clusters
(Observed: A New type of system observed with a lot of colours and clear separation of normal and dark matter)

Dusty Disc of Crushed Comets Around a Nearby Star Caused by Collisions With Thousands of Comets a Day
(Observed: Comets play ‘Bang Bang’ near a star, creating a hell lot of dust)

2. Quantum Mechanics

Search for Dark Matter Moves One Step Closer to Detecting Elusive Particle
(Observed: Dark Matter Particles Experiment & Instrument designed)

Anti-Helium Discovered in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider Experiment
(Observed: Anti Particles coming)

3. Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1927
Heinrich Wieland
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1927 was awarded to Heinrich Wieland “for his investigations of the constitution of the bile acids and related substances”.
(Observed: Bile Acids and related substances studied in Science)

4. Brain

Depression A Common Consequence Of Chronic Rhinosinusitis
(Observed: Two diseases interlinked)

Rheumatoid Arthritis Is Associated With Poor Sleep In Women
(Observed: Two diseases interlinked)

Molecular Switch Linking Infectious Disease And Depression Identified
(Observed: A Switch causes depression identified)

New Role For Serotonin ‘Ironed Out’
(Observed: Serotonin affects Iron levels in Brains)

5. Gene Therapy

Duke Scientists Reverse A Rare Form Of Muscular Dystrophy In Mice Using Gene Therapy
(Observed: Muscle Wastage in Humans solved by Scientist using Gene Therapy)

Researchers Link Newly Discovered Gene To Hereditary Neurological Disease
(Observed: A Gene that causes hereditary neurological disease identified causes muscle problems)

6. Environment

Warmer Temperatures Make New USDA Plant Zone Map Obsolete
(Observed: Temperatures warm affecting America’s Natural Life, mostly its trees)

The Economic Cost of Increased Temperatures: Warming Episodes Hurt Poor Countries and Limit Long-Term Growth
(Observed: Temperatures hurt countries future, mostly poor countries)

7. Evolution

Evolutionary Adaptations Can Be Reversed, but Rarely
(Observed: Evolution can be reversed if less than four mutations happen)

Reptile ‘Cousins’ Shed New Light On End-Permian Extinction
(Observed: Reptiles survive Extinction, in which a hell lot of species disappear)

8. Disease

Immune System Compensates for ‘Leaky Gut’ in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Susceptibility
(Observed: Even if you have a gut leaky, immune system helps. But lack or faulty immune system can degrade the intestine causing diseases)

First Evidence for a Genetic Cause for Barrett’s Esophagus
(Observed: Barrett’s Esophagus can be inherited, a cancer disease)


‘Quality of Evolution’ studied from Life, Nature and diseases in this blog.

Caution: This might be all theory




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