Work Tuesday (Can Science find ‘Reversible Reactions in Nature’?)

Work Tuesday (Can Science find ‘Reversible Reactions in Nature’?)


Is Life reversible? Can you grow young rather than old? What about Nature, does it have a direction?


1. Astrophysics

Chemical Clues On Formation of Planetary Systems: Earth ‘Siblings’ Can Be Different
(Observed: Earth Like Planets and Life in a different spin, possible?)

Astronomers Reach New Frontiers of Dark Matter
(Observed: Man goes for darkness in search for his quest for freedom and adventure)

2. Quantum Mechanics

Bizarre Matter Could Find Use in Quantum Computers
(Observed: Electrons matter that doesn’t loose on its registry and can act at the same time as normal quantum computer bits)

Proton’s Party Pals May Alter Its Internal Structure
(Observed: Proton’s internal structure altered by a combination of ‘Mass and Density’ of its neighbours)

3. Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1926
The Svedberg
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1926 was awarded to The Svedberg “for his work on disperse systems”.
(Observed: Particles move in disperse direction when dissolved in solutions, as Nobel Prize Scientist explain)

4. Brain

Links Between Hypertension, Bipolar Disorders Identified
(Obseerved: Stress can take you all the way to bed, towards health decline though)

One Molecule Opens the Door to New Treatments for Depression
(Observed: Can Depression be treated chemically?)

5. Gene Therapy

Plants Defy Mendel’s Inheritance Laws, May Prompt Textbook Changes
(Observed: Plants might carry their ancestors information hidden and then pass it of to their next generations without causing any mutation)

Researchers Uncover Mutated Genes Involved In Lung Cancer; One Affects Nonsmokers
(Observed: Mutated Genes affect non smokers too as well as smokers)

6. Environment

Actual Water Pollution Often Vastly Higher Than Calculated, European Research On Pesticide Approvals Shows
(Observed: Pollution in Water more than expected or predicted by mathematical models)

Marine Microorganisms Hold the Key to Life On Earth
(Observed: Marine Life, might be the originator of Life)

The Case of the Dying Aspens
(Observed: Food plenty, structure damaged in a particular tree species of America)

7. Evolution

Genetic Basis of Brain Diseases: Set of Proteins Account for Over 130 Brain Diseases
(Observed: Fewer set of genes affecting majority of Brain Diseases)

New Understanding of Bizarre Extinct Mammal: Shares Common Ancestor With Rodents, Primates
(Observed: A Animal a bit strange, common to some rodents and extinct)

8. Disease

Public Urged to Take Precautions Against West Nile Virus
(Observed: West Nile Virus springs up a suprise in America, hurts)

Bartonella Infection Associated With Rheumatoid Illnesses in Humans
(Observed: Cats n Dogs affect Humans)

Studies Reveal Structure of EV71, a Virus Causing Childhood Illnesses
(Observed: Disease innovates itself, unstoppable in children)


Life flows mostly one way; however in some cases, Nature studied with reversible reactions taking Life backwards and then forward again.

Caution: This might be all theory

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