Work Tuesday (Can Science find the ‘Roots of Nature, Humans, Diseases and so on’?)

Work Tuesday (Can Science find the ‘Roots of Nature, Humans, Diseases and so on’?)


Can Science find the ‘Roots of Nature, Humans, Diseases and so on’? What are the underlying structures, the very basics?


1. Astrophysics

Bonanza of Black Holes, Hot DOGs: NASA’s WISE Survey Uncovers Millions of Black Holes
(Observed: Black Holes come out in a frenzy and give a ‘Rambo Circus’ exhibition to us)

Four White Dwarf Stars Caught in the Act of Consuming ‘Earth-Like’ Exoplanets
(Observed: Telescope Police catch ‘White Dwarfs’)

2. Quantum Mechanics

Understanding Hot Nuclear Matter That Permeated the Early Universe
(Observed: String Theory and Other Cool Physics Stuff, which we yearn like a ‘A New Beautiful Girl with Pink Satin’ explored in hot nuclear matter at our nearest coffee store ‘RHC, LHC & 106 Satyam Shivam’)

The ‘Molecular Octopus’: A Little Brother of ‘Schroedinger’s Cat’
(Observed: Now you can get ‘The Twin Towers of America’ back, and it might still not be there at the same time if you have a beard)

3. Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1921
Frederick Soddy
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1921 was awarded to Frederick Soddy “for his contributions to our knowledge of the chemistry of radioactive substances, and his investigations into the origin and nature of isotopes”.
(Observed:  Different weights, same charges elements defined known as radioactive isotopes)

4. Brain

Discovery May Lead to Safer Treatments for Asthma, Allergies and Arthritis
(Observed: A central protein which does the job of energy control as well as sleep)

Secrets of the ‘Sleep Hormone’: Discovery Leads to Novel Melatonin Drug With Potential to Treat Insomnia
(Observed: A Hormone which makes you sleep, discovered)

5. Gene Therapy

Genetic On-Off Switch Found At Purdue
(Observed: A Switch which switches Genes at various levels created)

Short Stature: Both A Specific Gene, And Its Abnormal Regulation, Can Trigger The Condition
(Observed: Now height of people controlled by Gene)

6. Environment

Skeleton Key: Diverse Complex Networks Have Similar Skeletons
(Observed: All networks have same basic structure)

Richer Parasite Diversity Helps Protect Frogs from Viruses That Cause Malformed Limbs
(Observed: If there is a increase in diversity of diseases, the diseases are less effective)

7. Evolution

Environmental Factors Limit Species Diversity, Lizard Study Finds
(Observed: Thoery on ‘Diversity of Species’  contended by Scientist, sometimes they just tend to fly depending on available resources)

Giant Sperm Whale from the Miocene Period Discovered in Peru
(Observed: Whales with bigger teeth found, dissapear long time back)

8. Disease

New Genetic Subtype of Lung Cancer Defined
(Observed: A New type of Gene causing dangerous ‘Lung Cancer’)

Cutting Off the Oxygen Supply to Serious Diseases
(Observed: Cancer develops on Oxygen Supply)


Roots of Materials, Humans, Other Life Forms and Diseases studied in this blog.

Caution: This might be all theory

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