Work Tuesday (Can Science find out the ‘The Struggle of Individuality in Evolution’?)

Work Tuesday (Can Science find out the ‘The Struggle of Individuality in Evolution’?)


Can Science find ‘Individuality in Nature’, where Nature is less dependent on surrounding environment facts?


1. Astrophysics

Space-Warping White Dwarfs Produce Gravitational Waves
(Observed: White Dwarf’s produce Gravity as predicted by Einstein bringing home a clock )

Building Blocks of Life Found Around Young Star
(Observed: Life elsewhere, might be more than a dream now)

2. Quantum Mechanics

One Dozen At A Blow: Main Principle For Alloys Discovered
(Observed: Principle between ‘Alloys which sit between atoms and metals’ discovered)

Chemist Travels World To Study Mysterious Properties Of Neutrinos
(Observed: Chemist give up the chair for the search of magical particles called ‘Neutrinos’)

3. Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1920
Walther Nernst
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1920 was awarded to Walther Nernst “in recognition of his work in thermochemistry”.
(Observed: Energy studied, due to chemical bonds which gives rise to heat in driving Life and many other events in Universe)

4. Brain

Protein Regulates Enzyme Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease
(Observed: A complex relationship between a protein and enzyme causing Brain to spin around)

New Study Characterizes Cognitive and Anatomic Differences in Alzheimer’s Disease Gene Carriers
(Observed: Now a ‘Toll Naka’ Gene becomes a cause for Alzheimer, might indicate shrinking ‘Choice in Humanity is shrinking’)

5. Gene Therapy

Scientists Find Breast Cancer Gene Required To Correct Certain Genetic Damage
(Observed: A Gene which plays the role in Gene repair involved in Cancer, might be involved in ‘Mass Repair’ rather than ‘Quality Repair’)

First Evidence That Localized Arthritis Gene Therapy Heals Distant Diseased Joints
(Observed: Arthritis solved, in a surprising way. More research needed though. It also proves ‘Life is Connected inside you’)

6. Environment

Causes of Melting Tropical Glaciers Over Past 10,000 Years Identified
(Observed: Glaciers melting in tropical regions. Do you like to Swim? It’s the best time to go places underwater, however Nature is at a loss. One could go to ‘Nature Saving Expedition Swim Contest’)

Zebra Mussel Invasion in Spain Is Irreversible, Experts Say
(Observed: Excess of Zebra Mussel causes pain in Spain in USA, ecosystem problems and environmental damage)

Human Impact Felt On Black Sea Long Before Industrial Era
(Observed: Human Population and Rivers affect Sea which also affects the entire ecosystem around)

7. Evolution

Drastic Musk Ox Population Decline 12,000 Years Ago Due to Climate, Not Humans, Study Finds
(Observed: Ox population decreases because of Weather and not direct impact of hunting. Humanity tries to shake of trouble from it)

Snowball Earth: New Evidence Hints at Global Glaciation 716.5 Million Years Ago
(Observed: A Lot of Ice, millions of years back. Best time to have ice-cream)

8. Disease

Latinos More Vulnerable to Fatty Pancreas, Type 2 Diabetes, Study Shows
(Observed: Latinos get a bit more fat and get Diabetes, leading ‘Death Cause’ in America)

Anchoring Proteins Influence Glucose Metabolism and Insulin Release
(Observed: A new control point discovered in Diabetes, loss of a anchoring protein causes havoc inside the body)


Individuality studied in Nature, Humans and Diseases.

Caution: This might be all theory

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