Can Science find ‘The Suffering of Humanity and Nature’?

Can Science find ‘The Suffering of Humanity and Nature’?


What does Nature and humans have to go through to achieve freedom, life and a prosperous future? Can Science show us the way to ‘The Suffering of Humanity and Nature’? (Some Articles might have been picked up from earlier blogs)


1. Astrophysics

Thermonuclear Behavior of Unique Neutron Star Captured
(Observed: A New kind of nuclear reaction observed)

Moon-Walk Mineral Discovered in Western Australia
(Observed: Moon pays a visit to Earth)

Black Holes Spin Faster and Faster
(Observed: Matter in Universe, gets spinnin, fast very fast)

Dark Energy Is Driving Universe Apart: NASA’s Galaxy Evolution Explorer Finds Dark Energy Repulsive
(Observed: Dark Energy drives objects apart, far away)

2. Quantum Mechanics

‘Incoherent Excitations’ Govern Key Phase of Superconductor Behavior
(Observed: Electrons dance their way from disorder to order)

Physicists Use Offshoot of String Theory to Describe Puzzling Behavior of Superconductors
(Observed: Electrons behave differently & conduct electricity forever)

3. Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1918
Fritz Haber
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1918 was awarded to Fritz Haber “for the synthesis of ammonia from its elements”.
(Observed: Ammonia prepared for soil)

4. Brain

Interaction Between Gene Variants May Alter Brain Function In Schizophrenia
(Observed: Quantum Mechanics now in Brain Diseases)

Distinct Treatment Needed: Tourette’s And Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
(Observed: Two diseases go in the opposite way when Humans receive energy, showing complex behaviour)

Phantoms In The Brain: Pain After Amputation
(Observed: Phantoms come to the brain after man has lost a limb)

5. Gene Therapy

‘At-TRIB(1)-Uting’ a Gene a New Function in the Liver
(Observed: A Gene which affects Liver and the Heart)

First Clinical Trial of Gene Therapy for Muscular Dystrophy Lends Insight Into the Disease
(Observed: Patients take in their own hands, cure to disease)

6. Environment

Effects of Deforestation and Expansion of Agriculture in Peruvian Highland Jungle
(Observed: Nature wipes of the happiness of Humanity from Amazons)

Florida Keys Ecosystem Threatened by Multiple Stressors
(Observed: Florida under threat in its ecosystem)

Massachusetts Butterflies Move North as Climate Warms
(Observed: Climate drills into Butterflies, causes upset)

7. Evolution

‘Death Stench’ Is A Universal Ancient Warning Signal, Biologists Discover
(Observed: A common signal for death across all creatures, discovered)

New Species Discovered On Whale Skeletons
(Observed: Dead Whales bring new species to the fore on the Ocean Floor)

From Fish To Landlubber: Fossils Suggest Earlier Land-Water Transition Of Tetrapod
(Observed: Evolution of fish, long time back)

8. Disease

Early Predictors of Metabolic Syndrome in Healthy 7-9 Year-Olds Identified
(Observed: Fat in Liver can be used as a marker to Metabolic Syndrome)

Experimental Obesity Drug Avoids Brain Effects That Troubled Predecessors
(Observed: New Drug proves promise to Obesity)

Inhibiting Cell-Death Gene May Slow ALS Progression
(Observed: Genes found which cause brain and spinal cord disorder)


Burden of Beast, Humans and Nature revealed in this blog.

Caution: This might be all theory




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