Work Tuesday (Can Science find what influences “Prey Predator Relationship”?)

Work Tuesday (Can Science find what influences “Prey Predator Relationship”?)


What is the relationship between ‘Predator & Prey’? Do all predators eat prey in one instance, over time? What are some of the other parameters which influence this relationship?


1. Astrophysics

‘Impossible’ Binary Stars Discovered (Might have been explored in earlier blogs)
(Observed: Binary stars, twin objects and four of them, rotate around each other. Something unique in Nature and Space)

A Trick of Perspective: Chance Alignment Mimics a Cosmic Collision
(Observed: How do we look, might not be true? It might be all perspective)

2. Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Teleportation Goes the Distance: Record-Breaking Distance of 143 Kilometers Through Free Space
(Observed: Accuracy of over ‘billionth of a second’ over a large distance)

A Roll of the Dice: Quantum Mechanics Researchers Show That Nature Is Unpredictable
(Observed: Nature cannot be predicted, Scientist conclude as of now)

3. Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1913
Alfred Werner
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1913 was awarded to Alfred Werner “in recognition of his work on the linkage of atoms in molecules by which he has thrown new light on earlier investigations and opened up new fields of research especially in inorganic chemistry”.
(Observed: Do atoms combine? What do they form? How do they form complex compounds?)

4. Brain

Reorganizing Brain Could Lead to New Stroke, Tinnitus Treatments
(Observed: Along with physical movement, direct mental treatment by systems into brain, can be a good adjunct to cure disease)

Autism Mutations, Scattered Across Many Genes, Merge Into Common Network of Interactions
(Observed: Many Genes contribute to Autism and our metabolic network, not just one, as Scientist find)

Study of Half Siblings Provides Genetic Clues to Autism
(Observed: Autism might not be only Genetic, might be during the process of child creation also, Scientist find)

Further Evidence Found of Disturbed Immune System in Autism
(Observed: Autism strikes Genes which might be distributed across families)

Mutations in Three Genes Linked to Autism Spectrum Disorders
(Observed: New Genes found in Autism, which happen for the first time. This might suggest Autism spreads like AIDS)

5. Gene Therapy

New Gene Mutation Associated With Congenital Myopathy
(Observed: A New Gene comes out which might be the cause of Congenital Myopathy, a muscle problem)

New Gene Transfer Strategy Shows Promise for Limb Girdle and Other Muscular Dystrophies
(Observed: Large Genes delivered safely home as unlike earlier)

6. Environment

Beetle-Fungus Disease Threatens Crops and Landscape Trees in Southern California
(Observed: Beetle gets angry and has a fungus in it which rots up trees. It might also have found a way to cure itself naturally. Simple, eat up some trees)

Millennium-Old Olive Trees of the Iberian Peninsula Are Younger Than Expected
(Observed: Trees age found, previously thought a millennium old, now 627 years)

7. Evolution

Ancient Denisovan Genome: Relationships Between Denisovans and Present-Day Humans Revealed
(Observed: A Genome which has gone extinct revealed by Scientist)

Ancient, Humble Critter Proves: Newer Isn’t Always Better
(Observed: Gene Variation might not always be better)

Dawn of Humanity Illuminated – 50 Years After the Leakeys
(Observed: Humanity mapped)

8. Disease

Tension On Gut Muscles Induces Cell Invasion in Zebrafish Intestine, Mimicking Cancer Metastasis
(Observed: A Gene Mutation which causes Cancer, function of mutation unknown)

Melanoma Manifests Differently in Children Than in Adults, Study Finds
(Observed: A Skin disease spreads among children also other than adults)

9. Mathematics:
Lotka Volterra Equation:
(Observed: ‘Predator Prey’ Relationships studied in Mathematics)


Predator Prey Relationships studied in Nature, humans, diseases and Mathematics.

Caution: This might be all theory

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