Science Today (Science in the month of June-July)

Science Today (Science in the month of June-July)


This blog is to summarize Science this month, starting from the latest ones to the blog last month.


Science Today (Can Science bring out the eccentricities, odd situations, people in Nature?)
This blog might sound a bit funny, but it deals with very serious issues facing human kind and Nature like eccentricities, madness and so on.

Science Today (Can Science find the fine line between Animals and Humans for peaceful coexistence?)
Most of the time our ecosystem is shared between Humans, Birds, and Animals? The fight between them affects our ecosystem. Can Science find the areas of mutual conflict & help us by creating a peaceful coexistence environment for us?

Science Today (Can Science find the ‘Society’ in Nature?)
Can Science find as to “Who we are? Where we are going to? What do we represent” in Nature?

Science Today (Can Science find the line between Nature and man-made scientific creations?)
Where does Nature and Artificial Life & Creation meet? How do they affect each other?

Science Today (Can Science find music in Nature?)
Can Science create a song for us and hence music in Nature? Music and sound are made of waves which mix to create music and songs for us.

Science Today (Can Science make a Movie for us?)
Most of the themes remain the same, the idea is to articulate and check if ‘Life in Nature’ does really behave like a Movie?

Science Today (Can Science make the best coffee for us?)
Can Science introduce us to the best way for mixing of Culture, Race, Nature around us?

Science Today (Can Science find Glue in Nature?)
Can Science find the glue in Nature and Society which binds us all?

Science Today (Can Science find forces: old or new in Nature?)
There are many forces in Nature: gravity, atomic, electromagnetic. Can Science find these forces in Nature or even new forces yet to be discovered?

Science Today (Can Science find the best system by which you are left to yourself? Anne?)
A lot of people like their individuality & privacy, and at the same time, would like to refrain from harming anyone else. Can Science help us in building such a thing?

Science Today (Can Science create the ideal travel for everyone?)
Can Science help us by making travel as easy as sleeping in home?

Science Today (Can Science build the life of a common man?)
What does a common man need in his life? Land, Food, Clothes. Can Science provide these aspects to them?

Science Today (Can Science find extreme situations or problems in Nature?)
Most of us like regular life while some go for extreme life-like “driving a plane for fun, hiking Mt. Everest”. This is also reflective of Nature. Can Science find extreme situations or problems in Nature?

Science Today (Can Science solve emergencies like floods, famines, war problems?)
With ever-increasing population of 7 billion and more, humanity is flooded with problems like wars, famines, floods and other major negative events (either man-made or nature made, whose lines are rapidly merging). Can Science solve these problems of human which result to large-scale human disaster?

Science Today (Can there be any completely discontinuous event?)
Most of the events are continuous as evolution. Can there be a completely discontinuous event, unconnected to any other event? Like ‘Vacuum Space’.

Science Today (Can Science restore the fabric of Society?)
The Fabric of Society is affected by many events: order, disorder, evolution, trade which affects the Society in a positive or negative way. Can Science find and restore the fabric of Society?

Science Today (Can Science find Life in a person through its method?)
Life of a person starts from a kid to an old man. Can we see similar events in the events of Science?

Science Today (Can Science find if there are incongreuencies in Nature or if Nature is perfect?)
The quest of this blog is to find the hidden mysteries in Nature and whether it is perfect?

Science Today (Can Science help us save our back or past?)
“Can Science study the time dimension and save our past?”, studied in the blog.

Science Today (Can Science cook up a painting for us?)
A Painting denotes an expression of an innovation and thought. Can Science help us cook up a painting for us?

Science Today (Can Science help Ethics?)
Most of the time we become influenced by power in work and erode the poor & weaker people for a game. Can Science help us create Ethics ( A true reflection of us) in Work, Life & Society?

Science Today (Can Science find Reality ever?)
Can Science find the boundary between Reality and Fake Life?

Science Today (Can we create softness in Life?)
Can Science create softness for all of us? This blog aims to study and link softness to science and can be expanded as much as one likes to go deep in Life.

Science Today (Can Science help us create our own Nature?)
Nature is abundant and with a lot of positives and negatives according to one’s perspective. Can Science help us create our own personalized Nature?

Science Today (What is the quest of Science?)
Does Science itself has a quest which it is leading us to?  “Is there a will of science present irrespective of experimenter?”, studied in this blog.

Science Today (Can Science prevent and convert Waste for good?)
Waste, the greatest evil of mankind whether it’s the mind or body leads to the ultimate death of all of us. Can Science help us in preventing waste or as a last opportunity, convert waste into our good fortune?

Science Today (Can Science create an Invisibility formula to make anything invisible?)
Many times we don’t want people to do peepin tom on us. We need our privacy and therefore the quest to development of invisibility is only to merely protect privacy and not to harm anyone.

Science Today (Can Science find Good Work and Money for youngsters?)
Most of the time, money dictates work. You are given 100$ per hour for IT work, 200$ for Science work and so on. This shuts down the creativity in an individual leading to premature death. Can we create the environment for an individual, where an individual can keep on expressing his creativity without any limitations from others?

Science Today (Can Science find Reality among all the Cons, Jokers, Mysteries in the Universe?)
There are a lot of mysteries in Nature and people. Sometimes because of instruments being imperfect and sometimes nature of people preventing truth from the common man. And perhaps in Nature also. So how do we find Reality among all the Cons, Jokers, Mysteries in the Universe?

Science Today (Can Evolution & Humanity be combined?)
Evolution demands mostly “Survival of Fittest” whereas Humanity wants equal justice to everyone. Can both survive together in this very competitive world?


As we see in the above blog, Science explains the quest of Man from ‘Survival of Fittest’ to his evolution to a more complex entity with his advance to the fields of ‘Philosophy, Art, Science’ for a much richer Universe.

Caution: This might be all theory




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