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August 31, 2012


The Tirade
of Nature

Takes a

To the
dark corners
of Humanity

From the
red flesh

To the
stab in

A simple

You run
into the

Drawn to
the fire

Your loved

Pullin you

To the
little cave

The greed
in you

Makes you

Your teeth
on the

The History
of Man

Splashed on
‘The Origin
of Species’

Caution: This might be all theory

Science Today (Can Science manages ‘Multiple Parameters in Nature’?)

August 31, 2012

Science Today (Can Science manages ‘Multiple Parameters in Nature’?)


How does Nature manage ‘Multiple Parameters’ like Quality, Quantity, Flexibility, Performance, Scalability in it?


1. Astrophysics (Far: About Stars, Aliens and Fairies if they exist)

Our Universe at Home Within a Larger Universe? So Suggests Physicist’s Wormhole Research
(Observed: Black Hole finds it partner, White Hole)

Planet-Like Object Found Circling a Brown Dwarf
(Observed: UFO far away and circles brown dwarf)

2. Quantum Mechanics (Small: Of young children, new thinking and the world of small things for people who prefer perfection)

Complicating In Order To Simplify: New Twist In Classical Mechanics Finds Way Around 225-Year-Old Paradox
(Apriori: Got many different things, researchers have found a new way to solve the problem)

A Fresh Spin In Quantum Physics: The ‘Spin Triplet’ Supercurrent
(Observed: A single atom made to spin three ways, now possible, at large distances)

3. Nobel Prize (Talent: People who did great discoveries in Science and are given a prize so that you don’t forget them)

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1906
Henri Moissan
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1906 was awarded to Henri Moissan “in recognition of the great services rendered by him in his investigation and isolation of the element fluorine, and for the adoption in the service of science of the electric furnace called after him”.
(Observed & Apriori: Fluorine discovered, which can be used to produce Diamonds)

4. Brain (You: Human Thinking Machine )

Thinking and Choosing in the Brain: Researchers Study Over 300 Lesion Patients
(Observed: Many areas involved in decision-making, region mapped)

Evolutionary Increase in Size of the Human Brain Explained: Part of a Protein Linked to Rapid Change in Cognitive Ability
(Observed: A single protein part can cause size increase in Brain across species)

Multiple Thought Channels May Help Brain Avoid Traffic Jams
(Observed: Different parts of Brain act at different frequency channels as discovered by Scientist)

5. Gene Therapy (Close: Of Relationships)

UCSD Researchers Use Gene Therapy To Promote Recovery From Spinal Cord Injuries
(Observed: Spinal Cord Injuries can be cured by genetically modified normal cells)

Gene Therapy Hold Promise For Sickle Cell Disease And Beta Thalassemia
(Observed: Long term healing of two diseases in progress)

6. Environment (Present Nature)

Arctic Sea Ice Reaches Lowest Extent Ever Recorded
(Observed: Ice melts & disappears in Arctic)

Meddling With Male Malaria Mosquito ‘Mating Plug’ to Control an Epidemic
(Observed: Male Mosquitos find a lid for their sperm)

World’s Toughest Bacterium Holds Promise for Rapid Vaccine Development Against Deadly Diseases
(Observed: A vaccine which kills the disease but keeps its identification intact for the immune system to work on)

7. Evolution (Past Nature)

Mutants With Heterozygote Disadvantage Can Prevent Spread of Transgenic Animals
(Apriori: Science borrows from Statistics to prevent disease carrying living beings)

8. Diseases (Problems in Nature)

Too Much Protein HUWE1 Causes Intellectual Disability
(Observed: A protein identified which might be heridetary and causes Intellectual problems)

Protein Linked to Increased Risk of Heart Failure and Death in Older Adults
(Observed: A Protein which is linked to heart failures, identified)

9. Mathematics (Expanse of Nature)

Multi Parameter Optimization:
(Apriori: How does one make choice?)


How does one deal in a ‘Variable Environment’?, defined.

Caution: This might be all theory

The Old Women in the Dark Cave

August 31, 2012

The Old Women in the Dark Cave

In peace
& bed

It’s a
story now

Darkness around

You still
at rest

The bones
& blood

On the

You look

You wear
the cloth

Of your
black skin

A Old

Workin with
her needle

And the
soothin eyes

The cry
in you

Brings the

Fallin on
the red

Makes you
up once

You can

Into the

For a
bright new
day, new

Caution: This might be all theory

The Hand of God

August 31, 2012

The Hand of God

Into the

Got no
swim in

You must
grab what
you can

A hand
of God

Wavin at

You must
make your

Need no
mercy, no

The Will
in you

Takin you

Nature &

Into the

Of Life
& Death

A Shadow
passes by

Lookin in

Caution: This might be all theory

Science Today (Can Science find if “Nature Predicts itself”?)

August 30, 2012

Science Today (Can Science find if “Nature Predicts itself”?)


Does Nature has a Plan and does it predict itself? Is there anything as a ‘Start’ and an ‘End’? Can Science show us the way?


1. Astrophysics (Far: About Stars, Aliens and Fairies if they exist)
Are stars, planets and other events in Space random or is there a method behind them?

Scientists Unlock Some Key Secrets of Photosynthesis
(Observed: The ‘Guarantee of Energy’ by Plants studied by Scientist)

First Comet Found With Ocean-Like Water
(Observed: Where did all the water come around from on Earth?)

2. Quantum Mechanics (Small: Of young children, new thinking and the world of small things for people who prefer perfection)

The small particles are known for large energy, can they lead us to the ‘Holy Grail of Universe’?

New Particle at Large Hadron Collider Discovered by ATLAS Experiment
(Observed: Another ‘God Particle’ in the wings, gives mass to other particles)

Neutrinos: Ghostly Particles With Unstable Egos
(Observed: Particles which whiff through us and well could lead us to the magical quantity ‘Zero‘ revealed)

3. Nobel Prize (Talent: People who did great discoveries in Science and are given a prize so that you don’t forget them)

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1905
Adolf von Baeyer
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1905 was awarded to Adolf von Baeyer “in recognition of his services in the advancement of organic chemistry and the chemical industry, through his work on organic dyes and hydroaromatic compounds”.
(Observed: Organic compounds found in Nature, replicated by Scientist)

4. Brain (You: Human Thinking Machine )

Do random actions or events happen in Brain?

Alzheimer Protein Seems to Slow Down Neurotransmitter Production
(Observed: A protein which weighs on your brain discovered)

Acupuncture Offers Low-Cost Alternative to Knee Surgery for Osteoarthritis, Research Finds
(Observed: ‘Bend it Like Beckham‘, England needs Beckham back from LA)

Sex and the Female Brain: Protein in Semen Acts On Female Brain to Prompt Ovulation
(Observed: How Men influence Women?)

Infants’ Avoidance of Drop-Off Reflects Specific Motor Ability, Not Fear
(Observed: Choice of Risk in Infants revealed)

5. Gene Therapy (Close: Of Relationships)

Do Genes guide the Brain & Body for its possible actions?

‘Slimming Gene’ Discovered That Regulates Body Fat
(Observed: A Gene that builds reserves and fat for you)

Doctors Can Unmask Deceptive High-Risk Breast Tumors Using Genetic Profile
(Observed: A Tumor which hides itself)

Scientists Identify Gene That Detects DNA Damage
(Observed: A Gene which can cause cancer)

6. Environment (Present Nature)

Are different events in Nature coordinated? What do they tell?

New Approach Needed to Restore New England River Herring
(Observed: Fishes lost to dams and us, decline in growth)

Adolescent Smokers Have Artery Damage
(Observed: Smoking can harm younglings in the cardiovascular system)

Discovery Improves Understanding of Early Onset Inflammatory Disease
(Observed: Inflammatory Disease caused due to unwanted company of certain molecules)

Northeast Passage Soon Free from Ice Again?
(Observed: Ice disappears from Northeast near Russia)

7. Evolution (Past Nature)

Where is Evolution leading us to?

Extensive Taste Loss Found in Mammals: Feeding Preferences Shaped by Taste Receptors
(Observed: Mammals go for salt instead of sweet)

Multiple Species of Seacows Once Coexisted
(Observed: Seacows go missing from earlier times)

Newly Discovered Bacterium Forms Intracellular Minerals
(Observed: A New Mechanism of Photosynthesis discovered)

‘Selfish’ DNA in Animal Mitochondria Offers Possible Tool to Study Aging
(Observed: A DNA which lives for itself)

8. Diseases (Problems in Nature)

Are diseases predicting our future actions and hence stopping us from our progress?

Chronic Stress Linked to High Risk of Stroke
(Observed: Stress again and again might lead you to dump)

Advanced CT Scans Accurately Assess Coronary Blockages
(Observed: Test to find artery blockage and it might be nuclear)

Ten Year Decline in Ischemic Stroke After Acute Myocardial Infarction
(Observed: A Stroke which has varied over time, now has decreased)

Bacterial Cause Found for Skin Condition Rosacea
(Observed: White Skin gets harmed by mites)

9. Mathematics (Expanse of Nature)

(Apriori: Performance Prediction)


Nature at places seems random and contradictory, but overall with a high level of foundation for us to predict our future actions.

Caution: This might be all theory

Color Me God

August 30, 2012

Color Me God

Colorin your

With the

Across the

You must

As fast
as you

The fall

And on
the stage,

You take
in the

It’s all
well till
it last

A day,
a rub
on the
wrong side

Off you

Into the
corner of

No one
to hold
your finger

Nor the

Every action
of you

Brings the

Of the
man around

It’s called
‘The God’s

Caution: This might be all theory

Colour Me Gold

August 30, 2012

Colour Me Gold

Shown in
the movies

Your work

Into endless

In the
strings of

And the
lockers of
the neue rich

You drippin
blood n

By the

The tools
in rust

And so
is your

You must

What’s left
of you

Make a

For the
work you

With your

Caution: This might be all theory

The Lost Bead

August 30, 2012

The Lost Bead

People from
your past

All fussed

With thier
own life

Neither the
old strings

Nor the
strike of

Some show
the bones

And the
marks of

The others
fade in
their memory

You wander
for the

Of your
meltin moment

The grind
of Life

And the
Big Wheel

Churnin away
the ground

Into mansions
and fast

Somewhere lost
is the

Which makes
all the
beads shine

Caution: This might be all theory

Science Today (Can Science find ‘Performance of Evolution’?)

August 29, 2012

Science Today (Can Science find ‘Performance of Evolution’?)


Can Science tell us how Nature has fared so far in terms of ‘Performance’?


1. Astrophysics (Far: About Stars, Aliens and Fairies if they exist)

Some Stars Capture Rogue Planets
(Observed: If you wander around, there might be a star waiting for you with gloves and a stick)

Toppling Raman Shift in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide: Vibrational Mix Shines New Light On Carbon Sequestration Measurements
(Observed: CO2 acts a bit different)

2. Quantum Mechanics (Small: Of young children, new thinking and the world of small things for people who prefer perfection)

First Spectroscopic Measurement of an Anti-Atom
(Apriori: The mystery looms close to the ‘Holy Grail’ of Universe, ‘How did we all come into Being?’, and it is getting very close by studying Anti-Matter)

Quantum Phenomenon Observed: Atoms Form Organized Structure from Unorganized One
(Apriori: From chaos to order in low order dimensional states)

3. Nobel Prize (Talent: People who did great discoveries in Science and are given a prize so that you don’t forget them)

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1904
Sir William Ramsay
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1904 was awarded to Sir William Ramsay “in recognition of his services in the discovery of the inert gaseous elements in air, and his determination of their place in the periodic system”.
(Observed & Apriori: ‘Inert Gases’ discovered)

4. Brain (You: Human Thinking Machine )

Natural Birth — But Not C-Section — Triggers Brain-Boosting Proteins
(Observed: The Case for Natural Birth in Brain)

New Tools for Targeting Genes Linked to Autism
(Apriori: Autism gets a new shot in the arm)

Mutation Links Inherited Narcolepsy With Multiple Neuropsychiatric Disorders
(Observed: A protein which causes people to sleep anywhere anytime)

5. Gene Therapy (Close: Of Relationships)

Cancer-Killing Viruses Influence Tumor Blood-Vessel Growth
(Observed & Apriori: Immune system unable to determine between tumor and medicine)

Maxi-K Gene Transfer May Prove To Be Safe And Effective Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
(Observed: A New way to fix up erectile problems)

Gene’s Activity Points To More Lethal Subtype Of Acute Myeloid Leukemia
(Observed: A Gene which might show us the way in identification of cancer)

6. Environment (Present Nature)

Metabolism in the Brain Fluctuates With Circadian Rhythm
(Observed: Clock in Animals found which swings life)

Previously Unknown Cleaning System in Brain: Newer Imaging Technique Brings ‘Glymphatic System’ to Light
(Observed: Brain gets ‘New’ mass cleaning system of its own)

7. Evolution (Past Nature)

Orangutan DNA More Diverse Than Human’s, Remarkably Stable Through the Ages
(Observed: Orangutan more stable and diverse than Humans and other Chimps)

Salty Evolution: Previously Unknown Central Metabolic Pathway in Microorganisms Discovered
(Observed: ‘New’ metabolic pathway which cooks up in excessive Salty Environments)

8. Diseases (Problems in Nature)

More Research Needed On the Best Treatment Options for Multidrug-Resistant TB
(Observed: MultiDrug Resistance TB gets more resistant)

Unforeseen Regulation of the Anti-Bacterial Immune Response Discovered
(Observed: Bacteria not only causes diseases but also manipulates immune system causing a lock and never ending disease pattern)

9. Mathematics (Expanse of Nature)

Choice of Operators: There are many operators in Mathematics. Which operator is the best one, for transforming one number to another? Can performance of Mathematics be defined?
(Apriori: Operators which can take you from ‘Zero’ to ‘Infinity’ defined with variable strength, from Calculus to Geometrical)


Performance in Nature, Diseases, Humans and Life studied in the above blog.

Caution: This might be all theory

Mother India

August 29, 2012

Mother India

The Poor
Man in
his shack

With the

No oil,
no rice

The field
all locked

Money with
the mayor

Stones &
no rain

To greet
you every

The sweat
& blood

Givin way
to bones

And finally
on the

Lies the
man himself

The poor
woman helpless

With a
few young

You can
see this

In the
movie ‘Mother

Caution: This might be all theory