Science Today (Can Science find properties of Air and its effects on Nature along with us?)

Science Today (Can Science find properties of air and its effects on Nature, along with us humans?)

In this article, we study properties and its effect of air on Nature?


1. Astrophysics (Far: About Stars, Aliens and Fairies if they exist)

Chemist Delivers Cleaner Air With Novel Carbon-Capture Technique
(A material which can take any crap from air)

2. Quantum Mechanics (Small: Of young children, new thinking and the world of small things for people who prefer perfection)

‘Quantum Critical’ Theory Gets Experimental Boost
(Electrons behave strangely, collectively rather than individually in different structures and substances for conductivity)

3. Nobel Prize (Talent: People who did great discoveries in Science and are given a prize so that you don’t forget them)

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1980
Baruj Benacerraf, Jean Dausset, George D. Snell

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1980 was awarded jointly to Baruj Benacerraf, Jean Dausset and George D. Snell “for their discoveries concerning genetically determined structures on the cell surface that regulate immunological reactions”.
(Surface which acts a medium and might define doors)

4. Brain (You: Human Thinking Machine )

Molecular Clues to Link Between Childhood Maltreatment and Later Suicide
(Scientist compare the dead to find the cause of death)

Autism, Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder May Share Common Underlying Factors, Family Histories Suggest
(Family bonds gets crazy in Sweden and Israel)

Childhood Adversity Increases Risk for Depression and Chronic Inflammation
(Scientist present a map of illness: physical and mental and mostly relate to poverty or childhood ill-treatment)

5. Gene Therapy (Close: Of Relationships)

Gene Alterations Associated With Response To Anthracycline Therapy For Breast Cancer
(Scientist alter a gene for better treatment of breast cancer)

‘Gene Silencing’ May Improve Treatment Of A Deadly Complication Of Liver Disease
(Scientist hone in on a gene, which can be silenced for solving a very deadly liver disease)

6. Diseases

Naturally Occurring Molecule May Prevent Atherosclerosis
(Scientist find a natural molecule to solve a disease)

Twenty-Year Quest Ends as Scientists Pin Down Structure of Elusive, Heart-Protective Protein
(Scientist find the elusive “Holy Grail” protein to protect the ‘Heart’)

Kawasaki Disease in Childhood Linked to Increased Risk of Adult Heart Disease
(An unknown virus hacks into young children and causes irritation to heart disease)

7. Evolution

Mass Extinctions Reset the Long-Term Pace of Evolution
(What happens after Extinction? Scientist gets into details for new life after that)

Were Dinosaurs Undergoing Long-Term Decline Before Mass Extinction?
(Scientist try to hone into the Dinosaur Life)

8. Environment
Environmental Concerns Increasing Infectious Disease in Amphibians, Other Animals
(Nature is stressed out with pollution and affects amphibians)

Ozone Exposure Linked to Potential Heart Attacks
(Pollution creates heart attack in humans)

Thus, in this blog, we study qualities and effects of air like : Ozone Hole, heart disease and artificial produced compounds which can work to purify air.

Caution: This might be all theory

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