The Fall of Light

The Fall of Light

The Society
plannin for
the fall

Everyone plays
a part
includin you

They all
put in
their bits

Like cheese
made to
run in
a rat race

You elude
and run

Miss many

Shoutin for
your glory

A day

You beaten
like the
dead wood

Want to
retire into
your bed

Your eyes

You cross
your rest

And enter
into the
open window

To fall
into the
naked ground

The Society

For the
last rites

Everyone throwin
in a

You wake
up from

For the
last time

And it
feels like

The Spit
in the

From the
Human Race

Ohhh, what
a end

To my

From the
mecca of
human festival

To the
solace below

In the
6ft hole

Caution: This might be all theory

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