Science Today (Science discovers madness in Nature)

Science Today (Science discovers madness in Nature)

1. Nobel Prize (Talent: People who did great discoveries in Science and are given a prize so that you don’t forget them)

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2001
Eric A. Cornell, Wolfgang Ketterle, Carl E. Wieman

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2001 was awarded jointly to Eric A. Cornell, Wolfgang Ketterle and Carl E. Wieman “for the achievement of Bose-Einstein condensation in dilute gases of alkali atoms, and for early fundamental studies of the properties of the condensates”.

(Order defined)

2. Brain (You: Human Thinking Machine)
Dendritic Cell Subtype Protects Against Atherosclerosis
(Twin Immune cells cause heart attacks by eating cholesterol and save us also)

3. Astrophysics (Far: About Stars, Aliens and Fairies if they exist)
Powerful Explosions Suggest Neutron Star Missing Link
(Stars, switch & cause a tantrum for Scientist by creating violent outburst)

4. Quantum Mechanics (Small: Of young children, new thinking and the world of small things for people who prefer perfection)
New Form Of Matter-Antimatter Transformation Observed For First Time
(The thin line between good and evil)

5. Gene Therapy (Close: Of Relationships)
A Big Surprise: Young Nerve Cells Can Rewind Their Developmental Clocks
(‘Back in Time’ in your brain, you might be able to become young once again and perhaps many times)

Caution: This might be all theory

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