Love & Survival

Love & Survival

The people
whom you

With all
your innocence

Are now
under the

Of what
they call

Playin the

Of sellin
& buyin

You search
and sweat

To find
your hole

And the

Of those
around you

Strugglin &

About the
long gone

And then
you wonder

What have
thee done

To have

The Love
of your
dear ones

Caution: This might be all theory

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2 Responses to “Love & Survival”

  1. Deepak Says:

    1. Nobel Prize Today back in 1983: Survival of the Fittest
    (Subramanyan Chandrasekhar, William A. Fowler)
    The Nobel Prize in Physics 1983 was divided equally between Subramanyan Chandrasekhar “for his theoretical studies of the physical processes of importance to the structure and evolution of the stars” and William Alfred Fowler “for his theoretical and experimental studies of the nuclear reactions of importance in the formation of the chemical elements in the universe”.

    These theories are about all that we eat, survival and your relationship with others. It can help you to know yourself and others. In the society today in 2012, Nature has become scarce for many and abundant for some. Can we apply the work of some of the greatest, to help the poor and progress the already lucky people.

  2. Deepak Says:


    Ignored by ex-girlfriend, boy ends life


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